Hit or Miss Tool Review – Will this save you money or just a gimmick?

hi everyone welcome to Hedgehog hollow
today’s 2-minute tip it’s a way to save a fortune at Christmas or really any
occasion or you’re decorating you know all those kinds of things and that’s
this tag punch board from we are memory keepers I bought it for myself a while
back I’ve used it tons and you can make any shape or size of tag you really want
so you just start with your base piece of cardstock that’s what you need this
little widget in here actually comes out and then what you do is there’s a little
plastic dot here and that’s what you line up in this groove so that’s what
we’re gonna need in a second and then when you’re done you take it out you put
it in there and it’s ready for storage so really really simple that you need to
trim it down my card stock just a smidge so I’m just looking for my paper trimmer maybe like a three inch tag it’s usually
a nice size so you want to cut it down to your base size and then what you do
is you um you’ll see those little markings on here so there’s like AI JKL
etc and that marries up with there’s some in the instructions it tells you
how all those marry up but I have so don’t tend to kind of worry about that
but what you want to make sure is it’s even so to make sure mine is even I’m
gonna go on I’m gonna take our little tool out pop stop it in and do that and
then exactly the same on the other side turn it over because this is to do with
the angle you’re gonna cut out so again I’ve turned it over I’ve lined it up at
that F line here and that just means my piece is gonna be at the same angle so
you see now how that’s nice and centered so that’s how you do it so you line it
up if I wanted a less angle I can go you know a different line if I
wanted a lower line angle like a more steep here then you just go down and you
cut accordingly so it just depends on how much you want to cut off and how
long you want this piece here to be whether you just want it to be a
complete point so just make sure you line it up to the same each and every
time and then it’s as simple as it already has a stopper in here and you
want to make sure you line up your piece and there’s guidelines on here to do it
so I know I have a three-inch tag so I’ve lined my edge up here on my edge
guide line and now I’m gonna just punch a hole and that is it that is how simple
it is to make your own give ties and then of course you could stamp them you
could use pattern paper lots and lots of different options you
have on there and it’s nice and small too it’s not big for storage and your
little piece here just clips in here your fear it’s much more of a snug fit
than in this guide line here so you can store it just like that so I hope that
tip saved you some money on your holiday wrapping or maybe for birthdays you know
all those things you could also make tag banners you can turn these into cute
little pencils if you put a full point on them for back-to-school so many
different options I can’t wait to see what you create don’t forget to hit
subscribe ring the bell all those fun things and I’ll see you again tomorrow
another tip trick tutorial or maybe something a little bit different see you
then bye

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