Hit or Miss? – New Release of Coloring Mediums

hi everyone welcome to Hedgehog Hollow
today I have a new release to show you and some top tips of course
so Nouveau tonic have just released these three new colors of the watercolor
pencils so we have dark shadows and they all come in these gorgeous 10 so you
have something to store the man if you’re anything like me I love nice
storage you can see these are kind of your more warm colors your rich full
Christmas colors really pretty colors in there we have our elementary mid-tones
which are these are much brighter like a real rainbow as you open the tin and
then we have our pastel or pastel pastel however you say it
highlight and these complement these skin tones that we had before and
there’s also a basic sets you can see again a beautiful rainbow but all in
those lighter shades so really you have a dark image and a light in those tones
so you can really kind of do some nice blends now and of course they’ll work
and compliment the other parts nicely now when using watercolor paint at the
pencils I always like to use the watercolor paper this is the a two
pre-cut card size that you can get in pads from tonic and I’m gonna be using
my nouveau hybrid ink pad so by using a hybrid pad I can use alcohol markers I
can use water I can use pencils I can use gamsol I can use everything and I
don’t have to worry about whether it’s pigment or dye-based and then we’re
gonna use some of these really pretty new holiday stamps from tonics so we
have the Christmas snow globe you can build up the Snowman snuggles the joy
jolly marshmallow snowman you can build and then at warm cocoa wishes so really
really pretty stamps and they work so well with this color palette so again
I’m gonna grab these out here and I’m just gonna do the folly because it’s
nice and easy on credit block of course you can use a stamp positioner to I’m
gonna live dangerously and just stamp it on here somewhere nice crisp image of
course and the nouveau pads come who have some in the larger size and then
the rest come in reading cubes and I’m just going to give it a
quick blast with my heat gun to dry it because I don’t want to have to sit
there and wait for it to dry I want to be able to dive straight in so I’m gonna
start off by using this green as my base this is the village green and I’m gonna
color in my Holly now of course you can use these as regular color pencils too
you don’t have to activate the water element if you just want you to buy one
thing you could have a set of these and never you know reactivate them with the
water so that’s another nice way to do it again if you were if you weren’t
going to actuate the water you could just do it on regular white cardstock
you wouldn’t have to have anything special and I think their feathers they
could be leaves I’m not really sure but we’re gonna add some fun colors in as
though they are feathers so I’m going to start off with this really nice blue
here this is called blue jeans kind of naturally avoiding that stem so you can
see you can just color you know in a riddhi
of ordinary way and then I’m going to show you that where the magic happens
because being a lefty I’m trying not to cover up everything I do I’m gonna add
in a little bit of pastel blue on this one and and then we need a nice rich read
lose this one here a nice Nouveau dot for the like pimple of the berry would
work really really well and we need a yellow star so you can see you can just
color in really nicely and still get a great image in here but sometimes you
might want to pip it up with some highlights so you’re gonna see how this
is going to evolve as we go along I’m just adding some highlights really
really simple ones don’t know if they’re called spines or something on feathers
maybe and then we’ll do here’s and we want some highlights on our green that’s
what I like to do is color down the stem because that’s always gonna be darker
and then of course any veins you can see I’m not doing anything really delicate
I’m being pretty heavy-handed and then I’m just putting a little bit in the
bottom here and it already just makes it pop so suddenly it’s gone from a very
flat image to a really nice poppy image and then what add just some brighter
tips on our star you could make this into a flower as well and I also would
like a little bit more this one and what I’m doing are those
points on the holiday because I want them to look sharp and pointed so I’m
just doing like little Y in here okay so the next thing you want to do is take an
aqua paint so you could do a paintbrush with water but I like these just because
they’re really nice and controlled and now the top tip for filling them up is
to use a spray bottle because if you’ve ever used these you put them under the
tap and you’ll know that you get covered in water which is not fun at all whereas
you can just do a few squirts with this and it’s full and there’s no mess so I
really like this it’s great for traveling as well and then I’m just
going to give a squeeze out on my glass mat just to decide how much water I have
on here let’s go take a bit off of my apron too and then I’m going to start
with my Holly and you can see how those colors all of a sudden blend together so
if you look at the two Holly’s on either side but then you look at that Center
one you’ll see that this one you can tell swing color with pencils
this one looks far more painted it just blends everything together and it puts
all of those colors together as well so I’m going to do this one and so I work
in my light area and then I go into my dark night dark and it just really
starts to make everything pop together nicely I’m gonna do the same on these so
it’s a bit like using gamsol but it’s just way way easier and far more
controllable because you’re almost just painting with these look how you can
also pop them on a piece of paper and then just use it like a pallet great for
on-the-go crafting and then for this one I’m gonna start in my dark and work out
to my light and you can still do all the techniques
of watercolor so you can remove color with paper you know all those things
that you like to do with watercolors you can do with these barriers as I say I
would just finish it off with a couple of Nouveau drops but you can see how one
of us and that image just becomes bright it’s poppy it’s got texture to it it
looks round is you know all of those things that we look for when we’re
coloring so I really love working watercolor pencils but as I say the
flexibility is great because you can use them as a regular pencil you don’t have
to water activate them and then you can just use something like a Nouveau travel
brush and you couldn’t take it on the go so it’s perfect just pop in your bag go
maybe you want to take them coloring at the Christmas table all of those fun
things as I say three packs will add links below for you and if your Hedgehog
hello channel member you can hit join below you get 10% off the whole tonic
store the whole time so you’ve got dark shadows you have elementary mid-tones
and you have casts or highlights and as I said there’s two other sets that came
in the beginning as well as I’ll check I’ll link those in the description below
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tutorial or maybe something a little bit different so I’ll see you tomorrow
in the meantime happy crafting bye

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