Roberto what do you think about what me and franky are about to do? i know man, you know what could happen, you know what could not. stay safe because fuck it, you’re going to get so fucked up in jail if you go there. like for real, i’m sorry for you right now. Chris do you have anything to say, before me and Franky leave to do ALL NIGHT in a Costco Ermmmm jail sucked the first time, thats why i’m not going with good luck whys everyone saying we are going to go to jail well you might not, and if you do its going to suck just make sure to pee in bottles Franky any last words before we go and spend all night in a costco if we get caught, i told you so see you tomorrow morning best of the lucks man.
thank you see you tomorrow how you feeling right now honestly, honestly you don’t have to lie to my audience they… they don’t care they want to know the truth about how you feel we basically did it already this time it’s just staying in there we stayed 40 mins this time we are going to try and stay for literally 12 hours the only reason we came out, is because we noticed, they never noticed us, i think we’ll be fine yeah i’m hoping we’ll be fine everyone else is alot more worried than i am like like my friends i’m a little more worried than you are for sure you’ve got more responsibilities than me so it opens at 8am and it closes at 6pm thats more than 12 hours we’ve got to stay locked away we’re going to Costco and we’re going to and we’re going to hide behind the shelves and we’re going to try and stay in there all night when its closed and this is because its an adventrure of yours? what do you think is that a good idea or a bad idea? what ever…. what they say, what ever tickles your pickle. what ever………. FLOATS YOUR BOAT in the last video a lot of you guys commented and said “they weren’t really locked in there” we were actually locked in, the shop was closed for 40 minutes i get what you’re saying the doors hadn’t been *CLICK CLICK* locked this time we’re going to try and do all night, literally all night in a closed costco it closes at 6pm it re opens at 8 am so thats over 12 hours thats what? 14 hours? inside a closed costco, and we’re a little nervous police might get involved we made the rookie move of not getting any food or any drink or anything so we’re pretty unprepared for 14 hours in a store so we’re going to try and find some water and some snack we just went to walk inside the Costco and the woman was like “you’re not allowed in here” and i was like “WHY” and i she was like “you don’t have a Costco card”, and i was like “How do you know i don’t have a Costco Card” so we are pretty sure they have seen the video and they know about us so we are going to…… theres like… we have like…. 30…. 35 minutes to get to the next costco before it closes and its about 16 minutes away so we’re just waiting for an uber right now to get there i’m just filming this on my iphone because they are a little suspicious of us having the camera out in the store so until we’re in the shelving unit this is going to be crappy iphone footage but we’ve got to do this to make sure we are safe. so…. so we are just picking up some blankets and some stuff so we can stay warm catch you guys in a bit we are looking for the perfect place to camp for the night franky is eating some free costco food hey we are meant to be fucking working LITTLE SNACKY we’re meant to be working here no rest for the wicked oh shit….. *FARTS* thats a bad sign for the rest of the night right there no one better come here and grab a big ass bear god dam franky wheres our spot? literally right under these fucking bears underneath these bears legs right here these giant massive $179 bears this is where we are going to camp for the night but this store doesn’t close till what time? 8 o’clock so its 6:30 now so we’ve got an hour and a half to kill *laughs* we’re really going for this shit right not shhhh. there’s people! you have to use a quiet voice people are sitting here, and taking pictures, by these giant fucking teddy bears hey look, you can see… omg pass me the camera *noise of people out side* *laughing* omg they are right there literally right there *stupid kids screaming* *laughing* franky he saw me move the leg he looked in and saw me and laughed *laughing* fucking teddy bears are the worse idea *laughing* i thought this was the best idea i thought this was the best idea they are too popular *laughing* *laughing* *laughing* pretty sure this is the position i’m going to stay in all night i’m going to try and sleep a little but franky is saying we’re not going to be able to sleep there is big gaps every where, gap there, gap there big gap there, you can see there wish us luck guys (why do i say guys so much) the shop closes at 8pm, we’ve got 29 more minutes till the shop closes *annoying ass kids lifting up the bears legs and exposing us* put the f**king leg down you stupid kids can you parents not f**king controll you honestly i haven’t got time for this bulls**t they took one of the f**king bears i’m so squished in to this f**king corner right now because everyone can fucking see me because one of them f**king sluts took one of the bears i’m going to fart franky *bear gets taken from middle section* i was just trying to make it sit like.. and i fucked it up there is someone in there OHHHHHHHMYYYYYYYYYGOOOOOOOD omg that is the creepiest thing ever put the bear back put the bear back that kid had our back the kid just came in and said “boo” and i said don’t tell anyone and he said “ok” omg just go away please *little kid defends us and tells his annoying brother to get off the bear* dont dont the kids defending us the kids defending us the kids defending us right now he’s telling his friend no hes tell his friend no yes good guy thank you, you’re the best! *random kid* what? you’re the best thank you *random kid* you’re welcome yes he has our fucking back! how long are you staying here? all night! we are going to try and stay here all night see ya bye! *laughing* i’m going to try and keep you updated