23 thoughts on “Holiday Card Series 2019 – Day 20 – Watercolor Background with Diecut Frame

  1. So gorgeous! 😍 Your pops of red with the gems and the stamped sentiment are the perfect finishing touches. Thanks so much for sharing and Merry Christmas. ❤️

  2. Love how the background turned out. When you first started it, I wasn't so sure, but by the time you were finished, it was beautiful. Beautiful card!

  3. What a great card and you made it look so simple with the water coloring. Yep, I think I could do that. I love water colored backgrounds.

  4. I love the contrast of the background to the frame……..just beautiful! The red gems took the card to the next level……stunning. Thanks, Kristina.

  5. loved the watercolor background. I need to practice more with wetting my paper to let the paint move. Great technique

  6. Kristina, it's great to see the look you achieved with a more "loose" style of using watercolor. I feel like I could do this, too. Question for you, though: what dictates pre-moistening the paper and dropping color on vs. getting your colors wet/pre-mixing, then applying them to dry paper and wetting more later?Your insight would be so helpful. Thanks again for demonstrating the beautiful card!

  7. I love the watercolor background. Right now in Minnesota an awful lot of our pine needles are covered in white. So I think it still looks realistic and frosty.

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