100 thoughts on “Holiday Card Series 2019 – Day 8 – Watercolor Plaid & Layered Stamping

  1. For Christmas Eve, we would go to Christmas Eve service at 7, and then gather at my grandparents' house for homemade goodies and chit chat. Good times! I think that you were the tallest child in the photo. I don't remember which number that was! 😁

  2. My, you have a steady hand! Love the plaid. I think you could be #1. For many years we opened our gifts on Christmas Eve, but that has changed since my son got married. As a little girl, some times we would attend Christmas Eve service at church, and they always ended the service with everyone holding a lit candle and singing "Silent Night" It was magic to this little girl!

  3. Love this card and your Christmas Eve memories. Our Christmas Eve traditions have changed somewhat over the past few years but now that we have grandchildren we go to our daughters house to spend some special time with them. I always buy our grandsons new P.J.'s to open and wear on Christmas Eve complete with a treat, Christmas book or movie that we can enjoy as a family. (I did this every year for our children as well when they were growing up as its fun to be able to open 'something' the night before.
    I think you are #3 in the pic???

  4. I really like this lovely card. The background that you made adds so much to the rest of the card. I would like to have a steady hand like yours. You are just the best!

  5. Christmas eve has always been the time for our family to share the Christmas story from the Bible ( mostly Luke Chapter 2). When our kids were growing up, they would act it out with simple costumes. Now that we have grandchildren, we have been so blessed to carry on this tradition with them when we have been able to visit at Christmas. It's also wonderful to know that even on the years we don't get to be with them, they still enjoy this with their parents.

  6. Well, I wanted to say 3 at first, but changed my mind to 5. I have two older sisters; surely you’re not mean enough to be the oldest! 😂

  7. Hi Kristina..love your card…our Christmas Eve was spent at Granma & PaPas place with all the families.. we spent time making fruit salad etc for next day with everyone doing something & then us ladies made Egg Nog which the men ofen spiked…( after all our kids went to bed ) we had lot of fun when it came to helping Santa set up certain items…🦘🦔🎄

  8. My mom would make us PJs every year and and we’d open those along with our family name draw gifts on Christmas Eve. I think #5 is you. 😃

  9. We would go to my grandparents house in portage lakes and wait for santa The fire department would be the collection area where you would take a present for each child at your house and on Christmas Eve they would deliver them. It was a van that would pull the sleigh with a volunteer fireman dressed as Santa 🎅🏻. So fun.

  10. We go to church, and then come back to the house and hang out and eat appetizers….just about being with family and remember the reason for the season!

  11. We always have our big dinner on Christmas Eve and just have a special big breakfast on Christmas Day! We use to open one gift on Christmas Eve too! This card is elegant! I look forward to each day! ❤️🎄🎅🏻🤶🏻

  12. My Christmas eve tradition grew from the children always wanting to open "Just 1 present, PLEASE". So Christmas pajamas became the one gift they could open on xmas eve. They always looked so sweet in their new PJ's in the morning. They are 30 & 31 and I still by holiday pajamas! I know you are younger than I am, and the photo looks pretty old, so I will guess #4.

  13. We always had my mom's meatballs for Christmas Eve night and would play board games. Both my parents siblings lived on opposite sides of the country, so it was always just us. I think you were # 3.

  14. I think you are girl #3. When I was little my Mom would always give me a bath and I would get new pajamas usually a red nightgown. She would read T'was the Night Before Christmas and I would hang my stocking on the fireplace. They are some of the best memories that I will treasure for my entire life!

  15. We had a simple Christmas Eve dinner then off to church. We got to open one package when we came home then off to bed. The extended family would gather at a different house each year for a pot luck Christmas dinner followed by opening gifts.

  16. We don’t really have any Christmas Eve traditions we all go over to our oldest daughters house for Christmas Day. I know Black Friday shopping isn’t popular with everyone but we all go as a family usually Walmart, it started mostly to help the oldest who then had 4 kids now 5 get what she needed around the store and then it sort of became a daughter/mother day we just have fun spending the day together even if we don’t end up buying any thing after Walmart we have fun hitting the stores standing in line just spending time together.

  17. We used to spend Christmas Eve at my grandmother's. Someone always received a noisy toy (fire truck, etc).
    You are #1 in the photo.