with what time it is and to show you we are staying here all night and the shop is closed i’m going to click here i’m going to google, what date and time is it so i’m going to google that…. its refreshing so its 8:04pm on august the 24th and the costco is now closed there is costco i’m going to scroll down… store hours 10 till 8:30 pm so we have 29mins till it closes actually we are making a video for youtube *fan boys* oh you guys are on youtube yeah we are trying to stay here all night untill the morning when they open again do you think we will get caught nice hiding spot thank you so whats the name going to be just youtube.com/sam S A M ok its easy you know the / and then its just sam ok bye…….. nice meeting you *middle bear falls down* help me. help me. franky we have to go out to fix it we have to go out, we have to go out i’m going to check what time is it. its 8:35 costco is now closed costco has been closed for about 5 mins there is still a few customers in the store it is official closed from now. so starting from now we have 14 more hours to go (FML) a kid is the ultimate scariness because you know they are going to mess with the teddy bears which will mess up our fort, and if they do that right now, we are done for. seriously btw our fort only consists of two bath mats that are very small and two throws that we are currently using as pillows but if it gets cold….. i’m just going to put my hands in like this and just sleep *laughing* we read online that they all leave then come back at 4am to start stocking the shelves. i’ve got to stay quite for now there is such a big hole *laughing* *laughing* all i hear is people working and sh*t its only a matter of time before they find us whilst we lay here *looks away in a cat like manner* *hears employee and starts sh**ting himself* *boxes start moving around* *people talking outside the boxes* there is someone doing something with these bears someone moved the f**king bear how close? *BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP* what happened the f**king forklift just stopped right now. so we can just get exposed be…. be quiet there is a big gap here *coins start dropping* be quiet they are so close they are so close *coin drops* to us right now. PLEASE BE QUIET, PLEASE BE QUIET *laughing* *coin drops* stop *laughing* *coins keep dropping* *laughing* omg they are right there franky they are right there *heavy breathing to make it sound like its a horror movie* alright for those who don’t believe that this f**king s**t is closed this s**t is f**king closed they are cleaning the f**king floor right now sorry for all the cursing but they are cleaning the floor right now! so thats proof of this shit being closed. you see that? shhhhh shhhhhh shhhhhh ok just a quick update its now 11:03 we’ve been in here since 6:30 no 6:30/7 o’clock and it closed at 8:30 and now its 11:03 and…. we’ve still got 11 more hours to go (fml) until the shop opens its starting to get alot more quite in here, isn’t it franky yeah i’m starting to feel a little better i can’t wait till they turn off the ligths yeah they started cleaning the floor……. *hears some sort of barking sound* was that a dog? that was a “HEY” HEY no it wasn’t, it was a dog…. sounded like a dog barking they fucking sent a sniffer dog round i can’t shine on a light right now, but all the lights went off expect from… one light over there… i’m not sure what that is, but maybe it will turn off too but the big lights are currently off the shop is very dimly lit (LIT like me fam) they turned all the lights back on but we don’t know why back to being light again i really f**king need to pee right now like really f**king bad the lights are all still on *hi its me sam…. typing all these subtitles. how are you guys?* 12:25 am! refresh….. 2:08am i’m sitting here in a f**king supermarket and… i don’t know what the f**k i’m doing with my life honestly but we did this because we are f**king idoits (and we wanted to make a funny video for you guys) franky is over there snoring literally snoring how you feeling? i can’t beilive that its literally….. 4am thats a day after when we arrived here! 4:05 am franky i don’t know if you know…. but i took a piss in a cup did you do it? i did but its not all of my piss. there is more left what did you say thats not all of my piss i’ve got more piss left what cup? mine…. your…. your little drink look at this… this is ridiculous i don’t think anybodys ever done this shit peoples done… peoples done the 24hr wallmart they stayed in an open 24hr walmart but this is f**king ballsy we are literally in f**king Costco at 4am in the morning if we wanted to we can walk around and eat all the candy drink all the tequila play with the biggest bears ever but we do NO SUGGEST THAT ANYONE DOES THIS no we almost didn’t want to do this this took alot for us to come here and do this still till the morning… we still have like 6 hours yeah 6 hours till we can get out of here and workers might come…. yeah they will so we are not in the clear yet so for some strange reason they can be cleaning up and see two grown men under a teddy bear would that be weird? would they be like, what is this? what are you guys doing here sorry guys i just woke up from a little nap i was really comfortable down here on my rock hard floor fort where the whole sides of me are brusied but emmmm i wanted to tell you guys something… and its a bit of a secret i’ve been keeping from you guys and its mainly because i’m scared i’m in a fort right now i’ve been here all night and i’m like, if i can do this and not be scared i can do this other thing basically for like the last year i’ve been working on a clothing line its completely cut and sew its not just screen printed tshirts. i designed all the cut and hole everything looks in the clothing line i also worked with an artist like a street artist… called ermsy so he did the design for the patches on the clothing line and i did all the designs of the clothing and putting it all together its taking me around 7 months to