84 thoughts on “Holiday Card Series 2019 – Day 7 – Geometric Trees Design

  1. I love spritz cookies. My moms recipe which she cut out of the newspaper years ago. I love making them and of course eating them, but most of all sharing with family and friends.

  2. Wow- quite the dramatic effect! I was cringing when you started putting the dark ink behind the embossing – oh, yea of little faith!! I should have known it would work – and beautifully! This is an awesome card.

  3. First of all: I love your cards! They are always elegant and chic!
    As I'm Italian, living in Sardinia, my fav treat for Christmas time is panettone and pandoro (a sort of panettone with no raisin or candied orange peels); they are the classical Italian cakes that can be found only in this period of time. PS: I love your Holiday Card Series. I cannot draw but I enjoy your creativity and your voice! Baci from Italy

  4. Love this! I’ve got this stamp set so am excited to give this a go! And, I LOVE my mother-in-law’s chocolate fudge!

  5. I, too, am Italian (but live in Minnesota). Every year at Christmas we make Pizzelle (piz el ee) cookies. They are delicious!

  6. WOW, WOW, Wow! Striking, dramatic, amazing! Can't wait to try it! I love Christmas cookies, in fact I am hosting a cookie exchange this year. YUM!

  7. I always look forward to your 25 days of Christmas. Another great card design. As far as my favorite Christmas treat, it would be a toss up between my moms gingerbread cake and her homemade cinnamon rolls. She made those every year when when we were kids.

  8. Oh my Lord! Stunning!
    My favourite christmas treat ist actually a traditional treat ususlly raten at new years eve in northern Germany. It's called "Eiserhörnchen", a very very thin, crispy wafer with aniseed in it, which you can then fill yourself with whipped cream. My Grandma used to bake them and had to hide them thoroughly, because otherweise they would have disappeared magically until the next day 😂😉❤️. Now I bake them, too and they are always a huge hit 👍

  9. Thank you so much for sharing this card – I love it. My favorite holiday treat is my Mom's recipe Butter Cookies. My kids says it isn't Christmas without a plate of them out for snacking.

  10. I’m just so impressed. I’m brand new to the whole subject, and had no idea…

    I assume a lot of the viewers are similarly involved in this kind of crafting, and I’m just so thrilled to know these products exist, and to see the creativity. 😃

  11. At first I wasn’t sure about this card, but ended loving it and your enthusiasm! I am hoping there will be a watercolored card somewhere in this series? Favorite holiday treat are Holland mints, which we put in our kids stockings even as adults. But we always have to buy way extra because sometimes they get eaten before Christmas Day…

  12. Love your card, very classy. Favorite holiday candies, my mom’s chocolate toffee and almond crunch( yummy) and cinnamon ribbon candy.

  13. My husband makes Norwegian krumkake (his dad’s family was from Norway, so this is a childhood fave). We have a special press that we put on our gas stovetop, and you put the batter in, press it, and cook over the flame for just a couple minutes. It comes out slightly pliable, and you wrap it around a cone shaped mold to make something that looks and tastes a lot like an ice cream cone. You can then fill with whipped cream and top it with shaved chocolate or cocoa. I also love biscochitos, a cookie that I grew up eating every Christmas, being from New Mexico. It’s light and flaky, and has anise and cinnamon flavors.

  14. Loved this card when I saw it the other day and love it again today! Such a creative way to use a Christmas tree stamp. I'm the baker in the family. They demand that I make my chocolate chip cookies every year. The other popular treat is Christmas Crack (a toffee type treat made with Saltines, brown sugar, butter, chocolate chips and nuts). It's very easy to make but dangerous to have around because I could eat the entire batch! And since my son's favorite cookies are oatmeal, I always make him his own batch of Butterscotch Oatmeal cookies. TFS, Heather

  15. You’re so clever with your designs. Love this one. What I loved especially was that black soot ink trick to being out the out embossed greeting. So simple but so brilliant. Thank you for your creativity and tips!

  16. This card was mesmerizing! I love popcorn balls at Christmas. When I was little, our furnace would often choose Christmas time to breakdown. It was during the holidays, Christmas to New Years, when it seemed the only furnace repairman in our small town, was out of town. No worries, we were tough, we bundled up, set up a card table in front of the big window in the sunshine and worked on puzzles, played cards, watched TV and ate our popcorn balls! Happy life!

  17. I did something similar with various sizes of solid triangles a couple of years ago – so fun to play with geometric shapes and use stamps in an unexpected way! Love how your trees seem to glow from all that black colouring! Another fabulous card!

  18. Thank you so much for your videos!! They keep me so excited throughout the week!! Here in the UK we love chocolate, but my favourite is 100% Lindt Chocolate!!!

  19. Love the card. I am a huge fan of geometric designs. I love divinity minus the nuts that some people add. I color mine pink and they are little clouds of scrumptiousness. I also love cream wafer sandwich cookies that I found 30 years ago in the Betty Crocker Cookie book. They are delicate and not too sweet and really melt in your mouth.

  20. You're right, this is very dramatic. The tip to make the greeting stand out is "life changing." About my favorite treat, a family tradition, shrimp dip with Ritz crackers.

