100 thoughts on “HIDDEN TEACHINGS of the Bible That Explain Manifestation, Consciousness & Oneness (POWERFUL Info!)

  1. Roman and Christian doctrine Yahusha started no religion there is no religion in the Bible Hebrew teaching being taught in false doctrine facts.

  2. How to do it; is by understanding that you are made up of metallic elements known as mineral nutrients in your body. By feeding it with the same elements then your thoughts and emotions will attain superconductivity. By then, both and/or if not shall connected as one.

  3. In the Bible Psalms 146 verse 4 it clearly states that and the very day that we die our thoughts perish. And again in Ecclesiastes chapter 9 vs5, 6, and 10 it says for the living know that they shall die. But the dead know not anything, neither have they any more a reward. For their memory is gone. Also their love, and their hatred, and their Envy, is now perished. Neither have they any more apportion forever in anything that is done under the sun. Adverse 10 whatsoever thy hand findeth to do do it with thy might. For there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave whither thou goest. It seems to me that the devil is just repeating the LIE that he told Eve in the Garden of Eden. When he tempted her to eat the forbidden fruit he told her when you eat it you shall not surely die. God's word tells us different. He tells at the end of this world history of a resurrection when he returns to earth with all his holy angels and blows the trumpet and the dead in Christ will rise first and be caught up to meet him in the air. And then the rebellious will be resurrected next to face judgment.

  4. gospel of thomas is closest to original words of jesus right? the oldest book. i think thomas maybe brother of jesus? didymus = thomas and means twin i think
    is this doubting thomas that needed to see the wounds?

  5. 1945…"accidently". .. I'm going with FDR, "NOTHING is an Accident". He and Eleanor were bloodline, so of COURSE, he'd know!

  6. People are waiting for him to bust through the clouds. But he is already here! He is in your heart waiting to be resurrected!

  7. My AFRICAN ISRAELITE ANCESTORS are a blood born heritage, not a religion! Heathens cannot teach our TRUTH.
    Heathens have no knowledge. All of our AFRICAN ISRAELITE ANCESTORS who wrote the Book of Laws European ROMANS stole was a very powerful ISRAELITE heritage as we still are today!

  8. One important thing to remember also is that every prophet foretold the coming of a prophet after him so did Jesus any mention of a prophet coming after Jesus in those particular books were edited out or the books or completely destroyed themselves he did prophecy of one coming after him and that was Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa Salem but the tremendous envy of the jews could not bear this truth so they changed things in the books, they contrived a new religion all together and gave it to gentiles.

  9. God never sent a revelation in Greek. Any revelation in greek has been tampered with by europeans who injected their pagan beliefs into them every time. Jesus is a name in greek, it's not the prophet 2000 years ago named yeshua, falsehood has reached everything they have touched.

  10. i,m starting with small things , like a parking and i always find, like getting something free , for small things it works

  11. The Council Of Nicea didn’t wanted the masses to obtain Knowledge, their master plan was mass control system ..
    Knowledge is Freedom…

  12. I personally believe, it starts asking what we do for God, and not the other way around, want for nothing, Christ knows exactly what you need at the appointed time. Most peoples prayers go unanswered based on self serving motive, which ideally for most part is not properly aligned with Gods will first. Store up our treasures in Heaven, and not of this world. One of the best ways to understand God, other then scripture, mimic Christ's life example, and seperate ourselves completely from this evil God forsaken world, as to pull Satan's vail back allowing US to see Gods truth through Christ eyes, and not mans. The more we can seperate ourselves from mans ways, wants & desires, the closer we get to Gods full truth, and the stronger our connection becomes to the holy spirit as well. We must first give over our entire will to God. Satan is a master of deception, and will use every tool available to him. He even uses people to do his bidding unknowingly at times.

  13. The One Most High God of Love and Light wanted these texts to be found and those near the Dead Sea too. The church in Rome and all the other Christian churches that have come from her did not want the truth to come out at all.

  14. The Christian Bible States specifically that gnosis is eternal life. Eternal life is salvation. There's a reason why the church wanted the gnostics dead. To hijack the religion.

