100 thoughts on “Holiday Card Series 2019 – Day 9 – Penguin Window Card

  1. Most memorable gift, my 3G Kindle, I have 1k+ books, all of which I've read, well except for a couple. I ran out of bookcases and room in my house to put bookcases. I'm on the 2nd replacement now, and the little bedroom that was my library is now my craft room. I'm not going down the Digi route, I love my clear stamps, rubber stamps, and inks too much. Not to mention the paints, markers, punches….. It all started with a Kindle, and a lot more space to fill.

  2. Super cute! 🐧 🐧🐧🐧. You are amazing! ❤️ your hair. My most memorable gift was a puppy. As a child, getting a pet is so special. My sister and I were thrilled. I remember hearing the puppy cry but was afraid to get up and peek, thinking Santa might catch me.

  3. Most favored gift…. pink, silk long johns from my dad when I was 16. They seemed SO grown up —. Who knew long johns. Outdoor be so light and sumptuous!?!

  4. A friend of mine was in Jerusalem performing in the USO and bought me a Catholic cross in gold and had it blessed on the Stone of Unction. It was and is the best gift I’ve ever received.

  5. Such a cute card!
    You'll laugh but I fell in love with a screen saver tune many years ago (when computer screen savers were popular). I researched the tune and found it to be a saxophone piece by Kenny G called "Loving You". My husband, who is a writer and poet, WROTE ME A SONG to that tune. He bought me the Kenny G CD with the tune on it and on Christmas Eve, sang me the song he wrote to the tune playing. By the time he was done, both he and I were crying. Our two young daughters, on the other hand, were confused as to why that would make us cry! I've been married 35 years and going strong…

  6. My most memorable Christmas gift was from my husband. We had only been married 2 years and had been going through infertility issues and he had heard me say I wish I had a St. Anne’s medal as she is the patron saint of infertility. He found a jeweler in town who ordered it and surprised me with it for Christmas. We were never blessed with children but I still treasure that gift as she is also the patron saint of barren women and my husband isn’t really into material things. We celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary on 9/9/19

  7. Could you cut out the oval by placing two pieces of card stock together and run them through the Gemini at the same time?

    As for my memory. It was when my husband gave me my engagement ring. We’d been married for 10 years. We couldn’t afford one before we married.

  8. My very memorable Christmas gift was a little transistor radio I got when I was in the sixth grade. I hung it on my bicycle -the big gift from Santa that same year – and rode around the neighborhood feeling quite cool and feeling like I was the luckiest kid ever. 😂

  9. I think this card is just too adorable. Love it! Most memorable Christmas gift was from my youngest son when he was about 8 years old. He had chosen this TV item called the “Salad Shooter”. Guess he loved the commercial. The best part wasn’t the gift, but the excitement and pride he showed giving it to me. I’ll never forget it. That was over 30 years ago. I really had no need for it since I was the only one in the family that ate salads. But each summer he and I would pick radishes and cucumbers from our garden and slice them up with the Shooter! Oh the look on his face….priceless!!

  10. My favorite gift was my grandpa getting in his suburban Christmas Eve morning and coming out in the blizzard to gather all his family to make sure we'd all be together for Christmas.

  11. I don't really remember gifts. I remember the great times of baking with my mom and the excitement of spending time together as a family. The older I get and the more people are off doing holidays with their partners families, the more I miss those times of us all just being together. It's corny, but for me that's the best part of holidays.

  12. I have received many thoughtful gifts though out my life. Three years ago I received the most precious gift of all. At 50 years old I went into sudden unexplained liver failure. With only hours for me to live a beautiful family made the decision to donated their loved ones liver while they were in terrible grief. I was the recipient of such a tremendous gift. I am thankful everyday that in the midst of their loss they could make such a decision.
    Merry Christmas!

  13. I’d have to say, my most memorable gift was for me AND my twin brother. It was one of the little power wheels bronco- style jeeps. I mean, it was ran by a small battery. Back when power wheels first came out in the ‘80s. We loved that thing. We were 6 I think. We drove it all over our front yard, for hours, every time we could. We both have mild Cerebal Palsy so we couldn’t ride bikes well so, my parents and grandparents got us one of those so we could be mobile outside just like everyone else. We rode in it until we outgrew it, 4 years later. So many stories we tell start with, “we had this little red power wheels Jeep…” Great times!!

