Hiccup’s FIRE SWORD from How To Train Your Dragon!

Hiccup’s FIRE SWORD from How To Train Your Dragon!

Hey guys! On this episode of Make it Real, One Day Build edition we’re going to make Hiccup’s flaming, collapsible sword from: How to Train Your Dragon #3. Why? Well because over the How to train Your Dragon trilogy, Hiccup has literally become Steve Rogers. And, as you know. I have a habit of making Steve Rogers Make It Real projects. Like his original electromagnet shield and more recently his new Wakandan shield. Plus, I have a pretty sweet Cap. costume. So, let’s make Hiccup’s flaming sword! Alright, so we’ve made tons of flaming swords before. But Hiccup’s sword is collapsible, how are we going to do that? Well we have these collapsible police batons we got at Medieval Depot And we even made escrima sticks from them! Alright, let’s get started! Alright, so the question is: What kind of gas are we going to use for Hiccups sword? We could use propane, we could use gasoline… Or we could even use something like hairspray. Let’s start with propane it’s the simplest. So if it’s concentrated you get a nice, big, blue flame. Which isn’t what we’re looking for Hiccups sword. But! If you nozzle it the right way, like in this Boring Flamethrower… As you can see, you can get a nice, bright, orange flame from propane, so that could work. That’s actually very similar to Hiccups sword. We just have to compact this down to the size of the handle. Which is possible! Alright, what about hairspray? That could work pretty good too! Let’s start by modifying one of these batons… Hey guys! Before we continue the build i’d like to take a minute to tell you about this cool game I’ve been playing! It’s called Sniper Arena! Sniper Arena is a first person shooter game, where players compete on a worldwide stage to become the best sniper! It’s free and available for both iOS and Android phones! With different game modes like: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Domination, it’s a ton of fun to play! And quite the adrenaline rush! Rounds feature up to 8 real opponents in a match. And whoever can shoot the most enemies wins the round! Team up with your friends in live-chat and create an elite squad to win tournaments to climb the leaderboard to become the best! Develop your sniper career by taking on daily game tasks and upgrading modern equipment. From sniper rifles, special ammunition, camouflages, drones, helmets and more! There’s even heat-vision for one of the helmets! Install Sniper Arena today for free using my link below! Plus! By playing the game you support our channel and assure we can continue making these awesome videos! Let’s start by modifying one of these batons… To see how we can make the fire actually come out of it. Let’s start with a smaller one just in case we do something wrong and wreck our only two long batons. Science! That was really dangerous! CUT! So we’re gonna need some kind of wick if we go with gas. But, I’m thinking we should use propane. Alright, so we need to drill some small holes into this. You’re bending it back a little bit… I think that could work quite well! Let’s try and see how butane works. Okay, I’m going to go finish up some more holes and we’ll test it a little bit more I’m going to take a look at actually how we’re going to attach these two together. And maybe see how we can use butane instead of propane. So CNC Mills are great but the problem is you can’t feel how much pressure you’re putting on the bit and it’s much easier to break the bits. I’m going to see if I can put a smaller chuck in this and try that instead. Let’s get this in there… Now, we get this in there! Bogdan! Ouuu! That’s nice! That’s sword length and it’s tiny! Alright, so I think the small butane/propane torches might do the trick, but I want to try one more thing with propane, because I know with propane we can get a lot of flow and a lot of fire. So what we could do is have a propane tank on my back. To the sword up my sleeve. That looks really cool, okay we’re going to have to do something with this because that looks awesome. Next step is adding holes to the second piece and see if we have the same effect. And whether or not the pipe will actually seal on the next one. No leaks! wow cross of fire! Let’s put one inch holes in this guy now, and see if we get the same awesome effect. Instead of propane we could also use butane… And you can fit that in your belt pretty easily. Sweet, I’m impressed! One can of butane can make a lot of fire. But can it do three?! Oh boy, ready? Not bad! Hey Bogdan! Come here. What are you doing? So a single can of butane is enough for the fuel source. We’ll use one can to power both of the blades, to have the fire shooting out the blade. But then we’ll have a second can do a flame burst in the middle! Because it’s just going to ignite from the other fire. Butane it is so i hope we bought more of this. Bogdan: Uh, it’s still on fire.
James: That’s fine. Butane! Sweet! Look at that. Alright, so I think we’ve decided how we’re going to do Hiccups flame sword. we’re going to use this black 1/4 inch hose. All we have to do is put some fittings into the end caps of the sword. And the we have our fuel source going right into the handle. So Bogdan is going to start drilling all the holes and I’m going to attach our pipe fitting into the base of the handle. I just have to remove this clip from the inside… Drill out the hole, the I can tap it for the pipe thread. There we go! Now… Just attach your fuel line and we have a flaming baton! Alright let’s make the second one! That works like a charm. And then this hose goes up your sleeve no-one sees it. Alright James, I’ve got holes in this one done! Sweet, let’s see if it works! I think it’s perfect! That is cool. Alright Bogdan, make me a second one. Alright are we ready for the first