  21. Love this card. Magic cookie bars are the holiday favorite! I make several batches and give as treats at Christmas.

  22. .WOW! Just stunning. Hum….my favorite cookies this time of year are pumpkin cookies, really anything to do with pumpkin.

  23. Beautiful, dramatic card! As for favorite holiday treat, it is hard to narrow it down to just one but I'll go with Christmas and frosted sugar cookies. Yum!

  24. Yep, I'm a pumpkin pie girl, and iced cut out sugar cookies! Love you cards and your videos Kristina, thank you for all your hard work creating so others can be inspired.

  25. This card is so stunning!!!! I love the highlighting of the sentiment…🤗🎄♥️ I love Thanksgiving because my family comes over and we sit around the table, eat, laugh, play card games and just spend the entire day together!

  26. First of all, this card is….WOW! I am so glad you made this video to show the process because it is so interesting how it grew from the initial idea to the finished product. It is simply stunning and oh-so-beautiful.
    Secondly, in answer to your question, my favorite holiday treat is homemade fudge. My mom always made it for me each Christmas and that is the only time of year we ever had it.

  27. Fabulous card. Watching your Christmas card series has become a traditional part of my holiday prep. Thank you for sharing your ideas and techniques – inspiring. My favourite Christmas treat is mince pies, this might be very British, and as I’m gluten free it might seem a strange treat, but memories from my childhood of my mum batch baking them are part of the joy of biting into a warm one on a cold winters day.

  28. Those trees look like they are glowing! Very striking card! My favorite Christmas treat is a Swedish tea ring that my Mom makes. She makes huge batches of them for family and friends for Christmas!

  29. I am enjoying each of your holiday cards and have gone back and watched past years. This card is really cool and I think the black background gives it the perfect touch! My favorite Christmas cookie is an Italian anise cookie that I grew up making with my mom. We call the cookie a Doral rolling the r for the correct pronunciation.

  30. Love your card series, I was born in United Kingdom and I loved mincemeat pies. The little pastries could be eaten warm or cold.

  31. This is so Cool and so beautiful. I so love you lady and your video.
    I love turkey breast with every thing with it ummm and Fruit Salad and Fromas its kind of Cream fruit pudding for Desert.
    But most of all I love to have the family coming together and serve them what they WANT and its a looooonnnngggg list ha ha

  32. I love making Root Beer Cookies for Christmas. My mom made these when I was a kid and it just brings back so many memories! Love your videos by the way!

  33. Beautiful card, could you use the Gina K Wreath Builder for placement? I make a chocolate cherry cookie for Christmas that is a family favorite. It is a rich brownie-like cookie with a cherry on top covered in a chocolate frosting. Decadent and rich!

  34. Love your series of Christmas cards. I looked forward to them every year….My favorite treat is Pecan Pie……..

  35. This is such a fun card, and so dramatic. The addition of the blending at the center is genius! I'm tucking that tip away for later use. My favorite treat during the holidays are the yummy spicy smells that permeate the atmosphere.

  36. Hi Kristina, You're so creative. I love your videos : thanks so much for charing. You give us good ideas and even better advices. I'm French but I 'm fond of Mozart Kugeln from Austria at Christmas! Have a nice day and a lot of good imagination.

  37. Super fun idea! I love the colors you chose! I love the pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving, but also my MIL's English Toffee dessert at Christmas. I'm always careful to save room for those! Thanks so much for sharing! What's yours?

  38. In New Zealand Cadburys Chocolate bring out popping elves every year. Thats chocolate elves filled with candy – or lollies we call them in NZ 😉 – that pop away in your mouth as you chew. <3 these!
    This card rocked! Brilliant colour combo, that black just made the whole card pop! 😉

  39. Very stunning card. I love it. My favorite treat was always my grandmother's divinity. Sadly she has passed as well as my stepmom, and I don't have the recipe. These days Pecan pie gets my attention. I hope you have a blessed celebration of Christ's birth.

  40. Love the card! Fav treat is candy canes in hot cocoa! For the adults we sometimes go peppermint schnapps in hot cocoa.

  41. Chocolate balls 😍 as far as I know these are German in origin. There a dense cake style with raisins, nut, chocolate chips and a spice mix that is very unique. The first time I had one of my friends smell the bag full I got, she said “they smell like Christmas”. These have always been a favorite of my and after my mom passed away, my sister would make them for me at other times of the year too.

  42. WOW!!!😱❤️👍🏼 Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks so much for such another amazing card tutorial! Also LOVE you in RED! Extremely pretty color on you! 😊 I love those danish butter cookies in the round tins, you can find everywhere during the holidays. I also love my homemade Cheesecake I make during the holidays. If you like cheesecake, I have a great Recipe I can send. I’ve been making this for over 25 years, and it’s quite popular! Thanks again Kristina! Liz 😊❤️🎄

  43. It looks like I am in the middle of a forest surrounded by trees. I look straight up and see how the tops of the trees fade into the sky.
    That's what I see.
    It's hauntingly beautiful.

  44. I love this innovative use of such a new, simple design. It inspires me to review old stamps with new eyes. Thank you for yet another great video!

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