How Dopamine Is Used By Graphic Designers (Secrets Revealed)

How Dopamine Is Used By Graphic Designers (Secrets Revealed)

you might be thinking that a weird the
concept for graphic design video is dopamine but trust me it’s very
enlightening and is also useful to you as a graphic designer
and if you don’t already know what dopamine is and don’t worry because you
soon will but you’re also going to understand what kind of role it plays in
graphic design how to utilize if your designs to captivate and persuade the
viewers in the right ways so firstly what is dopamine I’m gonna very very
briefly going to explain exactly what it is dopamine is both a hormone and a
neurotransmitter that your brain creates when you’re stimulated by certain
external forces so for example if you eat some chocolate cake your brain is
gonna create a small amount of dopamine unless you make you feel like kind of
happy or a kind of sense of reward it’s why people who are addicted to certain
substances are so addicted to their substances that aside why is dopamine
important in graphic design and specifically marketing and brand design now the first part of today’s video is
social media when concerning dopamine the dopamine release or craving can come
from scrolling through social media quite simply and in fact social media is
purposely designed visually so you can actually create a dopamine release
leaving you wanting more and more and more all you have to do is notice the
red or the orange like graphics when you post something and followers like your
content notice how they stand out from everything else on the screen this
symbol is going to remain in your mind and when you see it appear again M again
you can have a shot of dopamine straight to the brain now you are annuals
developers who are professionals and also successful in their fields they do
know about lists and they utilize in their designs when it comes to branding
maybe yourself brand or for a client’s brand in a project remember that things
that trigger a dopamine rush tend to stick in our brains fairly easily this
is because our brains are designed to seek that reward yet again via the
dopamine release so we’re going to remember that source and the
characteristics and the clues of that reward experience this means that a dose
of dopamine increases the likelihood that someone’s going to remember your
brand and then they’re going to be motivated to invest a more time energy
and money into that brand Nike added a scalar Apple all of these major brands
have probably got entire sectors within the business dedicated to working on how
to trigger dopamine within the design campaign
it’s most likely the marketing agency set of things within those companies as
you can see in this Nike advertising campaign
notice how the luggage stands out as it’s red compared to the grayscale
design now this will for sure activate a dopamine response through memory of the
brand also the athletic and physical aesthetics of the people involved might
relate to dopamine to certain people so moving on to marketing we see a similar
trend now in content marketing designers use information to connect with the
audience according to researchers at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business
Information acts on the brains at dopamine’s producing rewards system in
the same way as money or food so in other words your marketing content which
is a form of information can be leveraged to tap into your customers
reward pathways this means you should always be aware of what you’re going to
trigger at a dopamine response to your viewer now it might be a call-to-action
button it might be a certain illustration or it could even be a buzz
word but you should look into including these into your marketing strategies for
your graphic designs so essentially you need to think about
your design layouts and how to implement cult actions and other design elements
that that will create a dopamine response in your viewers this is most
important in website and UI design but it also applies to graphic design in
terms of posters flyers and even Lego designing too you need to make the
viewer feel comfortable and a happy you know viewing your designs which means
applying all graphic design principles such as alignments typography color
theory and so forth but the dopamine response comes from something visually
speaking that appeals to the viewer and makes them want to come back for more as
well as also sticking in their minds so that’s all about dopamine and how it can
be leveraged by design companies and agencies to trigger a certain feeling
within the viewer if you want to keep learning about essential design skills
in Illustrator Adobe tutorials as well as other graphic design content do
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