59 thoughts on “Holiday Card Series 2019 – Day 15 – Colored Pencil Coloring

  1. Beautiful!! I like how you show different versions of making cards, with colour pencils, paints, dye cuts, etc. This really helps to get the creative mind going.

  2. OK, I do not usually comment, but some odd person has to click the dislike button? You must love the haters! Have a wonderful holiday

  3. I love the card. But, color pencils are not my friend. You make it look so easy. I may need to pull them out of time out and try again.

  4. Such a lovely card! I always forget to use the bluer greens when I am doing Christmas foliage – I'm thankful that you are here to remind me that they are a beautiful way to add another shade of green!

  5. Beautiful card Kristina! I love the way you combine products from different companies and come up with unique cards! I always learn so much from watching your videos! Have a great Thanksgiving!!!

  6. I feel that maybe you’ve told us this in the past, but what do you use to sharpen your colored pencils? Those are some amazingly sharp pencils.

  7. Lovely as always. Love the variety of cards that you've created throughout this series. Doing three videos each week was quite a challenge to take on. We all appreciate you so much.

  8. Beautiful card, but I have a question . Why stamp , mask, background , color. Why not stamp, color ,cut and add to background . Just curious . Thank you

  9. I love how you take elements and create with them! I never would have seen that in that background stamp and yet it came out great! Thanks for all your inspiration!

  10. I love this card, thank you for teaching me beautiful craft. It would be really very helpful to me if you could explain which colours did you use for coloring leaves and berries. I think that you used two or three colours but I don't understand how you built that final mix of colors.

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