History of the Ruler and Ruled – Be aware of being brainwashed –

In this video we will dig into the history
on how the Rulers brainwashed the people they ruled to keep them under control.
We’re going to talk about Christianity, Witch-Hunt that took place in the Medieval
Europe , Constantine the great , King James the first
and much more. By looking through each history you will understand
that the same thing is going on in our modern society and that
it’s crucial for us to be aware on how to prevent being brainwashed. This video is the ultimate summary from a
Japanese bestselling author Dr. Tomabechi who’s a neuroscientist and
definitely one of the smartest guy on this earth.
Who is the founder of the Christian religion? Your answer might be Jesus but Jesus actually
lived his life as a follower of the Jewish faith. Paul the apostle (commonly known as Saint
Paul) actually extracted the essence of what Jesus preached such as
salvation and that salvation could only be granted by Christian faith. Saint Paul built up Christianity to a world
region and it’s said that his diligence and ascetic personality added flavor to what
Jesus originally preached. But Christianity was intentionally changed
after Saint Paul died. The Roman emperor Constantine the Great recreated
the content of what Jesus and Paul structured. In other words you could say that the founder
of Christianity wasn’t Jesus nor Paul but actually Constantine. Constantine had the ambition to reunify the
Roman Empire which was at that time divided into East and West.
And in order to do so he laid eyes on Christianity. In the year 313 AD, Constantine proclaimed
the religious toleration of Christianity within the Roman empire. And this laid the foundation to establish
Christianity as the national religion for Rome. In that time there were several interpretations
regarding the Christian doctrine and the Trinity. Trinity is what defines God( – the Father),
Jesus (- the Son of God), and the Holy Ghost as three equally divined persons.
This was supported by Athanasios and the group he led. Arianism was against the Trinity theory and
insisted that God and Jesus and the Holy Ghost are three different things.
And that Jesus was created by God with divine attributes but not eternally divine. At the first Council of Nicaea in 325 AD , which
was the first supreme council of Roman Catholic Church that
Constantine took the lead in organizing. And the council decided in favor of Athanasios
to be legit and deemed Arianism to be a heresy. Constantine was always in the game and after
banishing Arianism he started working on compelling the bible. The 27 books of the new testament was chosen
by Athanasios but Constantine had a huge amount of
influence in this procedure. Constantine didn’t accept anything that
would be inconvenient for him to rule his empire. The “Dead Sea Scrolls” that were discovered
near the Dead Sea in the 20th century adds up to over 850 manuscripts.
The estimated burned books might be 10 times or 100 times more. From all these documents 27 books were carefully
selected and combined into the new testament. This becomes the Biblical canon in the year
397 AD and the Roman Catholic Church has never changed a single word since then. It’s interesting to know that Constantine
took initiative of selecting these 27 books and he adopted the “Epistles of Paul ” which
had ascetic elements inside and was convenient
for governing. Which means any gospels that might be inconvenient
were rejected. Jesus spoke Aramaic or Hebrew but Paul has
never met Jesus when he was alive. The “Epistles of Paul ” is written in
Greek. The word “virgin” in English comes for
“almah” in Hebrew which means maiden ( or woman of childbearing age).
In the process of translating this word into Greek it changed to “Parthenos” which
means both maiden and virgin. But in the year 325 AD when Jesus’s virgin
birth became doctrine at the Council of Nicaea, the original meaning of
“almah” turned to just “virgin” regardless of what it originally meant. Why? You could say that there might have been
a special reason that Jesus had to be born from a virgin.
Jesus had to be sinless and divine. In any era, religion always builds up a dogma
that is quite useful for the rulers. In other words any religion wouldn’t have
expanded without being supportive to the rulers. Religion is always a useful tool to govern
people and also easy for the rulers to bring down the political opponents
because they just have to say “These guys are betraying God”. Next about King James the first.
Normally there is only one English bible and that is the King James Version (KJV).
This is the bible for Protestantism which was translated under the order of James the
first (the king of England and Ireland). It was during the era of Protestant Reformation
when politics were starting to change drastically. King James might of thought that in order
to maximize his power a new English bible was necessary.
