Hógolyó az üzletember (Snowball the businessman BFDI)

Hógolyó az üzletember (Snowball the businessman BFDI)

PROFANITY WARNING! Snowball: not stolen underused printer i only got its lid the other parts are gone but it can be fixed only 25000 forint thanks hello Donut: So, you have a bunch of nothing for sale? Snowball: i said i have its lid you cancerous dog headed common raven dog Donut: But what does that have? Snowball: how do you not understand you hogwarts deserter dog i have its lid amvewl closed Donut: So, you only have a lid and no printers? Snowball: you whore you are so stupid i will call my brother you finally get it you common raven you only have to buy a printer with it and it is good Donut: You are dangerously stupid XD Snowball: your mother you cancer common raven faced puppy fuck you

4 thoughts on “Hógolyó az üzletember (Snowball the businessman BFDI)

  1. rău de tine de ce nu te mai duci cu tine nu mai pot să te întreb de ce sa fac un duș masaj cedin YouTube la mine la o parte a corpului nostru Iisus a avut o relație, ce ai făcut la examen de compatibilitate nu, CE FACI TU CU EL DE NU AM AVUT TIMP SA NE NU ȘTIU DACĂ AM TIMP SA MA SIMT PROST PENTRU!

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