Hook A Bracelet Yourself DIY Bracelet Fastening Tool Hack

Hook A Bracelet Yourself DIY Bracelet Fastening Tool Hack

hi it’s AlaskaGranny do you have problems
hooking the clasp on a bracelet when you’re all alone if you want to hook a bracelet yourself what you need is an oversized
paperclip one the large paper clips and you want to bend the paper clip open then take
one end of the paper clip and hook it through the loop of your bracelet then you can hook the bracelet around your wrist hold it with
one hand and then you can easily slide the clasp
through with the other hand to hook a bracelet yourself and now your bracelet is hooked put a paper clip to hook a bracelet yourself put a paper clip in your jewelry box put a paper clip in with your travel bag and
then you’ll be set to go no matter where you’re traveling
or what jewelry you want you can hook a bracelet yourself let me know what you think about this
little tip to hook a bracelet yourself and if you’d like to continue to receive
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20 thoughts on “Hook A Bracelet Yourself DIY Bracelet Fastening Tool Hack

  1. Awesome tip! I've seen "tools" made to do this exact thing, costing upwards of $10.00 to $12.00! And they're made of cheap plastic! I'll use the paper clip and spend the saved money on preps! Thank you!

  2. And to think I've been doing it the hard way…actually changing out the lobster claws to larger clasps! All I needed was this extra 'hand'! Love it

  3. Thank you SO much for this tip – I keep having to ask friends to fasten my bracelet – they'll think I've fallen out with them now that I can do it myself.

  4. what a brilliant idea, thank you so much for sharing, you have no idea how often I have struggled putting my bracelets on using a s-hook and a jump ring.

  5. Hi thank you, your video help my morning I was trying to get it on for 30 min I really wanted to wear this bracelet it was a gift.

  6. Thanks!!! Worked like a charm! Have been having issues with this for a couple of years since my Husband passed and always have to ask friends..Blessings! <3

  7. Great tips. You have just saved me £9.00 I was about to buy this gadget from amazon to help me fasten my bracelets. Thanks for sharing this video xx

  8. Have arthritis, and wanted to wear a bracelet on my right wrist, so using my non-dominant hand to put it on…nope. This works perfectly! You may have to fiddle with the paper clip to get the right length, that's it!

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