  18. Love this card Kristina! So pretty. Thank you for jogging up some wonderful memories. Christmas eve afternoon dad would open his birthday gifts after lunch then cake and ice cream. We all went to Christmas eve church service. After we would go home have dinner. Each year we would alternate, Mom's homemade spaghetti and homemade French bread or huge pot of homemade stew with homemade warm bread.Then open presents. Years later with my daughter I did make her and her cabbage patch doll matching pajamas! We still have both in protective paper and a box. And for gifts for her, I made her and her cabbage a patch doll two or three matching sweatshirts. Floral print plaids and geometric shapes. Omgosh, Great memories!

  19. My family has a few families meet at our house and we do the "find the pickle" tradition with appetizers and then we all go to the Cheesecake Factory. We have done it for nearly 25 years!!

  20. We had our annual Italian feast on Christmas Eve along with bedding down the barn animals after dark and singing Silent Night. Christmas day was spent opening gifts, going to church, picking oranges, more eating, and sharing our love for each other. Our grandparents, parents, and aunts and uncles have all long since passed and we cousins have drifted apart over the years. Those were beautiful times and I'll always remember them.

  21. It turned out beautiful! We were allowed to open one gift on Christmas Eve and I carried that on with my own children who are grown now and have children of their own.

  22. Beautiful card! I think Kristina is adorable daughter #1. Thanks for sharing your amazing artwork and your awesome holiday memories. ❤️❤️❤️

  23. We always got together with my maternal grandparents complete with uncles, aunts and cousins. Being of Italian heritages we had a giant feast of the seven fishes and then went to midnight mass. When we got back home from the grandparents house and before we were shipped off to bed we were allowed to open one present from under the tree because it was technically Christmas morning! Those were fun days! Now our grandparents and most of the aunts and uncles are gone, all the cousins are grown with families of their own and spread all over the country. It’s a wonderful memory, but I would give anything for one more of those Christmas Eves!

  24. Absolutely love the plaid design…thinking I'll use it on some of my cards this year.
    My younger brother's birthday is Christmas Eve, so we always spent the day in birthday mode, followed with driving downtown to see all the lights.

  25. I love the plaid. Thanks for showing us how to create it. Our job during the day on Christmas Eve was to stay out of Mom's way as she did prep work for Christmas Day dinner. Around bedtime, Dad would read "A Visit from St. Nick" to us (aka The Night Before Christmas). Then we would leave milk & cookies for Santa, and go to bed. We were warned that Santa wouldn't come until we were asleep. One year, we woke up on Christmas morning to find sleigh tracks in the snow on the front lawn, complete with reindeer hoofprints!

  26. Kristina, I think you are #5. When my sons were young, they would go to bed early afterwhich my husband and I would fill stockings and put the gifts under the tree. Now that they are grown, my husband and I get everything ready and then relax and look forward to Christmas Day when the boys and their wives come home to celebrate.

  27. I love the plaid background! And of course, the whole card, too! Our Christmas was always on Christmas Day, when we opened presents! I think you were #3!!?? You are the best!!

  28. A Christmas eve tradition is I would fix a special (unusual) dinner, usually it would be a combination of entrees like chili, corn bread and fish. Before midnight my daughter would unwrap one gift and she knew which gift to open because the wrapping paper had December 24th print on it. I think the one roll of paper lasted 10 to 15 years.

  29. We always went to my grandmother's home growing up! I have a special needs daughter, my parents live with my husband, myself and our 2 children we do Christmas eve at our home we have a nurse that comes in for our daughter and my husband and I spend a quiet 12 a.m. church service just so perfectly peaceful.

  30. We started several new Christmas Eve traditions last year and ours includes PJ’s too. Last year I painted the comic book character “Deadpool” in all kinds of Christmas themed graphics on knit shirts and had knit jammie pants for everyone. Can you tell I’m a mom of boys???

  31. On Christmas Eve, all my kids come to my house after the candlelight service, and we watch the movie "Scrooge" (the musical with Albert Finney) and eat tons of pizza rolls and mini corn dogs!! Been doing this since the kids were small!

  32. The way you made the background was so inspirational for me. It did hurt a bit to see that you cut it diagonally, but it worked out so beautiful! Now I ask myself what you did with the scraps???