  15. I've known all this since I was a kid, the problem is, how do you put it into action? Knowing something and living it are different things.

  16. Did they find why the bible celebrates & instructs in slavery & the persecution & destruction of those born with an alternate sexual orientation? Maybe too busy keeping an eye on who is wearing mixed fabrics & eating shrimp?

  17. You know you had me up until you started that metrics stuff. I've experienced the real power over ALL things. When my daughter Dezirae was in a comma. On the last day 28th day. They said that they have done all that they could to save my daughter. Well I was told, dad it's time to go say your goodbyes. Yes just like that it was said to me. As I was walking away from the doctor. Going into my daughter's ICCU unit. I started saying this prayer over again and again. Walking up to her bedside right side of the bed. I just barely touch touching her hand other hand just barely touching her forearm of her other hand side. I could feel electric running through my baby all the hair on my body standing on end. I somehow could see the 👼's three 3 of them. As I was praying I then had a vision that the healing 👼 that was so small to were you could not see these angels but I could very much indict that they were going into my daughter's body by way of under her fingernails. I know it sounds crazy. But I'm telling you the truth. After which she turned in my direction and said daddy i LOVE you. I could only 😢 after that. All of this I feel that I was amazed of the power of the mind. But I will not take away the very greatness of the power of the angels"'!"'

  18. One must know the Father to understands this message for it is for a few elects was it not said otherwise it can be taking the wrong way? So I understand why they take it out but on the understanding, they didn't understand it in their flesh for one can not so they take it out. There Maybe more to that knowing the history of the church and what was going on in that time they put together the bible we know today. I'm not sure this man knows the true meaning of it for the way he explains it but yet I understand it. Now let's look at doubting Thomas he didn't understand and need to see and touch didn't he but yet he wrote down thinks he thinks he was told. Did he understand the teaching he was given? Didn't Jesus come back a few times to because they didn't understand right? For those who know the Father in heaven can understand this but for those who do not and think they do, well let's just say more doubting Thomas until they understand it all.

  19. If the two make peace.. Its not thought amd emotion.. Science and religon… Marry the two because they are both right.. Science reffers to the vessel in which our flesh is…. And religion reffering the the soul and its path of enlightenment… They need eachother like light needs dark…. The war over science and religion had been going on far too long and its time we win some peace and try to walk both roads together to see what faith can show science and what science can do to aid faith.

  20. satan knew about this power and look at what it did to him.I dont think this guy has said anything that's new.to me at least,our pastor has a good revelation he has always told us after praying and asking believe that it's done and u living it and u shouldn't doubt it.

    The problem I have with the new age teaching is the fact that they teach people about the power we have but also make them their own gods and these gods are now powerful than the God the master,the creator we think we have the power so we dont need God.

    Put God 1st and everything shall fall into place.And this is exactly what we miss out when we busy e exercising our so called gods hence why I understand why the gospel of Thomas was kept away.i mean we human beings basically ruin everything,we ruin the ozone layer,we ruin our bodies,we ruin food by genetically modifying stuff it's like this knowledge we have we exploit ourselves with it hence why God wanted us to seek for him in everything so that we able to balance things

    Imagine this info landing on someone who has no idea even about Jesus.because they dont have the Holy Spirit to guide them its gonna destroy them

    We just destroy everything,manipulate everything.i see these new age pastors out here ^tithe and u shall be blessed^..like excuse me??who are u to bless God who owns gold and silver the creator of heaven and earth,u tithe cause it's from the heart not cause u want something back from God.u not going to spend 3 days without sex then u come to prayer&say God I didn't have sex u see I'm getting righteous.Man as much as God wants u to put on the breast plate of righteousness he doesnt bless u on the basis of your righteousness if u not with me ask yourself why God can bring a drunkard or a witch to Church or even bless a sinner out there if it's by your righteousness.

    And also people think when he said ask for anything in my name and it shall be given.yall think he meant tagging in Jesus name whereas he meant that when you come before him acknowledging the fact that it's not by your doing but by the power of the blood of Jesus Christ that was shed for your redemption for u to be the heirs of his kingdom,he wants to acknowledge that u are living by the grace Jesus Christ delivered unto u on a royal platter.