  14. My most memorable gift was a sled. My own sled and not a hand me down. It was so shinny and new. I look forward to your videos. I sometimes watch them several times or come back to them later, months later. Thank you.

  15. I love this card. You always make things look simple to do. I can already picture my fingers full of glue. Lol thanks again.

  16. Waking up in the early hours of Christmas morning to see what I thought was someone standing at the end of my bed. I was so scared and I didn't move let alone sleep. It wasn't until it started to get light that I saw it was in fact a blow-up chair in the shape of a clown (with a white face) and it was sitting on top of my first sleeping bag. No wonder I thought it was a person!! I hated that chair!!!

  17. Loved your watercoloring. And the music is always fun. 😊 One of my favorite Christmas gifts was pajamas when I was pregnant. I couldn’t fit anything I had, so my husband got me two sets of thermal pjs from Target that year. He also gave me an iPad that year, now that I think of it, but the pjs brought me to tears (as do so many things when you’re pregnant 😏). Since then, he’s gotten me some amazing monogrammed pajama sets from Pajamagram! Great for these crazy-cold Philly winter nights/mornings!

  18. You are amazing with cards!!
    My most memorable gift was the first Christmas without my Grandmother. We went to Christmas Eve Mass and I was feeling so down until we came out of the church and saw the most beautiful sunset ! I knew then it was a gift from Gram telling me she was spending Christmas with Jesus and she was happy. 💕

  19. Awesome card, as always! Thanks for sharing!!
    My most memorable gift ever, well, it’s a tie between the 1st gifts my husband gave to me when we just started dating & my youngest daughter’s birth via c-section (& me being released from the hospital on Christmas Eve). My husband gave me a watch that, to him, symbolized the time he met me, the time we realized we both liked one another & finally, that we’d be together for all time!… additionally, he also gave me a necklace with tiny hearts with tiny diamonds which, to him, symbolized our hearts forever entwined..❤️🥰

  20. Adorable card.  I need you when it comes to fussy cutting out for my cards.  My best gift I ever got is the friendship of my friend Patti.  We've been friends since 6th grade.

  21. Love this! What a great idea to make a beautiful card both inside and out. I will definitely try; thank you! My best Christmas gift was a barbie house when I was 6.

  22. Tip…if you take both pieces of cardstock and run them through with your die it won't cut through the 2nd piece but it will leave an impression so your die will pop into that impression for the 2nd cut, giving you the perfect placement.
    Most memorable gift… having my entire large family be together for Christmas the years ago. We have eight children, 14 grandchildren (soon to be 15). One of my daughter's is a nurse and it always works out that she either has to work Christmas eve or Christmas day. Since they live over 4 hrs away it's a long trek for them to come up for only a day and have to drive back the same day. Family is my best gift!

  23. My most memorable Christmas gift was the announcement that I was going to be a grandmother.❤️.
    I love this card. Unique, beautiful and of course Christmasy

  24. This is such a cute card. I love it! My most memorable gift happens every year when I get to watch my loved ones (especially the grandchildren) open their gifts from my husband and I. Priceless faces that keep me going until it happens again the next year.

  25. Born in Scotland but have lived in Australia since I was 8. The Christmas, just after I turned 70 my husband bought a small plot of land in Scotland for me and also planted a tree in memory of my parents. I cried and thanked my luck stars for being married to that special man and still together after 50 yrs.

  26. Hello Kristina, first of all to say you that for me, you are the best card designer ever. All your cards are beautiful and very creative. I've learned many tips and techniques because of you.
    I dont want to write about my best gift but about my best Christmas. It was on 2016, because it was the last Christmas I spent with my father. He passed away since october 2017. Now Holidays are not the same since he is not with us.

  27. Such a cute card!! My favorite gift was the roll top desk I got when I was in the 5th grade (waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the 70s). I loved that desk and still have it!