  33. Hi Kristina — I think you are #2 in the picture. You all look so cute! I am a grandma of 6 (ages 8 and under), and I always have bought my grandkids their Christmas pajamas since they were newborn. My husband and I take a Christmas picture with them all in their Christmas PJ's on Thanksgiving (we take 100'sof pictures to get one we can send with our Christmas card each year!!). Another tradition, which we did when my kids were little and now do with the grandkids is "Find the Pickle"! I don't know if anyone else does this, but I have a green pickle ornament that I hide in the Christmas tree, and after all the presents are opened on Christmas Eve (Santa still comes in the morning for the grandkids!) — the kids get to try to find the pickle hidden in the tree. The winner gets a prize (ANOTHER PRESENT!). and gets to be the Christmas Pickle Prince or Princess for the year!! They practically destroy the tree trying to find it! But it's fun with all the adults helping them out!

  34. I grew up in Sweden. There Christmas Eve is what Christmas is all about. Huge family dinner, visit from santa and opening all the presents.

  35. We celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve with turkey and presents all around. On Christmas morning, we would just play with our new toys and have turkey sandwiches.

  36. My grandfather's birthday was Christmas Eve so we would celebrate at my grandparents house and Santa would always drop off a little gift like a pack of lifesavers or box of crayons. Then Christmas Day everyone would come to our house to celebrate. The day after Christmas was my mother's birthday so everyone would gather back at our house to celebrate ( my poor mother always had leftovers for her birthday) and Santa would drop off something he forgot to deliver on Christmas Day – a book or pencils. As children my siblings and I thought Christmas was 3 days long!

  37. Ever since I can remember, we always got to open one gift on the 24th eve. All of us around the Christmas tree after having enjoyed a wonderful meal. My husband and I continued that tradition with our own children ( whom by the way, always woke us up around 5 in the morning to open the rest of their gifts). Such tender memories💕. My guess is you’re #3?

  38. Our whole neighborhood gets very into decorating. A lot of the development puts fire pits in their driveways and sits out while hundreds of cars go by waving. It’s a blast! (We live in California, so it isn’t too cold). ☺️

  39. Your card turned out beautifully Kristina, the light gray buffalo plaid was perfect as a subtle background to the pretty leaves and pines. Growing up, on Christmas eve we rotated gathering between the homes of my grandparent's, my parent's and that of my aunt and uncle. I have such fond memories of those times! As a grandparent, we have become the host of Christmas eve, which is my total delight!

  40. We only did this one year, but we all made a gift to exchange. I loved it, but not so sure everyone else did. It was my favorite year.

  41. This is a lovely card , just loved the background,,, we just relax on Christmas Eve , as we have presents 🎁 and Christmas Dinner all on Christmas Day 🌲🎄🎁🌲🎄

  42. On Christmas Eve, we watch A Muppets Christmas Carol – our daughter and son watch it in their homes and we synchronise when we start. We then WhatsApp parts of the dialogue to each other as that part of the movie is showing, for example ‘light the lamp not the rat’. We’ve watched it so often that we know most of the words and the songs. My grandson who’s 3 will probably watch it with ‘us’ this year and so the tradition continues.

  43. Love the unstraightened hair…..nothing to do with the lovely card. But! Tis nice
    My favourite Aussie tradition is Carols by candlelight in the Myer Music bowl. Mostly open air. Can no longer get up from sitting on the ground, but when I was around 18 I sang in the mass choir in the first carols in the new music bowl…you can see some images on uTube…love Silvie Paladino. I know watch it each Christmas Eve.

  44. We open up a single gift! I used to make "reindeer food" with my youngest, itty bitty siblings. Just oatmeal and glitter. I would then take them out just before bed and we'd sprinkle it in the snow to attract reindeer. If I ever have my own kids, I plan to do the same but make sure it's biodegradable glitter (pretty sure it wasn't all those years ago 😳)

  45. Growing up, our family didn't have a traditional tradition as my dad who was a NY firefighter often worked that evening so he could home on Christmas. But my Dad , to help my mom, who was busy with last minute Christmas set up and early meal prep, always brought in Chinese food before he went to work for a fun big take in meal. Back then take in meals were novel. .Your card is lovely. The plaid is the perfect soft background for the festive greenery.

