Lalala, lala, la-laaaa-la! Ooopsie! Here’s my destination! Climbing, climbing, carefully… Bit by bit… Just a bit more… Sue did tell me to do more sports! Come on, Sammy! You’ll look great in the middle! Let’s see… What’s missing? Tasty food, of course! I hope Sue hasn’t hidden everything as usual… Candies! Caaaandiiies! Where are you? Oh, pizza! No-no… That won’t look good on the table. What do we have here… Jackpot! Yahooo! Now we only need to wait. (deep sad sigh) Hi guys! You’ve asked Sam and me to make more cooking videos. So, your wishes are our command. Today we’re going to cook something. I only need to find Sam… (Sam crying) Sam? Where are you hiding? Sammy, what happened? I… I.. . I threw a party and… and… sent invitations to everyone… and… and nobody… nobody… caaaame! Oh Sammy… I’m very sorry. Maybe your invitations didn’t reach your guests? All five of them??? Well, I don’t know… How can I cheer you up? Maybe a candy? I’ve eaten a whole bunch of them… for nothing… Let’s read comments from our viewers? That always makes you happy! Maybe later… What about new friends? Oh, that would be wonderful! Our viewers asked us to do this, too! As if they knew… Then stop crying and let’s go! In-teresting! Sue, who are these new friends? We’ll be making edible animals! Oh, wait, wait, wait! Do you think we can use these? Er… These are just crusts… Just crusts? They are the best part! (eating grapes) Perhaps, but our animals will be made out of fruit. I’ll eat the crusts myself. For the first friend, we will need two apples, a piece of carrot, some raisins, and toothpicks. We’ll be making… Not a bunny! Or the rice Bunny will be jealous. No, it’ll be an owl! Let’s take the first apple and cut a piece off each side. Guys, you’d better ask an adult to help when you work with sharp objects, like a knife. Sue helps me, thank you for risking your fingers! You’re welcome, Sammy. OH! Thank you! That’s so sweet of you! I’m doing it carefully, don’t worry. These will be the wings. I’ll attach the wings like that, poking them with half of a toothpick. A theoretical question. These friends are made out of fruit. Fuits can be eaten. Does it mean that I can eat my fruit friends after the party? (eating) That’s the best part! Be friends, then eat them. Delicious and healthy! Oh, right! I can make a whole army of friends! (munching sounds) Let’s take the second apple, cut here and there. Like this, nice and pretty. Now we’ll cut out a bit and insert two raisins, to make sure Sam’s new friend can see. We also need to cut out small holes here and there, that’s where the ears will go. Why is my friend starting to rust? It’s not rust, it’s a natural chemical reaction. Guys, who knows how to keep an apple from darkening? Comment below! Chemical?? I need to keep my eyes open with this friend… Now let’s cut out a beak out of the carrot. -off here and even it out there. And insert it carefully! Done! Now we only need to connect two parts of our owl. Let’s insert a toothpick into the lower part. And stick the head onto it. Sammy, let me introduce er… Pat. Pat the Owl? Oh, I get it! Good one, Sue! Come, Pat, I’ll show you around… (eating grapes) While Sam and Pat are getting to know each other, I’ll make a frog. We’ll need a quarter of an apple, raisins, seeds, strawberry, marshmallows, and toothpicks. First, I’ll cut out a piece right here, carefully.. It’ll be the mouth. To make the mouth look more like one, I’ll insert some teeth. One seed, and another… and another one. Do frogs have teeth? Yes, on the upper jaw only, so don’t worry. I worry that this ‘friend’ is going to bite! Oh! This is a kind friend, he has teeth only to smile at you. Oh… You’ve calmed me down. Guys, I really like smiling at you, even if I don’t have teeth! And I smile more when there are more of you! Subscribe, hit the bell button and make your favorite slime smile! Now we need to make the eyes. Let’s insert raisins into marshmallows… Sam, please, return the marshmallows! I know nothing about any marshmallows. Why you! Right. Let’s attach the marshmallows with the toothpicks. One goes here and another goes there, wonderful! And the last touch – let’s make a tongue for our frog with a small slice of strawberry. Sam, what should we call him? He looks kind of Spanish to me. Let’s call him Jose Frogrìguez Vamonos, Jose, let’s go to casa de Sam! Sam, maybe you’ll do with two friends? Maybe someone is being lazy around here? Fine, we’ll make you the last friend – a turtle! I’ll need an apple, a grape, some sprinkles and… I know, I know, toothpicks. They seem more like hedgehogs than friends. Stop being grumpy. First I’ll cut the apple in half. We’ll set this half aside for now. We’ll make the turtle’s head out of the grape. We only need to cut off a small piece. I’ll take care of it. Now let’s insert a toothpick into the first half of the apple. And put a grape onto it. With the help of the other toothpick, we’ll make holes in the grape… And insert sprinkles in there. And are we going to make something out of mushrooms? No, why? Because I have a question. Why did the mushroom go to the party? Why? Because he was a fungi! Cool! You’ve asked me about mushrooms only to tell the joke? Yeah! I don’t like them much. Guys, give a thumbs up if you don’t like mushrooms! Let’s cut a large piece from the second half. Now let’s remove the middle. And cut the pieces in half. Now let’s place these little pieces like legs. And place the turtle on top! Sam, it’s done. Hm… And how am I supposed to move this friend around? Turtle, follow me! Hey, what’s this? I thought we were friends! Oh, how could I have forggotten to send these invitations! I need to hide them.. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha… Hm… what’s that noise? Ohoo! Ha-ha…ha-ha… Hmm…Mmm… Do you mind if I join you? Er… we don’t mind… Sam, why are your friends on the plates? You know, I’ve decided that friends come and go. And I’m hungry right now! Omnomnom!

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