  28. My most memorable gift was a present from my husband and my Daddy. My grandmother (my Daddy’s mom) passes away the year I was getting married. She never had the chance to see me walk down the isle. While we were stationed in AK my daddy came to spend Christmas with us. Him and my husband has arranged for photos of my grandmother to be matted and framed in a large collage type system. On Christmas morning they give me the present and I thought I was photos of my little ones. Instead they were black and white photos of my grandmother, grandfather (who passed away the year I was born and I never got to meet him) and dad. I think I wept for HOURS!! Now since my dad is no longer with us (passed July 2018) I cherish that memory and those photos even more. ❤️

  29. This card is adorable! My most memorable gift was in 2010. That year, both of my elderly cats had passed away and I missed them desperately. My daughter and I had talked about it and I was ready for some new cats. We even had names picked out. On Christmas morning, she told me she had to go to her boyfriend's house to take care of the dogs because he was out of town. I was upset because everyone was supposed to be here soon. When she came back, she had a big square box and she let me to the living room where I opened it to find two adorable tortie kittens, Hazel and Violet! My son had grabbed my camera and videotaped the whole thing. Later that day, she mentioned that they had a sister. So after the holiday settled down, off we went to get their sister, Irene, who is in my lap at this very moment.

  30. I’m going to have to go with a birthday gift, for my 9th birthday, I got a stuffed mouse, he became my best friend I still have him today I’ll give away my age by saying 40 years later. He’s had a few surgeries in his lifetime poor guy lost his tail but somehow he still has both eyes, his nose and mouth 😉 it’s probably th3 only thing I’ve owned as long he sits on a shelf and passes his wisdom down to all the other stuffed animals I collect mostly from our many different zoo travels.

  31. Such a cute card! I love that you can see both the front and back of the penguins! My most memorable gift was a Lite Brite. It was a great toy in the 1960s that you could create pictures with small colored plastic "lights". SO much fun! I tried really hard not to squeal about it when I woke up and saw it under the tree from Santa, because it was 4 a.m. and everyone else was asleep. 😀

  32. 2015 is one I remember. It was the first Christmas with my only grandchild. She was 2 months old and it was the last Christmas with my husband who passed away in February 2016.

  33. Such an adorable card! Especially love it with the black backing and snow! Hmm, one memorable gift is a wooden labyrinth game I got from Santa when I was maybe 10 yrs old. We still get it out when we have lots of family around.

  34. When I was a really small child, we didn't ever have much money. I came from a family with 4 other siblings so there were 5 of us kids. So many of our Christmases we didn't receive much. Maybe a coloring book and crayons and a couple other little things like chapstick and some candy. But one year we came out and so many gifts were packed around the tree that we couldn't even reach it! My sister amd I got bicycles! We rode those bikes everywhere! We rode so often that our chains stretched out and popped off! My sister and I even got little purses and flavored lip gloss! It was the best Christmas ever!

  35. I think the most memorable gift would be the year that we received a food basket gift with a check. When I was growing up my parents were struggling just to feed 5 brothers and myself. I was 4 years old at the time. My brothers and I grew up very poor, our dad was working two jobs just to keep a roof over our heads. We had homemade clothes from old dresses and shirts we got from the thrift store, (our mother was a very good seamstress). And there were many Christmases without presents or a nice dinner. At this time we were behind on our rent. Then that Christmas Eve there was a knock on the door, and a man and woman stood in the doorway that we had never met. They were holding a basket of food and a small tree and yes even a few presents for each of us, mainly clothes and shoes and coats. Plus there was a small envelope with a check inside, we had missed it the first time around as we were just brought to tears from all the kindness that this couple showed to us. Mother reached in and thought it was a card and just laid it on the table. Later when we opened the card and a check in the amount of the rent and utilities was inside. And yes, it was signed by Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus! We never did find out the name of this kindly couple were so we could thank them properly…but it was one Christmas memory that has stuck with me (70+ years later).

  36. I love the card. Thanks for sharing. My most memorable gift was back in 2004. My son was born premie in September that year. After a month in the hospital they sent him home with an apnea monitor and on oxygen. The doctors had little hope that he would survive. Those were some of the scariest months of my life. Just before Christmas, we were able to take him off the oxygen (and just after the New Year we were able to take off the apnea monitor). It was the best Christmas gift I’ve ever received. My son is now 15 years old and healthy. He has brought so much joy to our family. I look at the picture I took of him and his sister that Christmas every year and thank God for saving him.

  37. Those are just the cutest little penguins but it seems like it would be hard work reproducing several for mailing. My most memorable gift was a beautiful diamond ring that my husband gave me.

  38. I would have to say….my hope chest from my sister. I had just turned 9 and it was such a beautiful piece of furniture. It is one of the few things I have from my childhood. Oh and the techniques on this card are stunning!!!!