    If you still doubting my words,ever wondered why David fornicated with people's wives,killed but he would come to the altar and pray and God would say David is a man after my heart?I'm not saying go out there and sin cause u ain't the David

    We follow God but we dont understand him not even his word

  21. U people the caveman will never tell the truth and continue with lies jesus is satan u know it caucasian don't know anything about horus fuck jesus

  22. There was no real Jesus. These scrolls are the work of man and that is why they vary in content. How come no bones of anyone, including your fictional Jesus are found? Only, 'this could be'. Get real, you might as well believe in Clark Kent. I am so tired of ignorance people trying to make the bible real. or any holy book written by man. Grow up!

  23. Yeah, it makes more sense that "salvation" is attained through mystical knowledge, rather than through the torture and execution of a human being (Jesus). I always thought this was nuts. Why would a God that IS LOVE be interested in something so monstrous as torture and execution? Clearly this does not come from God, but is instead part of mankind's dark fantasies being projected onto something that is, in truth, PURE LOVE – and therefore only gives love!

  24. The book of Plato, Socrates related to this issue. actually he believe(so do i) that humans can access Supernatural powers, and escaped death

  25. Knowledge & Beliefs are the 2 most power weapons known to man. Ones beliefs are the most Powerful thing that we possess as individuals. Ones beliefs create ones reality. If you can control someone's beliefs then you can shape & control their Reality. ( Look into how the church of Rome/Constantine created a currupt version of Christianity/Mainstream Religion in general ) It's kinda hard to nearly impossible to control someone's reality. That has Knowledge of ones inner source (Creator) Power. Yet remember the Truth is there waiting for whatsoever shall desire it. Many lies & deceptions created for the one who doesn't desire it or discovers it yet doesn't value it.

  26. Call me nuts, but i had a gut feeling the holy texts are Edited & Lacked information. And guess what? I was correct!! Had this feeling for over 4 years.

  27. UNPROVEN 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  28. The Ethiopian Orthodox Church Bible has the lost book of St. Thomas. The Bible we use is the original one which is never been re modified. There are 5 oriental churches who are using this Bible are the Egiptian Coptic church, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, The Aremenian church, the Syrian Church & the Indian church.

  29. There's more to it(in concerns to the two things that must become one). — That answer is also clear in the bible. Hidden, yet revealed.

  30. So many silly people that believe this nonsense. It is important historically, but not any special mystical truths hidden in these writings

  31. No evidence Jesus ever even existed.. maybe he did, not claiming he didn’t, there’s no evidence for him and we truly don’t know if he was a historical figure or pure myth..

  32. This is scripture truth that has been twisted to promote witchcraft with Biblical terms. Not a whole lot different from other Christianity, since it all follows man instead of the Most High anyway, and the use of the JC name is proper and consistent with this rebellious teaching.

  33. Please understand, brothers and sisters who also love our Creator and the seek truth: Even the original scriptures were never meant to be more than supplemental. The living Word is essential. That is the Spirit of our Creator and Messiah, in 'Whose presence we all live. The original, pure, complete, and unchanging Word is the Spirit of the Most High.

  34. And thats a problem… U r crazy same as all.cristians. is a massive move of crazyness.. Same as saying ala or vishna showed me etc.etc.. U all crazy because thats how they wanted us to be crazy. Thats why they hid the gospel of thomas. So u would think jesus is here talking to you. But all of you are following a bible w information that has been hidden and you still follow it. There is no jesus.. Never was. Never been … Only a devil making u think he is jesus


  36. I will never be a part of the church thanks to the people in my community and what I have seen from other people it is disgusting just like people with a government job

  37. Is this saying Heaven is what you make it, and Hell is what you’ll go through?

    So where can we get a non-corrupted Holy Bible that has been translated? Can a KJV even be trusted?

  38. i prayed last night because i am feeling guilty and i wanted to know if this acts of manifestations are contradicting my religious practice. then i found this video when im searching what energy is. God answered me real quick. Thank you God.. Thank you Jesus..Thank you Universe.

