HGAC Gundam Sandrock | Gunpla TV

HGAC Gundam Sandrock | Gunpla TV

Hey guys, this is Anna, I’m on Gunpla TV today
for the first time for one of these review segments. As Todd mentioned before, I was really excited
about this release — back, I would say 20 years ago, I was a huge Gundam Wing fan and
that’s when I started building model kits. Not that I have gotten any better. But this was a really cool opportunity to
kind of revisit roots, for the things that got me interested in working at HobbyLink
Japan, and building kits. So, today, as you know, as you can already
tell, we are looking at this guy. The Sandrock. This is Quatre Raberba Winner’s mobile suit
— well, Gundam, not mobile suit. From the original Gundam Wing animated series. There is a different version for Endless Waltz,
which we’ve actually seen way more kits for. So this was a really exciting opportunity
to build one of the originals. So let’s have a little bit of background about
this kit. So Quatre was the pilot, he was the Middle
Eastern pilot who was related to the Maganac Corps. I’m gonna completely mispronounce that. And as you probably already know, Gundam Wing
was aired in the US in 2000 as the first serialized Gundam show that was really put on main primetime
(afternoon) TV. It was right after kids got out of school
so everyone was watching it. And at a time where anime was really limited
on television in the US it was a big deal. Even though it came out five years prior in
Japan, it took them five years to bring it to the US. So this particular Gundam, the Sandrock, was
intended for desert combat. And it has tough anti-dust joints and armor. That’s for the Gundam specifically, you can’t
necessarily see this in the kit itself. Let’s get a little bit of a closer look at
this guy. I really like the shotels, not sure if I’m
pronouncing that correctly, but they’re pretty cool. That’s the weapon right here, you can see. The shotels. And right now I have it posed with the Cross
Crusher, I believe, is the name of the weapon. And basically this is the weapon that can
cut other mobile suits clean in half, like a pincer. It’s really neat. This Gundam, Sandrock, has the strongest armor
and the highest power output of the five main Gundams from the series. It was a beast. But it is a short-range attacker. It has a couple of weak long range weapons. And we can see those on the kit a little bit,
they’re very tiny, right up here on the head, on the sides by the eyes. My finger looks huge in this shot! These right here are the vulcan guns, I believe. I’m probably saying that wrong. And also on the shoulders, we have homing
missile launchers, but they don’t look like much on the kit. But that’s what they are on the actual Gundam. So his main weapon are the shotels, which
can be heat shotels, especially in the kit with these special parts that are made with
clear red. They’re really sharp looking, they’re really
neat. So you can just completely replace those. So you have multiple configurations that you
can use this kit, that you can use to display this kit. The backpack is actually right here in the
Cross Crusher mode, but you can move it back to the back of course. Or to the opposite arm, and that’s kind of,
it’s not usually shown on the right arm so I like to keep it on the left here. You can move the shield by itself to his arm
on either side, and then the shotels of course mount on the backpack when not in use. And they just stay on the back and have this
really cool shape. And there are many scenes in the anime where
you can see Quatre pulling them out just straight over his shoulders, and that’s something that
I haven’t checked to see if this kit can actually accomplish, pose-wise, but I would be really
impressed if it can. So if you guys have bought this kit, or if
you buy it and build it later, let us know in the comments if it can actually achieve
that pose because I think that would be really cool if Bandai went that extra mile. So something that’s kind of special about
this kit is that Bandai really hasn’t released a lot of this base kit. Just the base Sandrock, not Sandrock Custom,
which they have several more kits for. And the last actual standard Sandrock kit
didn’t, hasn’t, it was released in I wanna say 2000. It was a long time ago. And since then they’ve put out a couple of
MGs for the Endless Waltz, the Custom version, but this base version just got no love for
a long time. My first kit ever was the Endless Waltz version,
Sandrock Custom, which was different. There’s a lot of blue in the kit, and I was
kind of bummed back then because I wanted a complete set of the original style Gundams
and I could not find Sandrock in this version. So this HG is just really cool for me. It has really great proportions. Compared to, even just looking at the box
art of some of the old kits, maybe Dave can show us some of that on here. They’re just really kind of disappointing
but that was the technology we had back then on kits. This guy is just, looks really great, I do
think the legs look kind of exaggerated but I think that’s kind of true for most Gunpla
and probably necessary to keep the balance. So if we wanna talk about articulation, and
gimmicks a little bit, we already went over the weapons. But the articulation on this kit is pretty
good. If we start at the head, we’ve got a complete
ball joint up here and it looks a little bit lacking, you can’t really get the head down
any farther than this, it’s, you can just completely see the polycap and I think that’s
kind of ugh myself. But if you have the head tilted down or turned
it’s a little bit harder to see in there. So he’s got a pretty wide range of motion
unless you wanna turn it to the side, then you can start running into the homing missile
and it’s a little bit disappointing. You have to be really careful when you’re