  46. Christmas Eve was usually spent with my family sharing a fun, theme-based meal, opening family gifts, and going to Christmas Eve Service at church. Fond memories that are very much missed, now that my own children are grown with families of their own. I think you are number 4.

  47. We went to my grandparents on Christmas Eve too, for a family dinner and dancing. So much fun watching for Santa. I think you’re #3 in the pic. Merry Christmas.

  48. Christmas Eve is Chinese night lol. And despite my kids being grown up they still have to open one small present on Christmas Eve. Since we got our grandson 6 yrs ago Christmas is Amazing!

  49. Yet another stunning card, Kristina.  Love those gorgeous leaves and sprigs and your plaid background looks amazing!  Thanks so much for sharing.  I would try to create the plaid but I have a very crooked eye and definitely not a steady hand.  Will just admire yours from afar.  LOL.

  50. Love, love, love your painted plaid! You made it look so easy that I'm going to give it a try.
    Every Christmas Eve we load everyone up, including the dogs and drive around and look at the Christmas lights.
    I'm thinking that you are #1 in the photo.

  51. Kristina, Thoroughly enjoying this holiday series and love how you've brought out the corresponding card creations from years past. So Much Fun!

  52. Lovely card Kristina!!! Our Eve tradition with the kids was that they could open one gift…. of our choosing! Yes they were PJ’s but it took the edge off of waiting until Christmas Day! 🥰

  53. My mom and I always have an English high tea on Christmas Eve. We do little sandwiches, cookies and scones. It’s yummy and fun!

  54. Awe, such a precious picture of you and the girls! Hmmm, I think you may be either #1 or #5…regardless, you’re adorable now too!!! This card looks amazing, Kristina!!! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity, blessings and hugs!!!

  55. We have horses, so we all bundle up and go for a wagon ride and decorate a tree in the woods for the animals! all ages participate then after we have hot cocoa and snacks and open presents!

  56. We didn't celebrate on Christmas Eve, but on Christmas Day. We all got stockings, and because we had no fireplace, therefore no mantel, the stockings (Dad's socks!) were safety pinned to the end of our beds. We NEVER caught the placement of our stockings! Then we 4 kids would gather very, very early on Christmas morning in the bedroom furthest away from our parents' room, and open our stockings, eat our orange and nuts, play with our toys, and that allowed the parents to get a good night's sleep. Breakfast, then the opening of the presents, and chaos for the rest of the day. Fondest memories.

  57. Beautiful card. I think you're #3. My favorite Christmas Eve tradition was singing carols in the center of town with all the town residents, and then going into the church for service.Such wonderful memories!

  58. Great card Kristina. I grew up in the Southern Hemisphere so Christmas was summer for us. Christmas Eve traditions for us were a big family supper and then a swim at the beach and bonfire with marshmallows. I think you’re child #3.

  59. I think you’re number 4 in the picture! We go to my grandparent’s house and have appetizers for dinner! Everybody just brings snacks (tortilla roll ups, meat and cheese tray, rolls, chips and dips, etc) and we sit around the living room and eat, and open presents. This way it’s super easy, no one has to do all the work themselves, and it’s our favorite foods! When I was little little one of my parent’s friends dressed up as Santa and would come “bring” us presents. Super fun traditions!

  60. I think you are number 3! We would stay up til midnight and olen all our presents with all our family members. My parents both come from big families, so naturally, lots of cousins!! ❤️🎄

  61. We have Christmas dinner, open presents and have a chocolate candy and book exchange with my daughters, their husbands and my grand children. Christmas Day is for each of my daughter's families to spend at home with their children.

  62. Love the plaid! We get together with family and friends on Christmas Eve. We have appetizers and snacks and play games

  63. The kids come home we play board games and watch Christmas movies – We Eat cioppino for dinner with SF sourdough bread – and I still give them all new Pj's for Christmas Eve – We have started having a wine tasting tho last year we did whiskey tasting …this year thinking tequila…it is a fun night (fyi none of the kids have children in our family just doggies and they all stay over no one drives)

  64. Fantastic card! I love how you customized the look of the greenery! You created a very full arrangement without it being overwhelming to the design.
    The picture is so cute!! Are you number 5?
    When I was little, Mom & Dad would take my brother and I out to look at Christmas lights. While we were gone, Santa arrived and had our presents on display around the tree. (Don't know how he knew when we took our ride! 😉😉)

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