Hindi Short Film | PAPER BOAT

Hindi Short Film | PAPER BOAT

*ambient sound* hey your procedure is wrong alright don,t listen to me bro, you are making it wrong what happened?, i am trying to talk to you We are buddies right Why are you being so rude If i did something wrong You can say it to me You are repeating your mistake again You can take my boat if u want Sigh!! You are not responding me since quite for a long time I’m talking to you Hey!!! You are making it wrong bro i didn,t come here to make these boats ,friend I used to have a friend We just come here together and sit here for a while And leave some boats on the side-water of the lake Just those memories that we spent the moments i spent along with him I used to refresh it by coming here No matter how bad the boats i make But he was very good in making paperboats and when we together Leave the boats on water He used to teach me To make boats like he does Now he has gone too far *Flashback* *Sound of rain and thunder* Maybe he is just here around me Listening to me right now *Deep breathing* I’m leaving now But I will come back tomorrow for him

19 thoughts on “Hindi Short Film | PAPER BOAT

  1. audio and video quality πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ.. perfectly synced….everything was awesome…keep it coming guys….

  2. You guys deserved the prize happy for dawn production keep showing us creativities like thisπŸ₯°

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