Holiday Catalog Designer Series Paper Charts

Holiday Catalog Designer Series Paper Charts

hey guys this is angie at chicnscratch and today I’m sharing my holiday catalog designer series paper charts
every time we get a new catalogue I create these charts they’re blank and
then I cut two inch squares of all the designer series paper this is really
these charts are really helpful when I create projects because if I’m looking
for a paper that has cherry cobbler I just go and grab my charts and I can see
you know this one has cherry cobbler but this one has real red okay
so festive farmhouse all is bright Tolle in trouble frosted floral joyous noel
country lane and then we’re gonna assemble the Santa’s workshop really
quickly so you can print the blank ones and cut your own squares if you’d like
or you can print the PDF color copy that I have so I’m just gonna turn that over
and that’s the front side and then this is the back side this entire pack of
paper is so cute and you can use liquid glue I normally do but this is a little
bit quicker just to use my snail since I’m filming retro I always do that in
the video and I slide these in page protectors so if this is the first time
that you’ve watched one of my designer series paper chart videos I do slide
these in a page protector keep them in a notebook and on my website I do have a
page that has like a bunch of years of the past one so if you’re looking to
print some of the previous ones I do have all of them on one page so you’ll
find a link to that on the blog post that shows the holiday catalog one okay almost done this is a cool pack of
paper okay two more okay so there’s the final one if you have any questions let
me know thanks a lot bye

7 thoughts on “Holiday Catalog Designer Series Paper Charts

  1. Thank you so much for sharing! These are so helpful. I keep my DSP in page protectors & slip these in the front & can see what’s in their at a glance!!

  2. Angie, this must take you so much time and it is so generous of you to share with all.  Thank you very much, this is super useful.  Happy Wedding.

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