66 thoughts on “Home made tracing powder | Tracing powder with news paper | hand embroidery (Aari ) tracing powder

  1. Will u tell computer embroidery also,,I want to do business..will u give some suggestions for making business in home

  2. why you use kerosene to mix the ashes? is there any specific reason for it? can we use water instead of kerosene?

  3. Mam super
    One doubt
    கரி …. துணியில் சாயம் போல ஒட்டிக்காதா, டிசைன் போடும் போது மற்ற இடங்களில் பட்டால் கறை போல் ஆகாதா

  4. Mam,keep any video of tracing design on blouse how to stitch the design on the blouse it is helpful.i like ur videos they are so creative and I am a subscriber of u I like ur designs

  5. Hello madam trace chesina tarvata okavela design erase cheyyalante kudurutunda . Please elago cheppandi

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