posing that you don’t just ram it into the side of the homing missile. But other than that most of the articulation
on this kit is great. You’ve got a full range of motion on the shoulders,
so you can pivot the arms completely around, you can pop them off really easily for painting,
but they are pretty firm so they’re not just gonna fall off on their own. We’ve got the elbow, we’ve got another joint
under the shoulder, and these are just basic hinges. And then of course the hands move 360 degrees
and we have additional hand parts. Open hands, thumbs out grasping hands, and
the fists that can hold the shotels. Moving on from there we’ve got some nice waist
articulation, it just spins around and you can lean him forward and backward just a little
bit. It’s enough to get some good poses but it’s
not a huge range. The skirt, the flaps on the skirt are all
moveable, these are actually attached, as a single piece, so they move together, but
all the other flaps are independent and move on their own. You can get the back one up really far actually,
I don’t know what you would need to do that for, but it works. The legs also have some great articulation,
the feet, I was kind of impressed with this, you’ve got a hinge right here and on the ankle,
and on the cover. So you’ve got three hinges right here on the
foot so you can get some pretty cool poses. This may be normal for an HG, I’m not super
familiar with HGs so forgive me if I don’t know, but I’m imagining you can get some cool
in-flight, space action poses with the Action Bases with the feet shaped like this. Because you can’t really pose him standing
up like this. Of course, ankle, knee, those are just hinges,
and we’ve also got quite a bit of articulation at the thigh up here, this guy spins all the
way around, but! It gets really loose when you do. And that’s the one bummer. The legs get really loose at the thighs and
tend to fall out if you twist them around too much. So be careful with them when you’re posing. It’s just kind of an annoyance, it’s not a
huge flaw. So there’s that at least. I know a lot of people have brought up the
cloak. THE cloak. The diffusing cloak. And as much as I’m disappointed that we didn’t
get that in this kit, it’s mainly an Endless Waltz bonus, I don’t believe that Sandrock
ever actually shows up in the base series with that cloak on. So it’s disappointing but also kind of understandable
but we can hope that they make a new Endless Waltz kit. Maybe we’ll get an HG someday, it’s been a
long time since they’ve done an Endless Waltz Sandrock in HG. They’ve been MGs for a long time. So that’s pretty much the articulation, the
gimmicks, the weapons, it’s got really limited weapons, even for an HG kit, but I think Bandai
kind of, I mean they were accurate to the show so you can’t really do much more. He does have, forgive me for not knowing the
name of it, but the, some kind of beam machine gun, kind of weapon, in Endless Waltz that
they could have included, but because it’s not really canon it makes sense not to have
it. So instead we just got two versions of the
shotels. Including what you’d call the heat shotel
where they heat up super hot and make it way easier to cut through mobile suits like butter. So that’s about it for the kit itself, overall
it was a pretty easy build. I’m not really used to building HGs but I
do build a bunch of other non-Bandai kits. I guess something that stood out on this was
the way that the runners were set up. I didn’t really see any under gating but despite
that, a lot of the gating was right on the edges so of course you know, you have to sand
them down in a lot of cases to get the pieces to fit flush, but at the same time that prevents
a lot of scarring on the surface of the kit. One of the disappointing areas in regards
to that are the forearms. You can see you’ve got nub marks right here
and I had a really hard time trying to sand those. If you’re handy with sandpaper, go to town,
but if you’re not I can completely understand because I sanded them and they, uh, are not
looking too good. But the rest of the kit, the gating was pretty
good and the nubs were really easy to get off and just with a little bit of sanding
we got them out of the way. One more thing we can look at is the instructions. So here’s the instruction manual for the Gundam
Sandrock. It’s pretty nice. A lot of it is in color, as you can see, but
that’s mostly when you get to it being completed and are working on the weapons. The boring stuff is in black and white. The legs, the torso, the basic build parts. And that makes sense, they’re saving a little
bit of money. That’s not too hard to figure out without
color, you don’t really need it. There’s some fancy stuff on the back, there
is a paint guide on the back. I don’t know what company they’re referring
to with the paints, they may not be speaking about an actual paint brand because I don’t
think Bandai makes its own paints. So you can probably just wing this with a
generic paint brand, if you’re looking at these colors they’re all pretty standard red,
green, yellow, nothing too out of the ordinary. So you should be able to do this fine. And if you have Gundam markers, even more
easily. So now that I’ve completely messed up my lovely
pose, and have him looking a little bit awkward, and knees-out here, anyway, that was the Gundam
Sandrock. This is one of the poses you can accomplish
if this is something that you want to accomplish… I hope you guys have enjoyed this review. Let me know in the comments on our YouTube
video, on our hobbylink.tv video, the blog post, let me know about your memories with
Gundam Wing, if you’ve ordered this kit, I wanna see your customizations, I wanna see
everything! Because I am a big fan of this one, and it
was a pretty exciting build for me. So until next time, guys. Thanks for tuning in.

