Holiday Card Series 2019 – Day 3 – Metallic Wreath Painting

Holiday Card Series 2019 – Day 3 – Metallic Wreath Painting

(gentle music) – Hi everyone, Kristina here. Welcome to day three of the
“Holiday Card Series” for 2019. Just a reminder that this
“Holiday Card Series” is my 11th year of doing the series, and you can tune in every
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday through mid-December for
a brand new card video, I upload at 8:00 a.m. Mountain Time. Today’s card is really fun, I’m going to be using a
watercolor set from Altenew that I played with in one
of my videos on Monday. Two videos on Monday, one was
the “Holiday Card Series,” and the other was a video for the Altenew Metallic
Watercolor Blog Hop. And I have just been in
love with these watercolors, I think they’re fantastic, they’re right on par
with Finetec in quality. Finetec has a little bit
more shimmer, I think, but the Altenew definitely
has that pearlescent look, that’s just a spoiler alert if you haven’t watched that other video. And if you wanna catch that video, I’ll have it linked up in
the top corner up here, you can go ahead and watch that video where I do some lettering
and some a mail art using that Altenew
metallic watercolor set. For today’s video, for day three I’m breaking out that
watercolor set again, I left it on my work surface, and I’ve just been playing with it. So today’s card, I use it and
then also in Friday’s cards. You’ll see it a couple times this week. Today’s card I’m using a
stamp set from Memory Box. This stamp set is gorgeous, I’ve barely scratched the surface with the things you can do with it. And I’m gonna do some heat embossing and then some painting
over the top, super simple. Let’s get into it. The stamps that I’m using today is called Holiday Greenery
and it’s from Memory Box. I really fell in love with
this huge wreath image, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a wreath quite this big in a stamp set. As I mentioned before, I’m gonna be using the Altenew metallic watercolor set and I’m going to be painting the wreath onto black card stock. I love the look of these metallic paints on top of a dark surface. So I’m going to be using the Stonehenge black watercolor paper. I’m going to tear off the
sheets and then trim it down, and I’ll be doing all of my stamping straight onto the black watercolor paper. Using my MISTI stamp positioning tool, just in case I want to
stamp this more than once, I ended up not needing to
stamp it more than once, but I got a really good
impression the first time around. I’m prepping the area with
an Anti-Static Powder Tool, I’m going to be doing some heat embossing on this black watercolor paper, and I just wanna prevent
any of the embossing powder going in areas where I
don’t need it or want it. I’ve inked up my stamp with VersaMark ink, and then stamped that wreath image down onto the black watercolor paper. I’m then going to coat
the entire stamped wreath with some gilded embossing
powder from Brutus Monroe. This is a really nice gold
shade for embossing powder, it’s one of my favorites. Sometimes gold embossing
powders can be very yellow, but this one has a much
more neutral gold tone and I like to use it for a
lot of my holiday projects. I hit that with my heat tool
until it was smooth and melted. And then I went directly
into the painting, and you’ll notice I did not
tape this down to a hardboard. That’s because this watercolor paper is very soft and it
has a very cotton feel, and because it’s so soft, if you tape it down to anything and then try to remove the tape later, it will tear the paper. So you have a couple options,
if you want to do something with a really wet wash across your paper, which would normally leave
your paper very warped. You can either tape it down, but just know that it’s going to tear and you might have a better result if you use an X-Acto knife
and cut it off the board. Or you can do what I’m doing today, and not tape it down to anything
and just hope for the best. This turned out to be a good choice because the paper didn’t warp too much, so it turns out well. I’m using three different colors of green, and kind of an aqua blue, and then also the red
shade from the palette. Let me turn on some music and you can enjoy it while I paint. (gentle ambient music) ♪ Joy to the world, the Lord is come ♪ ♪ Let earth ♪ ♪ Receive her King ♪ ♪ Let every heart prepare Him room ♪ ♪ And heaven and nature sing ♪ ♪ And heaven and nature sing ♪ ♪ And heaven, and heaven and nature sing ♪ ♪ Joy to the world, the Savior reigns ♪ ♪ Let men ♪ ♪ Their songs employ ♪ ♪ While fields and floods,
rocks, hills, and plains ♪ ♪ Repeat the sounding joy,
repeat the sounding joy ♪ ♪ Repeat, repeat the sounding joy ♪ ♪ He rules the world
with truth and grace ♪ ♪ And makes up the nations
of the world prove ♪ ♪ The glories ♪ ♪ Of His righteousness ♪ ♪ And wonders of His love ♪ ♪ And wonders of His love ♪ ♪ And wonders, and wonders of His love ♪ ♪ And heaven, and heaven and nature sing ♪ – After splattering on some
of that silver pearl color, I decided I wanted to have
a red piece of card stock that matched the painting for my greeting. So I used that red shade and I painted it onto some
black watercolor paper, and then hit that with my heat tool until it was nice and dry. I’m using the Glad Tidings stamp from the greeting, or from the stamp set. And I’ve stamped that VersaMark ink, and I’m going to heat emboss this with that same gilded embossing
powder from Brutus Monroe. That golden embossing powder
that I used on the wreath. Gonna add a secondary
reading from the stamp sets, and I wanted to have this
large greeting for their first, so that I could get the placement
for the second greeting. So just I just stamped
and more VersaMark ink, and powdered it with some
additional embossing powder. After that was done, I use a ruler, this is actually one
from My Sweet Petunia. It’s one of their Cut-Align rulers, and I just used the edge
like a regular ruler with a Craft knife to
cut this greeting down to kind of a longer rectangle. I’m now using the A7 Layers
Dies from Waffle Flower, and I’m going to die-cut
this painted piece, so that it can go onto
a five by seven card. Using some tape and making sure that it is on the outside
of what I’ll be cutting. Like I mentioned before,
any sort of adhesive does tear this black watercolor paper. It’s sort of a delicate paper, so you have to treat it
a little bit differently. So I taped that down and ran it through my die cutting machine, and then I’m left with the perfectly sized piece of watercolor paper to
go on my five by seven card. I created a five by seven card based out of some Neenah Classic
Crest, Solar White Cardstock. This is the 110 pound version, put some foam adhesive on the
back of my watercolor piece, and also on the back of the greeting and then assembled my card. And that is the finished card for today, I love how this turned out, all of that metallic watercolor, especially with the gold embossing just looks so beautiful and neat, I’m very, very pleased
with how this turned out. Thanks so much for watching
the day three video for “The Holiday Card Series.” I hope you guys enjoyed
all of that painting, I think it turned out so beautiful. It doesn’t even show on
camera how beautiful it is, it’s absolutely gorgeous. So I hope you guys check out
these watercolors for yourself and see what they’re all about because I find them really
fascinating and fun to work with. On screen, I’ve got three more
videos for you to check out, these are the three previous years of the, “Holiday Card Series.” And if you wanna check
out even further back into the “Vintage Holiday Card Series.” I’ve got everything listed down below, all day three for the 10 previous years of the “Holiday Card Series.” Thanks so much for watching today, don’t forget to subscribe,
hit that like button. And I will be back on
Friday with day four. Can’t believe we’re heading
into day four already.

100 thoughts on “Holiday Card Series 2019 – Day 3 – Metallic Wreath Painting

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