For two weeks this February,
the infinity chili pepper held the world record
for being the hottest pepper on Earth; so dangerous, it was hotter
than the chemicals used in hand grenades by the Indian military. But is the infinity chili pepper
the best hot pepper of all time? Not anymore—
to find out why, all aboard the BOAT. [BOAT]
[♪ music ♪] Let’s begin
with what makes hot peppers hot— a chemical called capsaicin. It’s not acidic or anything—
in fact, it’s an alkaline oil, and the unique shape
of the molecule means that it does
some pretty weird things to mammals. Mammals have a specific type
of nerve cell that detects pain from heat and abrasion—
now, what’s weird about capsaicin is that it will attach
to those receptors and cause calcium ions
to flow in, making us think
that we’re burning or that we’re injured, and that’s why hot peppers
are hot. The heat of a pepper is measured
in Scoville Heat Units. The basic way they calculate this
is by seeing how much you have to dilute an extract of the pepper
before nobody can taste it in a glass of sugar water. Coming in at zero Scoville heat units
are things like bell peppers, which have no noticeable heat. Between 100 and 500,
you’ll find things like banana peppers and the little pimentos
inside olives. Jalapenos and Tabasco sauce
can rate as high as 8,000 Scoville heat units,
but habaneros can rate as high
as 350,000. But that’s just kid stuff—
at the beginning of this episode, I mentioned the infinity chili,
which for two weeks in February was the world record holder
for hottest pepper, but then in the middle of February,
a man in the UK named Gerald Fowler cross-bred
two of the hottest peppers on Earth, the Bhut Jolokia
and the Naga Morich, to create a child pepper
that he called the Naga Viper. Laboratories tested the pepper
and found that on the Scoville scale, it ranked in
at 1.3 million, making it the current world record holder
for hottest pepper on Earth, but the race continues. Just a couple of months ago,
a new strain of the Trinidad Scorpion emerged,
simply called Butch T. A lab that tested it found
that it ranked at 1.4 million Scoville Heat Units— so hot that in order to cook with it,
the cultivators had to wear chemical masks
and body suits and felt numbness in their hands
for more than two days. When its measurements become official,
it will be the reigning champ for hottest pepper,
but let’s stop talking about edible peppers
and move on to things that are weapons. 1.4 million Scoville Heat Units—
please. Law enforcement-grade pepper spray
clocks in at 5.5 million. [spraying sounds]
[coughing sounds] And pure capsaicin is so dangerous,
it has its own fire diamond warning code in the US. On the scale, pure capsaicin sits
way up at 16 million. Oh, but we’re not even done there. Capsaicin can’t get any hotter,
but it does have molecular analogs that are more dangerous. The resin spurge is a cactus
found in Morocco. It’s not a pepper,
and it doesn’t contain capsaicin, but it does contain
a waxy latex substance that works just like capsaicin,
except 1,000 times more efficiently. It’s called resiniferatoxin. Just like capsaicin,
resiniferatoxin attaches to those cells responsible for feeling abrasion
and heat pain, but instead of stimulating them
by letting a little bit of calcium in, it lets so much calcium in
that the nerve cell walls break and the cell dies. What this means
is that resiniferatoxin is so hot,
it actually doesn’t always cause pain. It’ll just cause the death of cells
that make you feel pain. For this reason,
doctors have found that if they inject doses
of resiniferatoxin into the spinal cords of dogs suffering pain because
of terminal bone cancer, those dogs will feel no pain
and be able to play and frolic for months afterwards. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and order
some jalapeno poppers and feel the heat. Speaking of the heat,
I’m going to be in Miami this weekend. In fact, I’m probably flying there right now—
Kevin helped me upload this video. Next week, we’ve got
some really awesome stuff. IMG, Loot, and a new episode
of Vsauce Lean Back I’m very excited about. So stay tuned, and as always,
thanks for watching. [Vsauce 2]

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  1. you forgot about the Capricorn Avealous pepper 8.88 (im kidding its not a real pepper)

  2. So.. Why is pure capsaicin dangerous? Because it destroys the nerve cell too at that concentration? Or is capsaicin edible in theory?

  3. i am from the land of bhoot jolokia and naga morich.. and we bengali's can real hot stuff. we pickle those pepper to have with our meals

  4. In a high-security prison, use that 16 billion SHU stuff on inmates that are not listening. now that, will make them stop.

  5. What would 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT SHC do?

  6. My memes
    100000000000.4666666669999999999 SHU.t your mouth out biches my memes are spicy

  7. Blairs 16million reserve hottest hotsause in the world, but its more like crystals. This bottle is EXTREMEKY RARE only 999 bottles were made.

  8. in yucatan and Quintana Roo we eat habaneros as food compliment just bite it :v
    also sauces that would make u cry (once i couldnt even breathe xd and had to wakeUp and take a Walk)

  9. I looked up resinferatoxin and it was measured at 18 BILLION Scoville Heat Units. It is so hot that eating 10 grams of it would KILL you. Woah 😱

    Edit: For comparison, pure capsaicin is measured at 16 million Scoville Heat Units.

  10. I've Heard about this Lolipop. It's Called "The Toe of Satan" It is the hottest thing tin the world! It's Scoville Heat Unit ranked in at about 9,000,000 Scoville Heat Units!

  11. Boot Jolokia is an Assamese word
    Interesting enough Naga morich and Boot jolokia are same. Now you Google it yourself for more.
    As matter of Fact I am an Assamese from Assam also neighbor of Nagaland which the word Naga morich derived.
    Morich means chilli in local naga Language and Jolokia also means Chilli in my native language Assamese spoken in the Indian Northeastern state Assam.

  12. Hotter than the hand grenades used by the Indian military, but not hotter than the pepperspray used by US police against political activists.

  13. years ,tears ago, a friend and I downed 1 each, a pickled habanero pepper. he occupied the kitchen faucet, I at the bath faucet
    for 15 mins. each .hot peppers r no dam joke.anything hotter, out there / no thank u

  14. Is any of these even edible? Are they deadly? My ultimate question about different peppers… Can we physically handle the pain, and eat them without dying?

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