Holiday Card Series 2019 – Day 1 – Four Easy & Simple Cards!

Holiday Card Series 2019 – Day 1 – Four Easy & Simple Cards!

(light guitar music) – Hi everyone, Kristina here. Welcome to day one of the
2019 Holiday Card Series. Like years past, I’m going
to be sharing 25 card videos with you over this holiday season. So I’m going to be uploading every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at
eight a.m. Mountain Time. So if you want to tune in and see the next holiday card video, that
is when you can tune in. And if you are not subscribed,
you might wanna do that now. You can subscribe down below
and hit that notification bell and when you have the notifications on that means that when I upload a video, you will immediately
receive a notification, or you should, anyway. And that makes it so you
won’t miss any of my videos. And I appreciate it when you guys do that. Anyway, today is day one,
I have a fun card for you, or actually four cards. This card sketch is going to look familiar if you saw my video with
Simon’s new holiday release a few weeks ago. This was a card I did that
I didn’t use in that video, but I loved the idea because it was very, it was simple enough that
you could duplicate it multiple times, if you have a
lot of holiday cards to make. And you can also adapt it to be used with a bunch of different holiday products. So I’m actually going
to be doing this card with four different ways
to have a background. But keeping the card design
the same and really simple, I think you guys are
really going to love it. So, let’s get into it and this is day one of the Holiday Card Series. So here we are, here is
the sketch that I shared with you guys a few weeks
ago inside my sketchbook. This uses the Joyful frame
die from Simon Says Stamp as well as the reindeer background from CZ designer, Cathy Zielske. And this card design is very simple and could be adapted to a
bunch of different backgrounds. So I’m gonna be using three
different background stamps, as well as an embossing folder to show how you can use this
very simple card design. Starting out with my Misti stamp tool, and because I’m gonna be using those three background stamps or
the two background stamps that are clean stamps, I removed the foam pad inside my Misti, and then mounted the
reindeer background stamp on the door of my Misti. I’m using some green leaf card stock from Simon Says Stamp as
well as green leaf ink. This is going to give
me a tone-on-tone effect and this is the exact card design that I envisioned when
I drew that card sketch. I was envisioning green on green, and so I decided to go ahead and make this first card exactly as I
planned with the card sketch. I walked my finger tips over each area on the background stamp to make sure it got a really good impression. And then when I felt it was
pretty good applied down there, I lifted the door and I am left with this really fun background. So I’m going to set this aside and work on the next background. I’m now using some schoolhouse red card stock from Simon Says Stamp, as well as the Nordic Holiday Bold Prince background stamp from Hero Arts. Now I’m going to be doing some heat embossing on this background. So I’m first prepping it with
an anti-static powder tool. This additional powder over
the surface of the card stock, will prevent embossing
powder from sticking to areas where I don’t want it. It will only stick to
areas that I stamped. So I inked up my background
stamp with the VersaMark ink, and then stamped down onto my card stock and walked my finger tips over the entire surface area
of this background. I then picked up my piece
here with some tweezers and applied some gilded embossing powder from Brutus Monroe. I’m actually not using
the tweezers quite yet, I’ll use that when I get to the heating. So here we are, I’ve got this
fun gold embossing powder, and I’m using my heat tool
and I’m kind of alternating from the front of the
card stock to the back. And going back and forth helps prevent the card stock from warping too much. And I was actually very surprised how little this card stock warped. Especially for having to heat over the entire area of the card stock. There were a couple of spots where the embossing powder didn’t stick. So I used a Versa marker to add a little bit of that ink over those areas. Sprinkled on some additional
gilded embossing powder. And then heat set that with my heat tool now I just filled in a
few of those little gaps. Gonna set that aside and
work on the third background. I’m now using the Woven
Plaid background stamp from Concord and 9th. And I’m also going to use
some Sparrow ink from Simon. So I’m stamping this sort of a little bit of a darker mid-tone brown
onto craft card stock. This is actually Neenah
environmental desert storm card stock, and I’m having a little bit of a tone-on-tone look with this one, but there’s slightly more contrast, because the brown is much darker than the card stock color. So I really love how this turned out, it has a very worn look to it. And I’m actually gonna set this aside, and work on my final
and fourth background. I’m using the Retro
Ponsetta embossing folder from Creative Expressions. As well as some watercolor
paper from Strathmore. I’m going to run this through
my die cutting machine, and I wanted to show
you guys the thickness of the embossing folder as compared to the cutting pad in my Gemini machine. So I’m just going to take out
one of those cutting pads, and my embossing folder will
act as the thickness for that. So here’s my sandwich,
I have the cutting pad, the metal shim, the
plastic shim, magnetic shim and then a piece of paper
that I usually have there just to protect the magnetic shim. So before I put my watercolor paper in this embossing folder, I’m going to mist it with
a little bit of water. This is a Distress Sprayer from Tim Holtz, and I just misted it a couple of times, on the front and back of
this watercolor paper. By wetting the paper,
it softens the fibers and makes it so that when I run this through my die cutting machine, that the paper won’t crack. If you don’t mist your paper, when you use these really
thick embossing folders, sometimes your paper will crack, you don’t get the best results. So I discovered that
just misting my paper, or watercolor paper, in this case, gives me the best results. And this watercolor paper being thick and kind of cottony, looks absolutely beautiful