test? Actually I want to see something. Flame on! What if I flip it upside down…? Now that’s a flame sword! Holy molly! Okay, yeah, we did it! We did it! Now all we have to do is give it a pointy tip so it’s sharp and then another piece welded right there. Alright so basically all we have to do is model this thing up, make a couple of triangles, plasma cut them… James: You’re talking way too much… Let’s keep going! Okay so let’s take a look at the design to actually make this look like Hiccups sword. So if you search up Hiccups fire sword… Quite a few reference images come up, all we really have to do is make the little triangles in between the two police batons. The first step though is modeling up the police baton that we have. So we can see what it looks like and we can design the parts to fit to it. Now, I’ll just get my fancy calipers out. If you’re an engineer you know that Mitutoyo calipers are awesome. Alright so there is our baton. Alright that looks pretty good let’s see what Bogdan thinks. Hey Bogdan! Bogdan! Bogdaaaan! Wow my hair is terrible. What do you think about this shape? So that’s what it kind of looks like. So I think for this one we’ll actually put two on. One on either side. And then the middle one I’m actually thinking more like stabby-sword like. Alright, I’ll export these. Alright, so we’re going to start by welding the connector pieces for the middle section right like this. Then we just need to clamp that, weld that in place, then we can do one here and one at the tip. And then when they all fold up, they’ll look really cool all sliding in together like that. That looks awesome! Alright, Bogdan got the rest of it welded and I have to say, it’s looking pretty sweet. Check this out! That is actually- this is a short sword! This is a full size short sword! Let’s see what it looks like! Dragon slayer! Oh wait no, he doesn’t kill dragons, he befriends them! That is awesome. Follow us on social! @TheHacksmith Bogdan: Okay, I’m going to bed. Look at all this cool stuff you can see! Alright, so the way Hiccup lights his sword is that he actually has a little flint striker on the side, so we have these key-chain lighters that Bogdan found. That actually look quite antique. So they’ll fit within the design quite nicely. And we tested it last night and just having it right there is enough to light up the whole blade. So we just need to weld a little pipe right here so we can slide this into place. And then you’ll be able to light it with one hand. We got a piece of steel rod here, we can turn it on the lathe and the weld it on. It’s time to look at some of the asthetics. So we’re going to be wrapping the handle in some kind of leather, but we also need a dragon head on the pommel of the sword. Aww, isn’t that adorable!? There’s a nice side view. Alright so we have toothless’ head done! Now we can actually install that in the back of the hilt. Like so, one on each side. Now, I think i want to weld a piece of steel on the back of this and then we can paint the eye green. That will light it! So people know where this sword was manufactured… There! It’s done! We’re actually going to put the other grip tape over top of it now. It;s so grippy! Hiccups fire sword! Alright. Give me some propane. Maybe we need some more gas…? I’d call that a success! I think that’s good for the first test. Alright! So we’ve finished Hiccups inferno sword. And it’s pretty awesome. It’s assembled with two police batons with perforated holes. Instead of using monstrous nightmare saliva, we’re actually just using propane piped through the hose. Now unfortunately since it’s a one day build we didn’t have time to do both abilities of the inferno sword. So we weren’t able to put the hideous zippleback gas into the handle. But, we do actually have the cartridges. and it works pretty good, let me show you. Toothless give me a light! Not bad! I’m going to give him some tears. Yes, cry for me… Alright, let’s see what this thing can do! Let’s try that again. Another one! Ewww! I got head on my sword! It gets hot… Alright let’s see how fast we can light a fire with this. Here we go! I don’t know if this is going to work… Keeping you warm Ian? Let’s make it exciting. Plus, it makes a great barbecue! Those are some good looking marshmallows. Man, that bacon sure is looking good! Ian: What are you drinking man?! I like my Ale strong! There we go! And the final touch! Sriracha! Alright, that was awesome! I hope you guys enjoyed this project, it’s probably one of my favorite One Day Builds we’ve done so far! Let us know in the comments what other projects you want to see us try and tackle in just one day! Thanks for watching and make sure to subscribe!

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    What did you guys think of this one day build???

  2. So you can use the flame-thrower at the butt of the sword you can make a hinge in the hilt and put a canister in.

  3. What about the green gas under the handle like shoots gas that green hiccup dinner in How to Train Your Dragon 2 will you make a new one with the gas shooting out

  4. They could have stolen some electrical igniters from the lighters and integrated the button into the handle. They did get this done in a day which in my time would have taken about 4 or 5 months.

  5. James( don’t try this at home )
    His other products: ‘a decorated flair gun, a flamethrower, and knife fingers( aka wolvie claws

  6. I wish he also added the gas like in a lil tank in the inside and when when you press a button it opens and you can ignite it with the sword

  7. Editing quality is A,it's good,doesnt bore anyone
    A for effort as well
    But,he might mistaken some stuff on this sword,i remembered,hiccup puts this fuel inside the sword handle,instead of sticking tubes inside for fuel.

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