  39. When I was growing up there was a painting hanging over the fireplace of a old man in a row boat with a little girl called "The Helping Hand". My parents told me that I was the little girl and the old man was my grandpa. One Christmas when I was an adult, I opened a gift and it was this painting only smaller.

  40. Your inspiration is unending for me and I am always filled with joy when I see your creations. It is an opportunity to learn something new which is constant for me. Hmmmmm, my most wonderful gift ever. There are actually two: a live performance of CATS at the National Theater in Washington, DC. I had never seen anything like this nor have I ever since then. And the other is the Winter Festival of Lights at Oglebay Resort in Wheeling, WV. You will never see anything quite like it — all one million lights depicted in images that will steal your breath away. It will definitely bring out the child in you.

  41. That is a really cute card. thank you for sharing.
    I was a young mother, my daughter was five months old and it was some days before Christmas, we did not have a lot of money, so my husband tells me that he would prefer not to buy a christmas tree because baby would not noticed it anyway and she also could poke her little Fingers with the needles. I agreed but I was really sad to spent babys first Christmas without a tree. On Christmas Eve he came home with a small corean fir (with soft, rounded needles) which was far more expensive as a normal big christmas tree would have been. I received a lot of expensive gifts later, but this tiny fir was like a small Christmas miracle for me.

  42. You could die cut the two pieces of cardstock together. I have done this and it worked great for me! I love this card.

  43. Wonderfully creative card!… One of my favorite Christmas presents was a pair of shoes my husband bought me… he asked me ahead of time what color I wanted them in… they came in a wide variety so I told him any color except red… yup the red ones showed up under the tree… we still laugh about this today.

  44. The best and most surprising gift was an awesome paper cutter from my husband. He knows how much I love card making and surprised me one Christmas with an awesome paper cutter

  45. My first thought was a Winnie-the-pooh sleeping bag I got for Christmas when I was 8 or 9. I LOVED (still do) Winnie. I was in heaven.

  46. Thank you Kristina I Love this technique.

    You are so giving us thing to think of. What percent I loved most, is so difficult for I have gotten so many good percents, but I think to get a good books is the best gifts I have gotten.

  47. Love the window card and your painting! I was wondering what you were going to do with the white gouache – too cute! When it comes to aligning window cuts, I have placed both pieces of card stock in my die cutter at once. It cuts one, but leaves the impression on the second piece, so I can then run the second piece through again to cut it as well, as the die will usually "snap" into the impressions. Lines up great!
    My most memorable gift was a "Fischer Price Family House" – with the little wooden mini figures (yeah – a while ago, almost 50 years ago). I still have that old, yellow and blue, Tudor-style house. It sits up on a shelf in my library bedroom. I spent hours and hours playing with it as a child! It started my love of miniatures.

  48. such a beautiful card ..my most memorable xmas gift .. I was told I was going to be a nanny!! super exciting and my grandson is just delightful

  49. When I was in high school we had just built a home, my parents dream home. Money was tight since there were 4 of us and 6 including my parents, and we knew it was going to be a Christmas without a lot of “extra”. On Christmas Eve I accompanied my Mom and Dad to the local grocery store for last minute Christmas dinner supplies. On our way in we passed the floral department where I saw the most adorable Gunds plush polar bear with an adorable red scarf. I picked it up and hugged it and gushed over how cute it was. I set it down and was hurried along by my Mom. We went home and had our typical Christmas Eve family traditions. On Christmas morning when I woke up to see what “Santa” had left, there was the polar bear that I had fallen in love with. I cried. I will never forget that simple act of love and my beloved polar bear is still with me and is displayed at Christmas time. My Mom passed away in 2000, so the bear means even more to me now then it did 25 years ago.

  50. Hi Kristina…love this card…My most memorable gift was a doll from Grandma..my first at 6yrs old..my 2 younger brothers got to her b4 me & ran her outside into a fast flowing gutter to see if she could swim…Well !!! She did very fast never to be seen again …😥😊

  51. Super cute card. Any memory that has my dad in it is the best for me right now. My dad passed 9 yrs ago, but I still miss him. tfs

  52. That is a really cute card. A cup my 5 yr old son (now 30) gave me. My dad said my son was so proud of that, he had gone down the street to a garage sale and picked it out himself. Unfortunately in purging I sent to the thrift shop, but I always remember the feeling I had when my dad told me he was proud of that gift for me.

