100 thoughts on “Home Photography Studio Setup – Tips for building a DIY Home Portrait Studio on a budget

  1. Gold, as always!! My question is what you like to use as a posing stool? Is it better to have something completely backless for range of motion, or a little back support to help the client feel better supported? I am hoping to find something low profile and adjustable so I can use it for bigger kiddos, but thinking mostly headshot type work. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!!

  2. Hey I know it's an older video but wanted to know if you have more details on how you did the 6 backdrops to the ceiling. I get the holder on the 1×4 but how are the background holders mounted to the walls and is that the only thing holding the rolls up (no bar across the entire length of the roll).

  3. You're the man! Thanks a lot for this video! Let me ask you, since you have 2.4 m height, would you say that that's okay, too little or to much?

  4. ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡The box is such a great idea! Thanks for sharing

  5. We have 22 x 22 ft space at my home that I wish to make into a home studio. This video was very inspiring. Thanks.

  6. Hi Joe, wonderful video! Very creative and information, it just shows the wisdom and experience from you. I have learnt so much from your other videos, especially with single light portrait shoots, that I am also planning to start setting up a small space at home to start doing head shots portraits! Thank you so much for your teaching.

  7. i was interested in the seamless paper until you said no carpet thats all in the house. besides in the kitchen, is there any other kind i can use

  8. What would you charge to come down to Philly and help a nice girl set up her studio? You should really think about consulting on studio design!!

  9. I would like to make a home studio but am worried that I do not have the hight I need. What is the ideal hight you need?

  10. Hi Joe Edelman, great studio set-up! It shows in the results. I would like to set-up my own studio and my space is pretty much the same as yours, except I have a higher ceiling and 6m by 4m. My question to you is: would I manage with 6m? I have understood that it's best to be able to take as much distance from the subject (full body shot, head to toe) as possible, about 8m would be perfect. I could reach that but then I'd have to tear out a dry-wall. Should I go for more distance or is a room of 6m enough?

  11. Fantastic! Really instructive and not too difficult. Someone could adopt all of these tips or just a few of them. Thank you!

  12. Wow, that is a great home studio and its obvious how much thought you've put into it. You can sure be proud of what you have accomplished. thanks for sharing, I'm headed down to Home Depot…Ha

  13. Hi Joe, can I ask what is the name of the tube attached on the edge of your seamless background roll? Thanks in advance.

  14. Joe – great video (again). Thank you. I'm curious about the tethered camera, specifically what software we saw on the screen. This is something I am going to need to be able to do but so far haven't been able to find anything that works. Any hints or suggestions would be most appreciated.

  15. for me this is the best video about building a DIY Home Studio – although I`m only a hobby photographer mainly using speedlights there are so many usefull tips – thanks a lot for your inspiration, Joe

  16. The flash strobes heads on monitor stands at the corners… #genius. I hope my studio will look like yours one day!

  17. Wow Joe, that's all I can say!! As much as I already valued your knowledge, this video gave me a completely new appreciation for your skills!!

  18. Hi Joe…. first off… I really enjoy learning from you videos and belong to your TOG CHAT group….. I have a simple question, I'm remodeling a room at my house for a studio. I see your walls and ceilings are white, should I use a flat white or a satin white for my walls and ceiling. Also I have a concrete floor, would it be wise to use carpet or just paint it? Thank you for any advise!!

  19. Hello Joe, Thank you so much for all the amazing tips and advice in this video. I have a question for you though. I can't find the material for the lightwalls……do you know its specific name. I used the link but it doesn't come up. I can't seem to find it anywhere………Thank you again for all your amazing videos and all your help.

  20. For the Bed/Wall/Box: How are the Center Legs attached to the underside of the Box? Are the Legs screwed in from the top side, glued in or both?

  21. The BEST inspiring DIY at home photo studio setup! Lots of ideas for me to use when I'm ready for my at home studio!! Thanks Joe

  22. Your videos are so educating. As an amateur photographer l learn so many things l certainly believe that your experience will be useful even for professionals .Can you prepare a video that explains what verbal directions are given to the fashion models during shooting in all aspects

  23. this one is what i need.. thx for the inspiration, the clean floor area is amazing with everything mounted on wall or ceiling
    i am planning to build one.. warm regards from Indonesia

  24. Pure Genius! Hay Joe! I currently have a very small home studio. 15'x15' so it is tight! We have out grown this home and are building a new one. Part of the new home is a studio apartment above the covered parking. (We are in permitting now) which will give me about 25' x 20' area to work in. It will feel like a mansion compared to the space I am in now. My goal later is to build a separate building for even more space. This video has given me so many Ideas on how to use the space efficiently at the new place for a studio. Great video!!!!

  25. I am so glad you produce & share these videos! I'm just starting to set up my home studio. I love your precise presentation.

  26. Probably your best video yet. Some great ideas here and well presented too. Very useful in my situation. Thanks very much.

  27. What a great video, you have given me so many ideas. Did you cover the ceiling height? I may have missed it.

  28. Sorry I hate Manfrotto anything .Love your videos though . great job as always my friend. I love the fact that you show what everything does .most folks talk about things but never show anything … Thank you sir.

  29. This video shows that Joe's photography skills are above so many other very popular YouTube channels because he understands what is required, what is the problem and how to solve it.

    It is so relaxing to watch someone's video when they are logical and not hyping brands or what the next cool gadget they got from a manufacturer this time.

  30. We donโ€™t really have basements in my country but I suppose your ideas could be applied to a spare room or garage. Definitely going to keep these mind for our next place. Thanks for the vid Joe!

  31. I made a box like Joe's, the problem im having is that the plywood, after i painted it, looks very textured. It doesnt look anything like the smooth flawless surface of Joes box. Anyone have any recommendations? wood working and painting knowldege etc is absolutely not my strength

  32. I went to a photoshoot once and asked a simple question only to be brushed off by the photographer. He was nowhere near as good or great as you and what you have done is incredible- in the space that you had to work with. I have watched your video and will try to recreate some of the elements to build a home photo studio for taking pictures of my kids.
    Thank you for answering questions way before I asked them. An incredible amount of work you had done in your photo studio with form-fitting function- truly a work of art in itself!

  33. Hi Joe it's me, we've had One- One meeting one day over Skype.
    I will be renting a similar space soon and I'll be using your golden tips.
    One question I have struggle is the ceiling. Since it's a typical flat ceiling like you have in video, I can not lift up my softbox high enough on the top of the model to get a soft light. Like Annie Leibovitz style.

    What do you recommend to fix this problem? How can I get a spread. soft light above if I the ceiling is not as high as 'hangar type of massive empty' studios.

  34. Just a tip… If you ever move or want to redo your studio, do the grey floor, but buy a box or two of the snap together hardwood flooring so you can just put it down when you want that look.

  35. Joe – what diffusion fabric did you use for the panels? I'd like to build some myself, but there are a ton of fabrics out there.

  36. Those are absolutely the best ideas I've seen I will definitely will use many of your ideas to improve my studio, thank you for sharing that with us.

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