HOLE.io with Polymer Clay

HOLE.io with Polymer Clay

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay Tutorial! Today we are going to create this tiny scenery from the mobile game HOLE.io. I was really looking forward to create today’s tutorial, wanted to do it for a very long time. Yeah, my voice is a bit hoarse. Everyone around me is getting sick. I’m not. You’re getting sick. It’s just my voice I’m completely fine. Yeah, today’s game HOLE.io. For me it was quite fascinating the game mechanics, to have to play this hole which is eating the whole city. And by the way, this is not a sponsored video, so I’m not telling you to get the game. There’s also the free version which you can play. And I just loved the game. It’s that simple and so much fun. You only play it two minutes, so it’s not a game for a very long time. Let’s say you play it a few days and that’s it. Because it’s most of the time it’s the same map. Lately, I think they added two more maps. Yeah, I think we have the regular city. I try to draw right now to get an idea of where to put the streets and all the buildings. Then we have the space map and also the one with the pirate ships and that stuff. Everyone is going on pirates right now, like in Fortnite. Yeah, I wanted to show you the process of how I got my the script or the blueprint for my city. I did many many attempts until I created this one we have the C on the lower part than the street and the buildings. And maybe we can add these tiny islands in the middle of the road, some more trees, two cars where the hole would go. What would it eat? Maybe this? Yeah, the buildings, maybe also a car. I think this spot would be quite interesting, so let’s mark it on our map. That’s narrow. And maybe some people. I found a funny solution for the tiny tiny people on our map. Let’s go with this one, with this blueprint. I try to get it as accurate as possible and it’s not accurate to the game. This means the spot I am creating doesn’t really exist, but I wanted to go this huge scale we are creating today. It’s way more bigger, than the ones in the Fortnite maps I’m creating. This is the scale 1:220 so 1 meter would be 1 meter or 1 inch, sorry. 1 inch would be 220 inches in reality and my Fortnite maps would be 1 to 500. So, this is almost half the size compared to this one. So with very very thin layers of gray clay, I make a sidewalk and also the street. The ruler I’m using is quite helpful, because well in Europe we use the centimeters and in the U.S. most of you are watching In the U.S. we have inches, so maybe this helps that I take this ruler if you want to recreate any of my creations. This is the pattern, because there is a pattern. When I posted this image on on Instagram people asked me if I would create Tilted Towers again or the hotel on Tilted Towers. I’m not sure is there really a hotel? Well, never mind. It reminded me of Fortnite as well because well the streets and the sidewalks and everything looks so similar to Fortnite. This was quite funny, so I really liked that and while creating I even considered doing a Fortnite building in this scale because this would mean as you will see later we could add some tiny tiny skins which would be amazing. Well, it doesn’t really bring us closer to our goal of the huge map, but it would be just a really nice side project. This is brown wire I recently bought and first time I tried to create the trunks of trees with wire. And we can just stick it in. So it’s one step less where you have to use the glue. I think they look really nice and really accurate compared to the ones in the game. Now these are the lanterns. We have two on the street and I use just some aluminum foil, for the bigger parts and maybe we can roll around to get the line a bit thicker, but it really looks nice. Yeah, what do you think about the idea? Making a bigger scale building from Fortnite and which one should it be? Maybe you could write some ideas in the comments and I could do a poll in the next video asking you which building I could create in the bigger scale. Well, when it comes to the regular scale I know that most of you want to see Sunny Steps or the one with a pirate ship. What’s it called? Always forgetting that one. This is the green part I’m currently creating. It’s the park and this is if you know the game HOLE.io this is the place you want to go at the beginning, because you start start out as a really small hole, not that big like right now and you have to eat in order to get bigger. So, first you start by eating the trash bins at the street and the pedestrians and so on and you get bigger and in these parks, you get the most tiny stuff, so you really want to get there if you want to try the game? Yeah, I’m making… I’m taking red clay. Also in this game it’s called skins. Your hole can have different skins. I think the regular one is just blue. I decided to go with a red one, not because I would play red a lot, but I thought the red color would stick out the most in our tiny scenery just for our tiny nice scenery. Because we already have a lot of blue. The ocean. This is the arrow pointing to the direction where you are going and this tiny line indicates how long it will take until your hole will get bigger and how much you still have to eat. Now this is the first building we are creating. It was a bit tricky. I built these in centimeters, so it’s 2 centimeters square centimeters all of them and four in length, which would be about two and a half inches, I guess. And yeah, we are just playing around for the buildings. Maybe we can mix them up just a little bit, to make them look a bit more accurate like the ones in the game and oh this poor building is already sucked in and eaten by the hole. Yeah, we are arranging them and now we try to get a very thin layer of dark grey for the roof. Dark gray is the color I use the most which doesn’t really exist to buy. I realized that while creating this scenery, so this means you can buy this bright grey I used for the sidewalk, for example, but there is no dark grey and this means you always have to mix it with just a little bit of black, so don’t feel that you have to use a lot of black. most of the time it’s just throwing in a little bit of black. And now we are creating all the windows on the front. Of course, I’m not, I’m cheating. I am not creating the windows on all the sides. For me my creations sometimes are more of a painting, which I am drawing from one side and the backside would be really ugly. And I’m completely fine with that and most of the time you don’t see it in the videos. Wow, okay. Yeah, maybe we should go… this was brave. We should go with this building. Some reflections on the window and now we take some wire because we need to create a stand for the crown. Yeah, well while talking about crowns, There is a winner in the video of the Volcano from Fortnite. I made that stupid funny lava challenge and I have not expected you to participate, but thousands of you participated, thousands! I could not believe it and now let’s find out who’s the winner. The right number that depends if you are counting the table I’m hopping on at the end of the video, so the floor is lava, depending on that it is either three so lava challenge three or if you count in the floor it is four. Yeah, so who wrote three or four for the very first time? Let’s have a look. Well, but before I think we should go into the oven first. Ready to go into the oven. Freshly baked… What’s it called? What am I creating? The city of HOLE.io, probably. Okay, but now let’s have a look who’s the winner? These are all the comments, all the recent comments with the hashtag lava challenge on this video. It’s just crazy. Still scrolling. Ok, I think this is the bottom. Now, let’s have a look who wrote four. It’s Raptor Rob. Congratulations! Thanks. You were the first one to write four and who wrote three? Congratulations Prince Me Art. Thanks a lot! This was incredibly funny to make this game. I think we should do this more often. Probably in one of the next Fortnite videos. I have another funny idea. We are painting the cars. Well I wanted to put in two cars, one driving in the street and the other one which is sinking into the hole. Now, let’s take my pen of death. Why it is called like that? Do you remember the shopping cart from Fortnite? Mmm, me too. Oh, no! It’s happening again. Ah! I will never use that pen again. I think I’ve I said the same thing the last time, but then I wrapped around this white bandage onto this pen that it looks nicer. I don’t know why I did that. So, let’s place the post box and also the white car and now we will throw in the blue car into the hole because it was laughing at us at the pen of death incident. These are miniature figures. I am really glad I found these. It’s the tiniest possible size. I could get. Oh, no! He can’t swim and now we can glue them into our scenery, because in the game there are also many of these walking around and it makes the whole thing a more vivid and alive. And guys I’m excited. I guess that’s it! HOLE.io the scenery! I enjoyed this creation a lot. Please, let me know what you think if you have any ideas for further mobile games which I could create where we could discover world’s tiny sceneries, which we will build together on the channel. Write it down in the comments. I guess that’s it for today. Have a great weekend and take care guys. Bye! Wait, there’s a hole!

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