  53. An iPad. I didn’t know what it was or how to use it, and now, just like everyone else, I’d be totally lost without it. (4th one). Donated others to struggling families when I upgraded

  54. Love the card!

    Best gift was a new family. My now husband and his sons all got down on one knee and proposed, asking if I would join their family officially. ❤️

  55. Oh my gosh this card is darling and I love the idea.. Glad you thought about it vs. me.. My favorite gift was a record player and some 45 records (size) I love to play songs from the 50-60 which was when I grew up and dance and sing..

  56. My best memory happened December, 2019. My sister who had stage 4 breast cancer came to visit me and my two other sisters and our parents. At the time, we didn’t know she was saying goodbye to us. We had a wonderful Christmas and I got the chance to spend some time with her. She went home to Ohio (7 hours from me) and passed away February 7. We knew she was in terrible condition, but we didn’t know we were losing her. That was the last time our entire family would be together and the memory was a gift to all of us.

  57. I have to say my first child is the best present I ever received close to Christmas, although he did come to be on January first.

  58. Such a cute card! I've gotten a lot of special gifts over the years, but last year my daughter (who was 13 at the time), got me such a thoughtful gift. I took care of a feral cat that started coming to our house about 12 years ago. It took a long time to get her to trust me and I tried everything I could think of to get her to come in the house, but she never would. Two Christmases ago, I noticed she was getting very thin and then I knew she must really be feeling bad when one day she just walked into the house. I was finally able to take her to the vet and was not surprised to find out her kidneys were failing. So for the next three months, we all spoiled her more than normal and treated her like a queen. We lost her on St. Patrick's Day of 2018. She was the sweetest thing. Even my husband, who is not a cat person, loved her. Over the years, I took a ton of pictures of her, especially once she started living in the house. For Christmas last year, my daughter swiped my SD card out of my camera and had my husband take her to the store so she could get one of the pictures printed out. She picked out a beautiful frame and put our cat's picture in it. It now has a place of honor on my end table. That gift epitomizes the phrase, "it's the thought that counts". TFS, Heather

  59. When I was about 9 or 10 my dad made me a house for my Sylvanian Families creatures. It had 2 floors and even had little pictures on the walls of the rooms. I’m 36 now and it’s still in my room at my parents house and my niece loves playing with it when she visits!

  60. WOW … that card is awesome! My most memorable gift was Super Spirograph which was given to myself and my brother when we were kids (from an aunt & uncle). I was a paper and design lover ever since!

  61. My most memorable gift was when I was 9 and got my Johnny Quest Buckboard and Horse. You have to be old like me to appreciate that.

  62. Thank you for making a side opening card. This stamp set was making my brain hurt. I’ve seen a couple of videos with this stamp set; it’s adorable. But most card makers were using the flip die so their cards and the stamp set were rotating on different axes.

    I don’t know why exactly but a top fold card with this AI stamp set really bothers me. I couldn’t do it. I wonder if the die could be used vertically. Maybe that doesn’t make sense.

    Anyway I thought your use of the hill to sandwich between the front and back stamps was clever.

  63. There are lots of different memorable Christmas gifts for a variety of different reasons but one that stands out is when I was under 10 years old and I received a top opening old style desk with lots if reading books inside. I can still smell how that wood smelled over 35 years later and recall how excited I was to receive it all.
    Jennifer McGuire has an awesome technique for ensuring you get the perfect matching cut outs easily.
    I love this card. I'm definitely going to use this style. Thanks for sharing 😊

  64. Hi Kristina. I really enjoyed this video. It gives me all the mechanics of creating my snow globe cards I want to make this year. Thank you for the inspiration and the techniques. You are very much appreciated. ~Katz

  65. My most memorable was from a a family friend who bought me a dress… I was 10 and a tomboy and I didn't wear dresses. I did not show my appreciation and mom was very angry with me as I wrote my thank you's I said thank you blah blah. I wore that dress out. The next time I saw her I was wearing that dress and she could tell it had been worn out. Kids.

  66. Fabulous card! I love those sweet penguins and how fun to have the front and back images. I have been fortunate to receive many wonderful gifts. I smile every time I think of the yellow pajamas my grandmother made for me.

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