Holiday Card Series 2015 Bright Christmas Card with Newton’s Nook Designs

Holiday Card Series 2015 Bright Christmas Card with Newton’s Nook Designs

Hello crafty friends! It’s Jess from and today I’m here with the Newton’s Nook Designs Deck the
Halls with inky paws blog hop. This is an annual event for December where we
share a lot of holiday inspiration so be sure to check out the link in the video
description below to join in on the hop. There is also a chance to win and see some great
inspiration. Today we also have a bonus release of this Whispering Pines stamp set and it includes some sort of watercolor-esque trees and a little cat and dog
silhouette image and some cute little sentiments and for today’s card I’m going to show a
really bright fun look at this stamp set and I’m going to stamp them in some
bright colors of distress ink. I have mermaid lagoon wilted violet and twisted
citron. All of these are new colors for 2015 and I really like how bright the
pallette is. And these stamps are solid stamps and distress ink isn’t always
recommended for solid stamps because it doesn’t give really clear crisp
impressions however I wanted to go for a sort of imperfect stamping look. I wanted
them to be able to layer and distress inks look nice when they’re stamped over
each other because they sort of blend in together. And also I was definitely
trying to create just more of a sort of fun look to the card as obviously a
realistic really nice crisp image regular green trees or something more
traditional but I just want something really really fun so I just stamped a
variety of trees in those colors keeping it towards the center. I probably should
have planned out a little bit better where my sentiment everything was going to go
but it worked out in the end. I wanted to stamp some snow on top of it. There’s a
little gathering of snow and snow flakes in the stamp set and so I’m stamping
those with some Versamark ink and I will be embossing them with a white
glitter embossing powder and so it’s not the most noticeable sort of decoration
but it adds this really pretty subtle shimmer and has detail to it. So if
you had done it on a blue sky background this really
this white glitter would really pop but instead I was looking for something a
little bit more subtle and understated. I find when using when creating clean and
simple cars details like embossing particular with a fancy embossing poweder such as the white glitter sparkle or like a gold and silver can really add a lot of punch. I did a Hanukkah card recently with some gold embossing powder and it really
helps make a simple card look fancy and special and so I’m doing the same thing
here where I am basically filling the whole scene around the trees with this
snowflake and I am NOT spreading it all the way to the edge of the card. I find
when doing this it’s best to stamp just a few and then cover with embossing
powder because if you stamp too many you’ll start layering it over each other
and you might now want it as layered over. And so cause the Versamark ink is clear so when you stamp it down you can’t see exactly where you stamped unless you kind of twistit in the light or that sort of thing. So I just kind of keep track and stamp a few next to each
other, emboss, sorry, shake the embossing power on. You don’t have to do the whole
heat embossing process, you just have to shake the powder on and then move to the next area until you have it filled out the way that you want and don’t worry about it overlapping a little bit or about
being sort of perfect in its coverage. Snow obviously does not fall in straight
perfect lines and so it’s going to look great even if it’s not perfect. Once I had my tree and snow scene
created, I was ready to add some detail with the sentiment and those little
silhouette images of that the dog and cat that are so sweet such a trademark of Newton’s Nook Designs all the adorable cat dog images that Jennifer Jackson designs for us and so I stamped the sentiment with Versafine Ink which is a pigment ink and will
allow me to add some clear embossing and this will this clear embossing powder
will just give a little bit more weight to those particular images, as I do want
them to be really crisp stand out against the bright colorful background and then I’ll make sure that my heat gun is hot and clear emboss over them. Then I’m gonna attach that whole panel to a
piece of black cardstock to further make those bright colors pop and that’s gonna
be it for my card today. If you like this video please give it a thumbs up. If
you’re interested in more crafting tutorials especially featuring Newton’s Nook Designs please be sure to subscribe to my channel and for your
chance to win a gift certificate to Newton’s Nook Designs be sure to follow the
link in my video description below Thanks for watching! Bye!

13 thoughts on “Holiday Card Series 2015 Bright Christmas Card with Newton’s Nook Designs

  1. OMG!!! This is my FAVORITE release, I've been searching for a good silhoutte pine tree stamp. This is perfect! Thanks Jess 🙂

  2. Jesse, what an AWESOME release!! Those trees and esp the beautiful silhouette imaGes of the cat and dog….are just TOO CUTE!! FABULOUS card!! Thanks so much for sharing and the inspiration. Taylor:)

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