26 thoughts on “HGAC Gundam Sandrock | Gunpla TV

  1. I only watched Gundam Wing last year but it's definitely one of my favorite Gundam series and I hope Bandai continues making the kits from the TV series.
    Good job with the review.

  2. Great to see a Gundam Wing revival in terms of the model kits coming out! Sandrock was probably my least favourite design of the series, but those blades were definitely in a league of their own!

  3. The Sandrock Kai from the later end of the series has the beam machine gun. It's the upgraded version for space combat. If Bandai ever decides to release the Kai version, it will likely include the beam machine gun. Both versions of the Endless Waltz Sandrock come with beam machine guns as well.

  4. The plain white on the legs made me thought that it's an old kit. I don't know why but the articulated butt flap excites me more than it should.

  5. Anna, have you watched the show since the late 90s/early 00s? What are your thoughts on it, given the years of additional hindsight? Do you think it still holds up?

    Anyway, always fun to watch someone throw out tons of nerdy trivia when ostensibly reviewing a kit. Thanks for the video!

  6. 12:00 – "Let me know your memories of Gundam Wing, thoughts on the kits, etc."

    Like you I kind of got into all this when Gundam Wing was released in the US. (Prior to that I did some sci-fi and mecha modeling, at that time I was mostly doing Star Wars kits and stuff from anime like Patlabor and Macross – but Gundam Wing got me much more heavily interested in the hobby)

    I think this new HG Sandrock is pretty good – but I'm kind of at the point where I feel like "pretty good" isn't good enough and I try not to buy more stuff unless I'm really feeling pleased with the product. HG Gunpla have been getting awfully cheap lately (in terms of quality, I mean) – hollow feet, panel lines turned into stair-step ridges, terrible hands, and all the usual liberties Bandai takes with the design whenever they make a new kit. HGUC used to be a product line that really pushed the kits to a higher standard, almost like MG but smaller and cheaper. Now HG has to be inferior to RG and more budget-priced. The 1000 yen price points on a lot of these kits is nice but I'd rather pay more and have a better kit, or just make it all myself. (Also I just have lots of kits, and I frankly don't have time for the ones I'm only kind-of-interested-in anymore.)

    All that said I definitely want to do some build-ups of the whole Gundam Wing team sometime, though I'm a little more inclined to work with the 1990s kits rather than the current ones. The old kits were flawed, of course, but the new kits are simply flawed in different ways – ways other builders might consider improvements (and, you know, if you like it, that's great) – but for instance the HGAC Wing Gundam that came out several years back – it's too skinny, much like the MG. A lot of people like that look – and that's all well and good. But personally I'm more interested in building one that looks more like the original TV show where the Gundams all had these kind of "Superhero" proportions, bulked up chests and all, kind of typical of the designer's style in that period. I feel like changing the old kits to improve their shortcomings would actually be easier than taking the newer kits and reworking their whole aesthetic style.

  7. The old no grade kit and msia both in japan and american versions the sandrock had the sub machine gun. I'm surprised this kit didn't and honestly if it wasnt for the glory of the loser manga i wouldnt had known the ew sabdrock and sandrock custom had a sub machine gun as well.

  8. Avery beautiful kit. Besides the fact that the Wing Gundam and the Wing Zero both look so much alike, all the Gundams in that show are very iconic and lovely in their own way.

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