100 thoughts on “Holiday Card Series 2019 – Day 11 – Christmas Gnomes

  1. Wow, this is also my favorite! In the beginning, I thought: why is she tracing this stencil with a pencil? But it was obvious for watercolouring. So very nice! I am trying that also one day. Thank you so much for all those beautiful videos you make.
    On my whishlist is a good gillotine cutter, and I would like to find a good magnetic storage system for those tiny alphabet dies.

  2. Really fun card! Having the gnomes on wobblers took the design from really nice to fantastic! They look like they are dancing a jig to some Christmas music! 😊
    I would like many things: an actual craft room and being able to find a package from SSS that I can't find. I also want the Waffle Flower rectangle dies that you use so often. (This girl needs all the help she can get when it comes to cutting cardstock!!)

  3. Cool stamp set! I really enjoy watching you & other card makers color using various mediums be it Copic markers (my fave), water colors, or colored pencils, etc.. Tips & learning more about shading & dimension just by watching is invaluable; and, the gnome wobblers are too cute!
    As for my craft wishlist, I, too, would like either a Cricut Maker or the Brother Scan & Cut bc it’s just too expensive for me to buy coordinating dies (though I’d love to), which are either the same price as, sometimes a bit more than, the stamp set themselves!..

  4. Oh this card is awesome. Watching you paint Kristina is such a zen experience. As for a crafty gift—A scrapbox! I would load it with alllll my Distress stuff! And ok yeah a room big enough to hold one!

  5. Hmmm. Comic markers would probably be my wish. I like the look of watercolour but I find marker colouring easier! I live those dancing gnomes!

  6. I am thinking about a set of Faber Castel pencils for Christmas. Those gnomes are so cute! I love your blouse, by the way, since I am a musician also.

  7. Adorable card Kristina. Love the wiggle gnomes. Painting is crazy good. Love it. Ok…what I want. Dear Santa, I want a craftroom, so I don't have to dig in boxes for crafting supplies. Or the Original dreambox so I have everything organized and not in plastic containers under the sofa table or in boxes. Thanks again Kristina for another great video. Hugs

  8. Love this card! I want Santa to bring me a die cutting machine. I had a cuttlebug before our house burned down but haven’t replaced it yet.

  9. Such a great card! I have come to that point in stamping and card making where I am in need of reinkers. So, as unexciting as that sounds, that is my wish this Christmas…to get some reinkers for my distress oxides and my regular ink pads.

  10. I want either distress inks or distress oxide inks. I'm still not sure what the difference is. But i want to try them out. I'm hoping first I'll be able to move my desk so i can organise my crafting stuff to one place.

  11. This card is adorable – love it!!! Santa is also bringing me a Gemini die cutting machine!!! I am so excited – can't wait!! (I am tired of cranking….)

  12. I would not be disappointed to find a Misti under the tree. Gift certificates to my local craft store, Art Plus, as well as for Simon Says Stamp would be exciting to find as well!

  13. That’s a hard question. A dream would be to go and spend a day or two learning from you all at an event like Creativation. On a small scale DVD’s from Kristina, Jennifer and others on how to do basics. Internet in the country is horrible. You inspire me so much, thank you.

  14. Thanks so much for the video. I am enjoying your 2019 Christmas series. It is a treat to watch. I would love both watercolors and markers and the talent to use them well. I also like the comments above for someone to organize my craft room and friends to craft with!

  15. I wish I could win at least once when people like you make giveaways, that's my wish for 2020. I guess I would like some of SSS background dies and background stamps, Stencils , oh I would just take anything from them ! But most of all I wish some companies would think of making inside sentiment card layers in French and other languages . All we would do is decorate the layer and glue it to our card. It fine to have a stamp but it is always the same sentiment. Very nice card. thanks

  16. I really love the card – gnomes are my all time favourite Christmas characters, along with reindeer, Santa and penguins. A brother scan n cut DX120 would be very welcomed. Or a foiling machine – one that works with my Gemini. Like another lady said, a week away on a card crafting holiday learning copic colouring, watercolour painting and brush writing, mixing with other like minded crafters would be fab and those skills and inspiration I could use in a lot of my cards.

  17. My craft room is outside in the cold with winter snow. You get the picture. I would like a heater. Not a portable heater but one with a thermostat I can set so I can walk out, after shoveling a path, into a warm room and just craft all year round. Are you listening Santa.

  18. I would love to start making cards. I would love to have the heat embossing kit and a few card making kits and I love the stamp thingy you use.

  19. I want lots of dies and matching stamps. Being a newby to the craft thats what I can afford the least on my limited income. I've told my family gift certificates to the local craft stores but they are in the same boat as me so I'm going to settle for lots of love and kisses. Thank you for asking and here's hoping you get all your Christmas wishes.

  20. If I could have something in my stash right now or for Christmas, I would choose either large frame dies or background stamps. I cannot believe that I DON'T have any…‼️

    I love the card Kristina…thank you so much for sharing…I appreciate you so much. Also, we have something in common, I am a graphic designer and I hear that you are or use to be as well 😊

  21. Hi Kristina! I so love this stamp and stencil set! I am falling love with all the little gnome products that are coming out. This stamp set is oh so adorable! Thank you for sharing another fabulous Christmas series with us. ~ Katz

  22. Great card Kristina, just beautiful. My Amazon wish list always has craft supplies on it from wobblers and glue to a new Cricut. But what I'd really really really like is nice new white furniture storage and a redecorated craft room. Too much?