He instructed some words to be changed for the holy bible to be convenient for ruling. For example, the word church was originally
using “congregation” but James changed it to “church”
so that it stands for the Church of England. The phrase “Thou shalt do not kill.” in
the Greek and Latten written Catholic bible was changed to
“Thou shalt do not murder.” This could mean that God prohibited murder
but didn’t prohibit killing. If killing was prohibited there would be no
war and the rulers wouldn’t like that. The Puritans that moved to America in the
17th century from the Church of England used the KJV. I know this might sound a little twisted but
, it could also mean that killing Indians were somehow okay
but not murdering. Next.
Do you know the bestselling book in the Medieval Europe?
Normally you would say the bible but this might not really be the case.
Some statistics say it’s the “Hammer of Witches”.
This book took a big role in making witch-hunt become extremely popular in that era. When you imagine a witch you might think of
a stereotype old witch on a broom. But in the “Hammer of Witches “ it’s
illustrated more like a sexy woman who seduces men.
In an era without porno being published you can imagine it was easy for the readers to
get arouse and this was one of the reasons why this kind of witch
trial’s manual could become a bestselling book. The storyline of a sexy woman having sexual
affair with the demon formed a violent and romantic illusion underground
to support the witch trials in the real world. Now everything has two sides of the same coin.
One side is what’s happening on the surface. In this case it’s the printed bible. But when something goes extremely viral in
a wide range and for a long period both sides are definitely needed
and the underground force in this case was the “Hammer of Witches” . On the surface people were talking and debating
about Protestant Reformation and what is written in the bible.
But underground there was no discussion or criticizing on whether there is really such
thing of a witch and whether the witch trial is right or wrong.
The invention of Gutenberg’s printing press played a big role in human history to develop
modern knowledge but on the other hand it also made people
believe in wrong stereotyped ideas by being repeatedly printed. The rulers and religious leaders knew how
effective the printed words can influence people which was why
witch-hunt became more violent. There was also a social background for the people to accept witch-hunting.
In the 14th century there was a devastating pandemic which killed 30-60% of Europe’s
total population. It was also the start of the little ice age
when earth cooled down and continuous droughts and famine occurred .
People had strong anxiety and fear of living their lives
and the witches were a scapegoat for their anger .Daemonologie was written by Jamese the first in 1597. Roughly 100 years after “Hammer
of Witches” was written. The content was similar and also influenced
many witch trials in England. Let’s dig more into depth about King James
the first. James grew up in an extraordinary complicated
family. His mother Mary Stuart (queen of Scotland)
gave birth to him when she was having love affairs with David Rizzio an Italian private
secretary. Everyone knew that James’ father was the
Italian secretary and not King Henry. King Henry ordered to murder David Rizzio
during a dinner party and was stabbed by a knife numerous times.
Mary Stuart continued having love affairs with other people and attempted to assassin
King Henry a few times. In 1567 King Henry’s residence was destroyed
by an explosion and he was found murdered .
Later on Mary Stuart herself was beheaded by her cousin Elizabeth the first.
And when Elizabeth the first died in 1603 James became the new king. Quite heavy right ?
As you can imagine James had to fight against any suspicion that his real father might have
been an Italian secretary. And maybe he was determined as king to think
his destiny is to wipe out all the cursed demons in the world.
He might also have believed that witch-hunt was the only way for him to expel all the
curses from his family. And the reason why he gave orders to translate
the bible in English was to reflect himself as Jesus by emphasizing
that Jesus was virgin birth so that it could help erase any rumors that his father was
an Italian secretary. James’ experience in life no matter how
extraordinary it was had influence in the translation of the KJV.
Asceticism is buried inside many religions. Many religions that have socially succeeded
preached their followers to worthy poverty and not to pursue pleasure.
This element was very useful for the rulers and that’s why the rulers protected religions
that have Asceticism elements inside. Christianity had the essence of Asceticism
from Paul’s ascetic personality which was reflected in the bible.
And the person who laid eyes on this was Constantine the great.
And along with the prosperity of the Roman Empire , the Christian Asceticism expanded. In the Medieval Europe the concept of “witch”
was created. A witch was the image of a seductive woman that would turn people to heresy.
And because the rulers prohibited any witch actions by witch-hunting the Ascetism was
strengthened. The people that were charged as witches were
sent to witch trial and would have to admit either they’re a witch
and be burned to death or be punished until they’re dead.
Their property were forfeited too and they would have to name another person who they
knew as witch. And this goes on and on.
