How Ex-Nazis & Jewish Scientists Got The U.S. To The Moon

How Ex-Nazis & Jewish Scientists Got The U.S. To The Moon

This is a story about clandestine operations,
international intrigue, and jealously guarded secrets. It’s about engineering marvels
and technological nightmares. It’s a big story. But it stars very, very small…inside
a cigar box full of letters. Melinda Hess is a filmmaker who came across
letters her father had written in 1946. Her father, Sanford Hess, died in 1989. But in
1946 he was a young private in the US Army, deployed to Fort Bliss, Texas and corresponding
with his parents back in New York City. The War was over, and Sandy Hess, a promising
young mechanical engineer, found himself stationed deep in the Southwest working on….something.
Here’s Melinda. I didn’t know very much about my father’s
time in the military. I knew that he was an engineer, and i knew he had not seen any quote
“action” in World War II. And I had a vague awareness that he was in New Mexico. The letters from Fort Bliss bore an address
that piqued Melinda’s curiosity: Ordnance Research & Development Sub-Office (Rocket). So I started going through the letters…and
I started reading them out loud, and there were various names coming through. A few things kept recurring: Germans. Wernher
von Braun. Engineers.White Sands Missile Range. Jewish. V-two. So, Melinda began to read about it all. …and as I began to google and do some more
research, I was completely blown away by what was revealed. The V-2 in those letters was the world’s
first long-range guided ballistic missile…and it was developed by Nazi Germany. The V2,
which in German stands for “Retribution Weapon 2”, rained down on allied cities,
chiefly London, and killed thousands of civilians. The missile also took its toll on German soil:
the Nazis used concentration camp labor to build the V2s, and thousands of prisoners
died in the process. Nightmarish as it was, the V-2 represented
some seriously advanced technology…and when Germany fell in 1945, the United States went
to great lengths to recover it. In the years following the war, the US military’s “Operation
Paperclip” brought more than 100 German scientists and engineers to America, most
notably V-2 project architect Wernher von Braun. They also imported literal trainloads
of rocket components. Overall, the project was an American effort to develop Nazi tech,
on American soil, for American gain . And that is what a young Sandy Hess describes
in all those letters. Reading them gave Melinda a very personal look at a secretive and pivotal
project. Here’s one passage, read by Melinda: I will be the only American engineer in the
test section. I will work with the Germans on the tests and write reports, etc….They
call themselves “prisoners of peace” and are treated very well. I will work under a
dr. Schilling and with about 15 others. What a crazy set-up! And there’s one other detail that makes
this all the crazier still: Melinda is Jewish. Her father, Private Sandy Hess, was Jewish.
And his letters reveal more than a little discomfort about working with Germans: The major asked me if I had any animosity
towards them, and I truthfully answered “yes.” He explained that he feels the same way, but
I must realize that they are working for the U.S. Government and I must treat them like
co-workers. And that’s exactly what he did. In the letters
Sandy describes befriending and working well with his German colleagues…though at the
time, none of them could know how historic their work would become. Under American direction,
the V-2 program evolved, splintered, and eventually led to the Saturn family of rockets…the
very same rockets that sent Apollo astronauts to the Moon. Meaning that lots of Project
Paperclip scientists, including Wernher von Braun, ultimately ended up working for NASA.
In short, our space program owes a lot to a careful collaboration between ex-Nazis and
American Jews. Back in the present, Melinda is the filmmaker
in residence at the Jewish Film Institute in San Francisco. She’s producing a big
documentary project about her father and his involvement in Project Paperclip. And when
she’s done, all the letters in that little cigar box will end up in national archives.
Personal as they are, they help tell the story of a world finding its equilibrium again after
years of violence and fear. The Germans certainly treat me wonderfully,
and with the greatest respect. (I wonder how they would act if they knew I was Jewish,
or do they) Anyway, they are certainly a brilliant group and I am very enthused about my work. So, here at DNews we’re on a real military
history kick – and if you are too, check out this video about the crazy Cold War communications
network that helped the US guard against a Soviet North Pole sneak attack! And if you want even more space history, check
out my channel, Vintage Space! And as always, thanks for watching.

41 thoughts on “How Ex-Nazis & Jewish Scientists Got The U.S. To The Moon

  1. How did he get these letters out? Would think this would have been top secret and they read everything goin out but maybe this was already openly well known.

  2. 99% of the talent of the rocket program were Germans. There were over a 1000 of them who came over. As far as jewish contribution? Well a couple of american-jewish engineers taking notes can hardly be called a contribution. Those krauts would still have gone to the moon, without anyone else's help. Therefore the title of this video is very misleading. Hmmmm, let me guess , the people who made this are jewish. Veerry sneaky of you…..

  3. jews = treachery, you have to watch and be on guard of their pot stirring agenda, to put non jews against one other, so they can continue to run america and other countries. heck israel was never put on trial for purposely sinking the uss liberty…

  4. Israel landed on the moon!!! Not Germany!!! The Soviet & Russian space programs employed many Jews, Russians, Aremenians, Ukrainians!!!

  5. Jews are disgusting racists, I really wouldn't have want to work with them either. I really feel bad for those Nazis!

  6. i am studying military history in texas. one of our profs said that the usa doesnt need the german technology, but they got it anyway to have a time advantage against the soviets. the us scientists would research basic balistics themselfs but it would take 2 years extra.

  7. No. Some jewish scientist and very, very few german Engineers also helped, but going to the moon required far, far more than rockets and calculations, and many american technologies had been developed that eventually made communications possible. In the end, it was American Democracy that made it possible.

  8. I'm not sure about it I have a balanced view but I read about ww2 and Nazis and occult and himmler said he was an occultist and was straight up ridiculously way way more powerful than any other occultist on the face of the earth save for some gods he said he might be the most powerful occultists of mortals that has lived for 2000 years he said that he learned about Christian occultist and he said that their rituals were quite strange because all of these rituals and ss officers defeated them all with no ritual only the spoken word and their will so perhaps the rituals were meaningless and besides in the effort and time of one ritual the ss could informally cast several extremely powerful runes which would easily obliterate all the efforts of the other occultists so Himmler said should we really worry about any pomp and ceremony at all and instead focus upon spreading massively powerful gentile bloodlines would this in fact be the true path and wisest decision because its not even known if unveiling an item symbolically from a black cloth of dark to light even aids it's consecration as a talisman and even if it does is it negligiblw in its effect it seems it may be and even if it adds 1 percent to the energy who cares anyway if an Aryan child is 150x stronger than the idiot doing some ceremony or is it possible the ceremony does add lots of power and the Aryan does not know the use of it and has been getting by with brute force and would in fact recieve a large gain if such things became known and were used because while no known ritual or system tastes like anything but bitter poison and retardation to the Aryan there is a certain draw to them as if it is in the blood of their ancestors but is it that for too long the Aryan ancestors were fooled by powers into wasting time with useless rituals and this is now in the collective unconscious or is it that these things do have meaning and this troubles us the ss because we dont know if circumstance has formed us as the greatest logical atheists that ever lived or some more mystical people


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