How Do You Make Christmas Decorations Out Of Paper? An Easy Step By Step Tutorial (2019)

How Do You Make Christmas Decorations Out Of Paper? An Easy Step By Step Tutorial (2019)

Hi I’m Gilly. Welcome to this quick tutorial . This is my channel, Rainbow Lane. Today I will be making these Christmas decorations for you. You will need some thick Christmas themed paper or thin card. A glue pen. A glue stick. Some glitter. Some tiny craft glue dots. Some small stick-on craft gems. Some 20 or 22 gauge craft wire. Some 9mm split rings and 6mm jump rings. Some Tibetan Silver, or gold colored Christmas charms. Some Christmas colored thread or ribbon. You will also need some large craft punches in symmetrical shapes or, cut the shapes by hand. A bone folder Wire looping pliers. Cut out 6 circles or squares (whoops, only 5 in shot – sorry!) Cut 6 of your chosen symmetrical shapes. I went mad and made lots for this video! Fold your shapes exactly in half – be very precise with this. Smooth down the fold with the bone folder to make sharp creases in all the shape sets. Draw lines of glue along the edges of the folded shapes. Stick the shapes together, half side to half side and continue until all the shapes have been stuck together. When you reach the last shape, stick the last two halves to each other… …to make a perfect 3D decoration. Repeat with all the other shapes. Now it’s time to decorate the decorations! Use your imagination. The glue pen is very handy for decorating with glitter. I drew a line of glue… …and spinkled glitter on the wet glue. I also used a glue stick to make a wider band for glitter to stick to. Just tip that glitter on there! Looks pretty – although lots of mine fell off because I wasn’t careful enough! Did some silver on red too. But you can think of some more adventurous ways I’m sure. Used some green stick-on gems on this one. But how do we hang them up? With wire. Cut a length of wire long enough to go through the decoration with about 1 1/2 inches over at each end. Use the looping pliers to make a closed loop at one end (maybe two coils). Like this. Push the non-looped end through the middle of the decoration, where all the folds meet. Then make a loop at the other end. You don’t need to have such a long wire as I did! Should look like this. Now use the split rings and jump rings to attach a charm to the bottom loops. Like this. Cut ribbon to go through the top loops. It may gape like this…but… You can keep the ribbon togther with small glue dots. Like this. Much neater. if you enjoyed this video… Please subscribe. And talk to me – leave a comment. Bye until next time! x

3 thoughts on “How Do You Make Christmas Decorations Out Of Paper? An Easy Step By Step Tutorial (2019)

  1. Christmas may be 11 weeks away but that's not long for Christmas crafters! So no apologies for a Christmas video in October – get your christmas shuffle on and get making some decorations😍 DON’T FORGET TO TURN THE SUBTITLES ON FOR WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS IF YOU NEED THEM.

  2. Just me and my daughter at Christmas and I hang the same trimmings each year, but your decorations are really cute. Loved the background music; got my foot tapping 🙂

  3. Thank you for your inspirational and easy to follow instructions . These decorations look so very pretty ,
    I'm sure it's far more satisfying to produce something unique and tailor made . Beautiful . ✨🎄✨

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