  39. God and satan are BOTH the SAME BEING….
    the PRINCE of the AIR / the lying JEALOUS imposter sky-God of ALL EVIL RELIGIONS….

    'God' is a MASK satan wears to MOCK,MIMIC and IMPERSONATE his FATHER, THE CREATOR….
    this MASK is to instill GUILT and FEAR into the sheep, via
    this is because satan, the fallen, the watchers and the remains of their children,the NEPHILIM-GIANTS-MONSTERS-THERIANTHROPES-REPTILIANS are ALL inter-dimensional PARASITES….

    the bible/babble/babel/bi-bull-shit is a watered down/full of leaven COPY – of YESHUA THE MESSIAH'S teachings….the rest is crap….!
    there is ONLY ONE TEACHER….

    there are NO HOLY PLACES in satan's world ILLUSION – no holy books….

    God and RELIGION

  40. Believe ye that which is in the Word of God. If ye don't agree, just rip the sheets out! (and call it a revised version).

  41. The Bible of today, says everything this video says but in different words. The Bible especially in the New Testament consistently repeat itself. Maybe this is lost text or content, however the ideas and abilities we have as children of God is nothing new.

  42. At least 35 books?
    We have been extremely dis serviced by this lack of knowledge.
    Such a shame that we couldn't have been fulfilled in our early days of teaching but so glad I was able to find some proof to now share with others. Thankyou for sharing this video

  43. I do believe we have a spirit body. I have heard people that believe in Jesus Ans God, the Holy Spirit speak it when they talked of being in incredible life and death experience.

  44. Christianity disproves ITSELF..

    The Letter "J"

    It's vitally important that you recognize some significant information about the letter "J". Please note that in the original 1611 edition of the King James Version of the Bible there was no letter "J" used. The letter "J" did not even exist in common usage within the English language. James was spelled Iames. Jesus was spelled Iesous. And as you'll see below, the letter "J" was completely unknown until the 14th century. This is clearly documented in world history. 

    It wasn't until 1524 when Gian Giorgio Trissino, an Italian Renaissance grammarian known as the father of the letter J, made a clear distinction between the two sounds. There was no letter j in any language until after 1524. This means that there was no Jesus or Jews or any other j Deities that
    The name ‘Jesus’ is never used in the original 1611 King James Version of the Bible. Nor for that matter are the names: ‘Jehovah’ "Jews" ‘Judah’ ‘Joseph ‘Jacob’ ‘Jerusalem’ ‘John’ or ‘Joshua’ found in the original 1611 KJV. This is beyond controversy. You can still buy copies of the original version!

    What is always found in the ‘real’ KJV is ‘Iesus’ (ee-ay-sooce’), the shortened Aramaic. in ancient times.

  45. Ah – so our belief that we do not already have what we ask for is what keeps it from us. As we welcome it, welcome its presence, our prayer's fulfillment, we allow it in. It was us all along, holding it back, holding it away from us by those beliefs. Oh, my. Letting that sink in. Thus, do we find the blessing(s) of emptiness.

  46. People today simply ask for the Holy Spirit to come into them after professing belief in Jesus or water baptism. They don't realize that we are to keep praying for the Holy Spirit. The Apostles were told to wait upon it. With the Holy Spirit we are taught and know everything required of us guiding us into all wisdom and bringing all things taught by the son of God to our knowledge! Plus, most of the truly important things found in the bible are hidden now as they were then so they were not corrupted as they were unaware of their existence. If you don't believe me then study the words of Jesus and really look into them and you will come to believe. The man in this video is a new age guru seeking creative power. He will be seeking it when he dies. If you will seek to understand the ways of spirit or the kingdom of heaven you will then be given your needs.

  47. Our emotions are so hard to control. Discipline patience and open that if we control our emotion that is in fact the only thing we have complete control of. By feeling the sensation of that thing we desire fulfilled. We will find in that that THING we desire is redundant. Because we can feel any way we want without no things.

  48. The power of God isn't just in you, it is you. Time to wake up and listen to what your heart has been telling you all along.

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