with that texture. While I have my die cutting machine out, I’m going to do a bunch
of additional die cutting. I have the neutral foils
pack from Concord and 9th. I’m going to use one of
the gold sheets in here, to die cut the Joyful frame, and then I’m using some vellum
to cut the background square. So I ran that through
my die cutting machine four times, one for each card. And then I just set those pieces aside. I’m now going to use the A2
layers dies from Waffle Flower, to cut out the background
that I’ve created. I decided not to cut out
the emboss background, since I didn’t want to flatten it when I put it through
my die cutting machine. But for the three that I stamped, I’m using the third largest
frame from that die cut set. And this is going to cut it down, so it’s the perfect size for an A2 card. And leave a little bit of the card base showing in the background. I used a little bit of
washi tape to that in place. And then run that through
my die cutting machine. And I did that for all three backgrounds. So you’ll notice that I just
used a little bit of washi tape and it’s mostly on the area outside of what I will be using on the card. I do that so that the
washi tape doesn’t stick to the areas that I’ll be using. So now I’m going to take
the four vellum squares that I die cut earlier,
and I’m going to apply adhesive onto the back of these and I want the adhesive to be
on the entirety of the back. So I’m using my Xyron
Creative Station Lite. This is a machine that you can crank and it pulls that
through and adds adhesive over every single bit of that embossing, or of that vellum piece. So I’m just running this through and making sure I have all four. And then I can use the cutting blade on the back of the machine to
cut this out of the machine. I’m gonna take my finger tips and run it over the
surface of these squares to make sure that adhesive is applied to the back of the squares. And then I can peel up
this front plastic piece to reveal the vellum squares underneath. I then placed each of these
onto some additional vellum and pressed it down with my finger tips. Now, I do this because I wanted the vellum to be slightly more opaque. Some of the patterns on my
backgrounds are a little bit busy and I didn’t want them to interfere with the letters of the Joyful frame. When I assembled each one of these frames, I used small dabs of glue, and then dabbed off the entire die cut onto some scratch paper. That just gets rid of a
little bit of that glue, so that when I press it
down, it’s not going to smooch out from underneath the die cut. By the way, that glue I’m using is Connect Glue from Gina K Designs. So I place that down
onto my vellum square, and use my finger tips
to press it in place. When it comes to adhering
the Joyful letters, I use the negative space
from the die cutting and place that inside, and
that lets me puzzle piece the letters right over the center. And I have perfect
placement every single time. The hardest part of this
particular technique is removing that negative piece after you’ve adhered the letters, because sometimes the
letters want to come away from the surface just
like that negative piece. But in the end it’s completely worth it, because then you have those
letters in the perfect place. So just pull those away. And if you have any letters
that start to peel up, you can use some tweezers
or a very fine pointed tool, just to press them back
down onto the vellum. I then use my scissors to trim
each of these squares out. This is super easy to do and, since they were just squares, I decided to not cut out
additional squares using the die. So now I have four greetings
to go onto my cards. I’m now prepping the card basis. These are made out of
some Neenah classic crest solar white card stock. And I’ve squared them five and a half to create top folding parts. For each one of these backgrounds, I put foam tape on the back, including that white embossed piece. Even though it is the size
of the front of the card. I then placed each one of
these onto the card fronts. And I took my time to get
these centered just right, and then pressed down with my finger tips to make sure they were adhered
completely to the card front. So the last thing to do for these is to adhere the greeting
Joyful squares on top. Now, I want adhesive all on the back, so that I don’t have any adhesive showing. So, once again, I used my
Xyron Creative Station Lite to add adhesive to the back
of these vellum pieces. So I’ll cut that out of the machine, and then I can peel these up
off of that background piece, and put them directly onto my card fronts. Now, this adhesive is super super strong, so I wanna caution you. You wanna make sure that your greeting is exactly where you want it, because you won’t really
be able to peel it up and move it around a little bit. It’s not as forgiving as a liquid glue, but the advantage is you don’t see any adhesive through the vellum. So I place that on top and that finishes all four cards for today. I wanna let you guys know that all of the supplies that I used, including the embossing folder, the background stamps and the die are listed down below
in the video description in the Supplies section. So if you wanna purchase any supplies to make a card like this, you can use those links down below, or you can use whatever
supplies you have on hand. This card adapts to a lot
of different supplies. Thank you so much for
watching today’s video. I love all four cards, but I want to know which card is your favorite. Let me know down in the comments below which one you enjoyed the most. I have my favorite. I think my favorite is the
white one with the embossing, just because that texture is just so gorgeous and elegant and beautiful. And it would also be one that would be even more easy to replicate than the other three cards,
because all you have to do is run that through your
die cutting machine. Super simple. On-screen I’ve got three more
videos for you to check out. These are going to be
the three previous years of the Holiday Card series,
and if you want to see even more vintage holiday card series, I’m going to have links down
below in the video description for all ten of the past
years of Holiday Card Series, all day one. Thank you so much for watching today and I will see you on Monday for day two of the Holiday Card Series.

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