Those who weren’t charged as witch would feel great relief and would pay their taxes
with pleasure. The strange thing is that people who are extremely
plundered would start feeling more gratitude towards their ruler when the plunder is reduced.. The rulers in the Medieval Europe possessed
enough power for people to obey. But you might think why are the rulers so
evil and greedy for money. And why they strike on innocent people and
take away everything. Well it’s because “They know they can
achieve it , if they do it (from experience)“. Now “knowing” and “actually doing”
is absolutely different. It’s completely different. For example, when a person knows in his head
that if he takes the action he will get it, it’s still difficult for him to take actions
because he might be worrying what if I can’t or what if something goes wrong. But for a person who already took the action
in the past and got the results , there is no hesitation in doing so again. That’s the reality built inside the rulers.
They know that they can take what they want. A king and an ordinary person have completely
different mindsets. From a king perspective people are slaves
the king would never understand what a slave thinks.
But from an ordinary person point of view they think “How shame on the king. He must
be insane to be so cruel”. It’s called the information asymmetry.
There is always an unbalanced amount of information between both sides.
There are two basic principles in brainwashing. (1) The information is decided behind closed
doors. (2) Authority is added to the content Let me explain. As we went through in this
video. Constantine had deep influence in deciding
the content of the new testimony behind closed doors.
And obviously the new testimony had authority by Constantine the great himself. The “Hammer of the witches” was written
by Heinrich Kramer and James Sprenger but was backed up
by the Roman Pope and the administration supported all their inquisition activities.
A book that contains such a political role couldn’t possibly be published personally.
In this sense it must have been decided behind closed doors.
The “Hammer of the witches” was recommended by the professor of Cologne and also by
the Roman Pope’s encyclical so it had authority as well. When any information is made behind closed
doors and added with authority , people would get easily brainwashed and have delusions
that such information is 100% true. It’s difficult to even question the thoughts
inside. Just like children believing the values of their parents. The information won’t be verified whether
it’s really right or wrong and turns out to be true without any doubt. And this kept on making people believe Ascetism
is noble and especially during and after the witch-hunt
it had huge impact to change the sexual life and social trends. And the spirit of Ascetism was combined to
Protestant and later to the Puritans which contributed to the
development of Capitalism. This still has major influence in the Christian
fundamentalism in America today. Just like when Gutenberg’s print press was
invented we live in a revolutionary world of internet and social media.
Internet made us possible to access to any information and share it immediately around
the globe. But just like we‘ve looked through in this
video , there is always two sides of the same coin. There are always possibilities of manipulated
information being spread by the intention of the rulers.
This can be done so cleverly so that even the experts can’t recognize and people won’t
be able to verify whether it’s really true or not. What’s an example of witch-hunt in our modern
society today? It’s wiping out whomever is annoying for
the rulers. Social media is a kind of underground media
and people that are in that group have access to the information.
Just like during the witch-hunt , people don’t tend to verify the source of the information
and they just believe it. The words that are repeated inside the group
aren’t criticized or checked. For example any false info can be easily spread
via twitter. Twitter is a platform that people could tweet
anything in 140 letters on what they feel emotionally .
It doesn’t matter if it’s right or wrong and doesn’t accept any counterarguments.
By attacking a single person with negative campaigns in twitter you can literally kill
someone. By repeating the same message over and over
again eventually it can sneak into each persons’ subconscious and
the rulers can control them in whatever way they want. In the Medieval Europe the rulers controlled
the people with fear. Pest , unseasonable weather, war, witch-hunt.
Amplifying fear is always the rulers specialty in any era.
The chain reaction of fear makes people obey to power blindly and make them shrink themselves
living in a limited free world. This is the same in our modern society too.
Terrorism, global warming, food crisis, financial crisis, unemployment, energy crisis and so
on. The world is full of fear and there is always
seeds of the next witch-hunt. How can we avoid being witch-hunted?
Well it’s to keep money out of your head whenever accessing to an information.
When you have the desire to want more money the rulers can easily trap you because they
know that money (social status and sex) are the three big
traps useful in any era. Building up the ability to think and to decide
by yourself is crucial to prevent being brainwashed. The most unfavorable thing for the rulers
is for the people to have freedom. Means for the people to be free-minded and
free handed and not being hung up with stereotype views of the world. When people start being awake they don’t
need to hang on to their current lives. They realize that there is something out there
more valuable deep down inside their heart. When this happens the ruler’s regime and
authorities will fall down immediately. Are you strong enough to avoid being brainwashed?? Thank you for watching.
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