  23. My crafting wish list would be a Refurbished craft room. I need two crafting tables, wall units for storage, lots of accessible wall plugs, etc. Basically a new craft room.

  24. I'd say Altenew's watercolor pan set. AND time. Still working on water-coloring. Love this card, especially the background….Gives me ideas for tracing other stencils to water color!

  25. Your card is awesome. Watching you makes me feel like I could water color, you really make it look easy! There are a ton of things I would wish for, such as a complete line of SSS paper & matching envelopes. OH I forgot, I would also need the matching inks…. but seriously, organization sounds like it is on top of everyone's list. I have a craft room that needs to be gone through, unwanted items sold or donated and then being realistic about what products I am going to use.
    So I guess I would wish for the time & discipline needed to clean up my studio & put the efficiency back into my crafting! Really enjoying your card series.

  26. I'm asking Santa for more storage and organizing tools from Stamp-n-Storage! They have such amazing organizing tools! I need at least 2 more paper storage organizers. Please, Santa? I've been really good this year! 😘😁💜


  28. Adorable card. It would be fabulous if Santa brought me more energy (after an exhausting year) to get my mojo back to be more creative. Other than that, I am truly blessed.

  29. I think I’d like another set of Copic markers. Love your card! Action wobblers Iarrso fun. I just made a card with one myself!

  30. I wasn't sure whether I wanted to get the card kit this month but this has convinced me to buy it. My christmas wish would be a bigger space to work in and lots more storage to fill it with. I have everything dumped in plastic crates on a book shelf at the moment which is a slight improvement on the dumped all over the floor situation it was in previously but it still means hunting through stuff looking for whatever it is I need, better organisation would be fantastic.

  31. What I wish for is a better die cutting machine, my Emotion is not the best. I'm saving for a Spellbinders Plat. Kristina, love your Gnome card, it turned out great. I wish I could watercolor like that.

  32. I would wish for a silhouette machine (in pink,of course 😉) and sticker paper. I just got into planning and stickers and stamps. I really want to get a machine and learn how to make my own stickers and save money in the future. …such a cute card!

  33. I need a craft room also, the kitchen table is overloaded and the basement is cold☃️ I would love to add to my water colors and upgrade my color pencils. I also would love more time💌🤣 What does Kristina want😉💌

  34. I'd absolutely love the complete set of copics. I'll have to settle with buying a few at a time though. My hubby has said he'll start my collection as a christmas gift.

  35. Since my crafting expands beyond my love for paper crafts and I have more than I can use in that area, I would love a knitting machine.. yes I am a needle knitter but I have so many repetitive projects a knitting machine would be so helpful.

  36. i would like to for Christmas is electric a electric electric cuttelbug thank santa i cant do my housework due toe my heart,

  37. Hello, Kristina besides a small set of copic markers, a drawer for storage, SSS monthly kit. I had to canceled my subscription because recently change on my budget. I love their stuff and they are so kind that they sent me a holiday gift thanking me for being their customer. Thank you Simon Says Stamp. Thank you Kristina for sharing. I do love your card.

  38. Beautifully watercolor. I would love to have a beautiful shelving unit with doors. Since I craft in my dining room. I would like to put everything away.

  39. Would really love some Polychromos they look Amazing but the best thing would be to lock me in my craftroom for a week with meals delivered to create anything I wanted 🙂 What would you really like Kristina?

  40. Gotta love the wobbles!
    As I look around my (incredibly disorganized, messy, overflowing) crafting room, I realize I really don't need anything more… (but I'd still like to have the Altenew metallic watercolors!)

  41. WOW what a card!

    My crafty need is pretty simple, a Teflon bone folder. I just want to be able to fold my cards without cruddy creases.

  42. Too cute! I already have plenty but I would like to have a full set of Polychromos pencils to add to my stash.

  43. I am crossing my fingers for the Cricut Easy Press bundle!!! This video made me want the Simon kit! Those gnomes. ❤️❤️

  44. I want a better set up craft area. I have a big repurposed military tool drawer table and it's awesome, but there's not enough space, no place to sit and paint.

  45. I would love to have a murphy table with lots of shelves built in my living room so I can organize and store my craft materials and keep them out of sight when closed. When the door opens becomes a table that I can use to work on my crafts.

  46. Probably the biggest thing I'm wishing for is the Waffle Flower Watercolor Mat. Because I do my watercoloring in different places, it would be nice for keeping whatever surface I'm creating on clean and dry.

  47. I would really like a cutting table ~smile~ Ohhh and to be able to buy every new release of stamps coming out each and every season …LOL

  48. I would like to expand my crafting space into a larger area. I have the space but am having a hard time moving my stuff into it because it was my aunt's room.

  49. I need a new cutting machine. My Big Shot is failing and Sizzix will not send me the parts to fix it. I'm getting desperate for a new machine and do not know which one to buy.

  50. For a large gift I really want a large IKEA desk for my craft room. I’ve been using a fold out table since day one and I’m very ready to upgrade. For a crafty gift I would love the new waffle flower media mat. I’ve seen so many videos using it and it definitely seems very helpful.

  51. I would love to go to a giant craft retreat and ho well, i need a craft room for all my stuffs too. But more realistically, I would love to have the Gansai Tambi watercolors, they look fantastic. I love your card, theses gnomes are so cute.

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