do but i’ve been a pussy and not put it out there but i thought enough is a enough and i’m going to have to put the clothing line out there there is only 50 of each piece in my clothing line so its like art…. you’re collecting a piece of art. by this artist… so they are very limited edtion and i’m going to put the link in the description and i’m going to launch now and the prices aren’t really expensive, but they aren’t really cheap because i only made 50 of each pieces it was really expensive for me to make it. and its like art… its collectable so i’m not expecting everyone to be able to afford to buy it but people who are in to art. and street wear. and cool fashion i think you are going to really dig it and i’m super excited to finally launch it, but also really scared, because i put so much time and money in to it its like a scary thing to put out there so yeah thats all i had to tell you… links first line of the description whats the name of your new clothing company? the lines called MorsLumen we have an instagram which is @morslumen if you’re not going to buy a piece, at least go to the instagram and let me know what you think i genuinely put alot of my heart and passion in to this, so a comment from you guys would mean the world to me yeah thanks so much guys, all the links are in the decription i’m going to get back to napping and shut the fuck up before sercurity comes staff are back again back to shitting our pants again for another 6 hours franky took a big risk to come out here and make this video with us and obviously what i get out of it is having this video on my channel but franky really gets nothing so lets all go to his instagram @_frankymorales links going to be in the description comment the 🐢 on his latest picture and i’m going to like everyones pictures who does that. so lets help him out lets get him over 50k! can we get him over 50k? he’s at 46K? if we can get him over 50k that would be so sick guys so to say thank you for franky risking his balls lets go (how scared would you be guys?) guys 9:05 we have 45 more minutes until we can get out of the store someone just walked past i need to pee so bad its unreal i’m hurting i do not recommend trying this even though it was funny at points. this was pretty miserable the floor is very hard and its just terrifying constantly scary, constantly people walking pass you can hear it. you can just hear it and if one of them finds us right now they will know we’ve been in the store for 14 hours 14 hours so we’re just continuing to hide, we’ve got 45mins and we will leave 10mins after the store is open. and get the f**k out of here i really got to pee its so bad right now, we genuinely need to pee so bad right now we’ve got 15 more minutes till the shop opens we’re not going to leave exactly at 10 are we? obviously not because they will be like how did you get in? like 10:10? like 10:10/10:15 makes it a little longer for us to pee….. i cant wait this is the sacrifices we do for you guys! we did it for Harambe its really happening franky! the shoes are going on i’m so fucking excited i can’t believe we fucking pulled it off. well not yet we was here for more than 14hrs? yeah over 14hrs! 14 hours in a freaking costco we got here at 6:30am and now its 10am (the next day) in the morning i think these are customers now we’re not 100% but we think there is customers in here now we’re going to give it 10 more mins and then get the f**k out of here franky what just f**king happend we just we did it i can’t believe this right now we got to celebrate right now with a big giant piss i’m going to take the best piss right now of my whole life i can’t believe we just… look how i’m walking we are so dust and dirty thats so unreal that we just did that we pulled it off and just to show you guys again yeah show them the time real quick let me get out my phone right refresh it 10:00AM on the 25 of august we did this, we didn’t hoax this, we didn’t stay in a 24hr open walmart we actually stayed in a locked in freaking costco omg i don’t think i ever want to go in a costco again i think omg i can’t (white girl) where the fuck are we i have no idea *LOOK THEY ARE WEARING THE SAME CLOTHES* YOU HEARD THEM? OMG. you hear her>no! they are wearing the same clothes as yesterday oh we need to get out of here quick we just got sussed franky you shouldn’t have said anything oh we just got sussed call the uber we have to get out i can’t just call it to any location, i need to choose a location we need to choose a location we are going to hide so the woman at the door just said to the manager they are wearing the same clothes they was wearing yesterday like as if they knew we stayed inside the store which is weird we are just going to hid somewhere going to call ourselves an uber you know you get that free uber if you use the discount code: sampepper thats what we are about to call and then get the f**k out of here and celebrate with some food guys come on…. come on… you guys said the last video was click back. we did actually get locked in the shop but you can not call this video fucking clickbate we did that shit and we did it for real and that is fuckin insane insane i can’t believe we did that. so go down there give it a big thumbs up. go over to frankys instagram link in the decription go and give him the turtles and remember my clothing line is out now, i released it! what is it? MorsLumen? yeah MorsLumen thats a fancy name yeah go check it out, if you’re not going to buy anything go to morslumen instagram its going to be in the description, tell me what you think about it, that would mean alot to me how that feel so gooood i hate subway and this tates so go yeah like i’m in heaven right now i’m in the uber, i’m going home its a great time, i’m so happy how are you feeling? i’m feeling awesome there is my sandwich you guys get to see the victory bite it really takes a low to appreciate the highs. honestly thats my quote of the day somebody really low said that

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