How A Professional Dancer Choreographs A Dance Routine – Ft. CJ Salvador

How A Professional Dancer Choreographs A Dance Routine – Ft. CJ Salvador

My name is CJ Salvador and I have
partnered with STEEZY in my humble abode aka my kitchen to go
through my choreography process. Ya CJ that sounds like a great idea lets get going wooo!!!! I picked this song because first off this whole
album by Jidenna I think it’s called 85 to Africa is absolutely fire.
I’d recommend all of y’all just really looking into his music. The most
difficult part for me is how to start so we might be here for a while I know that I want to hit that bring it
back bass so let’s think of some options bring back bring it back bounce bring it
back so for now my hands want to go here so we’ll just keep them here
bring your back boom bring your back snap bring it back okay. My body doesn’t
want to go around with this arm it naturally wants to go down. It feels nice,
it feels natural so he said bring your back boom bring it back ka she say boom
boom. So I’m feeling that! Sometimes if you just let the rock happen with
the tempo of the song it opens up a lot more options for you and it gives the
combo more breath let’s try that again. I think I might be doing too much so let’s figure that out! Sou sou boom
left right left right left right I’m just gonna play the music It’s not the time for Happy Feet. I like my choreography to build like movies you know, it has to
have a good beginning but it also has to have a natural build and I feel like if
you start with the attack a little too soon it’s like chess when you pull your
Queen out a little too early in the game she gets taken off the board you’re only
left with pawns and low horsies no happy feet no happy feet okay got it got it got it got it got it I know this is rain and then something’s down it’s a little
corny but it works I found a little bounce it’s actually
almost kind of like this bounce but it’s almost a repetition of it. It’s totally
okay to repeat, I’m a big believer in repeating but tweak it a little bit flowing flowing right left and I don’t know if my body is hinged I don’t know if I’m gonna make a little circular thing it’s
a constant struggle not to get stuck on the details
I’m a very detail-oriented person so I try to stay away from those details
because when I focus too much on details I get stuck Alright I have the rhythm so give me that my head wants to move so I’m
gonna let it move wherever it goes the wind blows Cut that cut that boom
and tap and a back back stop and then we can hit a little Zoom Zoom Zoom Zoom
because I think there’s that that’s the Sou Sou. My calculations are correct put it back so it’s like whatever you put out of place you put it back. I use concepts.
I love concepts. What works for me are simple concepts. So I just thought about
you know when you were in preschool and you had cubbies and you take something
out of one cubby and you put it back into the other. Cause I’m deep like that. Layers, childhood traumas So instead of heel heel, which is a move I do use a lot.
Another rule that I like to give myself: I tend to go through like moves that I’m
really familiar with or you know those moves that you like to repeat over and
over so I try to give myself a limit of only letting myself do it like three
times maybe we go for the Sou Sou just a little slide slide which I used in my
last combo strike one for CJ Salvador I hear that boom boom boom
boom boom boom boom boom boom boom so slide slide jump left right land.
Sou Sou maybe that’s an even another freestyle moment like I said I
understand the rhythm I’m not gonna worry quite yet about those details OOh! This song is so good!! So I think one tip that I could give you: When I choreograph I try to
think of it an outside perspective as if I was taking the class, and what I would
like to see, what I would like to feel and one of my favorite things is when I
take from other choreographers is how they utilize the space in between the
music how they flow from being on the beat being in the beat and then just
kind of floating in-between the musicality of it so we said bring it
back bring it back bring it back Sou Sou. We’ll just keep that for now, what
happens after that I’m not too sure he said voodoo we’re gonna give zombie arms because I like zombie arms and it makes sense I don’t condone black magic at all
but you know Okay whatever happened, that was it!
All right so I totally just made clay play the music or play the video back so
I could see what had happened during that section so that’s another tip
record yourself dancing and moving because you’ll catch yourself moving in
a certain type of way that you might end up liking and might end up using it. Let’s
keep going! Quality H2O shoe boom boom ha Please God be right also when you guys
see me close my eyes it’s just how I just really get in my zone and in
touch with my body to see what it naturally wants to do or where it
naturally wants to go. Close your eyes! Let’s try the music Okay cool it works
we got past it uh-uh uh-uh so now because we were in such a straight
rhythm really into the pocket my natural choice would go back to the syncopation
of his words bring it back in like Sou Sou Oh okay! Bring it back in like Sou Sou
bass bass bass bring it back in like Sou Sou I think that’s the rhythm. Alright
well tell take a second strike this is a this is a posture that I use in a
good like 2/3 of all my combos so we’ll sneak her in there why not? Strike
two for CJ. Get back in like Sou Sou and there’s like a come on come on again I
do that move a lot too. Put it back in like Sou Sou shoo bass bass bass That worked, I think that worked. So its just Sou Sou I think what’d be really tight
is after they just do all this like everyone just kind of pose and then I
just let everyone just kind of glide, wave, melt to the back. So we’re going to
keep that yay free to express yourself! Yeah 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ok ok go 1 2 3 4
5 6 7 and you’re just kind of like nothing happened. Isn’t that the kangsta wok? Kind of? Check it out on STEEZY. Actually I need to watch the tutorial on how to do it properly. Right? We’ll keep it. Yeah so, a little.. get a little uhh I don’t know what would you call this? Little Cologne? Yeah keep that! something something something oh yeah Okay that’s a strike, is that strike four? That’s three. I’m out of lives. I felt that I felt that oh yeah in
something you knew I knew you knew he says: chakras feel brand new new we’ll do
a little meditation hands chakras feel brand new new. Oh hey what up Josh
Hi sorry I’m feeling a STEEZY video I’ll call you later. Another big tip put your phone in airplane mode! Yeah! We said chakras feel
brand new new Cool! Easy! There it is! Alright I found it I found it I found it, and I know that I added the city rock There it is! Don’t you love when stuff works out? Found it Damn! Yeah it works and I think for now that’s
a perfect time to stop even though I am missing a lot of details I know where my
weight is and what my intentions are with certain parts of the song another
big piece of advice you don’t ever just want to throw in your first draft so
start off with a very vague rough draft and if it’s super vague that’s okay, you
can fill it in with the details later if I were to teach this combo I would
definitely wait til tomorrow. I would go in the studio with a few of my friends,
teach it to them, see what it looks like and then make adjustments to the details
then. Remember and just enjoy the process don’t take things so seriously if you
start nitpicking on the little details right away you’re gonna get stuck. You
know I used to be so focused on the end product, the end result, that I wouldn’t
miss out on all the fun of creating the piece in the first place. I would put so
much pressure on myself that I would wind up hating the song and everything
that I was doing to it. So remember I know you all have heard this a million
times it’s not about the destination it’s always about the journey. Take your
time take, as many days as you want, I’ll see y’all later! Peace! Thanks for
watching the whole choreography process! You already know I had to shoot it at
STEEZY so here is the whole piece! Whatsup guys! It’s CJ I hope you enjoyed the video. If you drop me a thousand likes you will be able to learn this routine
at, so hopefully I’ll see y’all soon.

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