Heroes of American Manufacturing: Cincinnati Crane & Hoist

Heroes of American Manufacturing: Cincinnati Crane & Hoist

I get this call and
it’s my office manager and when we finally realized I
will never forget that moment. Sinking feeling in your stomach. I mean, it’s hard to describe where
we’d been hounding this customer that normally is a very good payer, and she’s
like, they showed me where they paid. We finally realized that it
went to the wrong account. Spear phishing is a pointed attack where
it’s directed towards somebody or someone. They were able to get into our email,
live within our day to day life. [MUSIC] It was hard for me to believe that a company like us
and/or our size would garner that kind of attention that would be worth their
time to come after somebody like us. But it is. We’re at Cincinnati Crane. We manufacture overhead cranes. So what makes us different than our
competitors is the ability to build long span box girder cranes, larger cranes. We have fabricators, welders,
electricians, technicians. It’s not unusual that one day somebody’s
in the shop fabricating a crane and then the next day they’re out in
the field installing the crane. [MUSIC]>>Being a small business It’s
important to have that camaraderie that we’ve built successfully
here with our people. They’re family and
it shows in everything we do.>>We were the victims of
a cyber attack in late ’17 and it was a spear phishing campaign.>>Hackers send you an email,
they make you believe that it is real.>>When that happened, I had no choice but
to lay off some people. And that was really hard for us. It was hard for me. We had a great relationship
with TechSolve and when this happened we really didn’t
know where to go, or what to do.>>TechSolve is the Southwest Ohio
Manufacturing Extension Partnership which is part of the MEP national network. We were so glad that Tony called
us because that’s exactly what we want our manufacturers to feel like. No matter what the issue is, give us a
call and let us be part of that solution.>>I personally don’t understand
the inclination to not talk about this when it happens to you.>>We really feel like we’ve
learned a lot from this experience. And if anyone can learn from our mistakes,
businesses should educate themselves. Hire a cyber security expert, encrypt
their data and make longer passwords.>>Find an MEP,
find somebody with the expertise that can help you firm up your
defenses in cyber security. This is no longer something
that you can opt to do. This is a part of doing business today. And unfortunately,
I don’t see that changing. We were one company that had an exposure. I can think off the top of my
head of over 100 companies that were affected by our cyber attack.>>Manufacturing is the backbone
of the American economy and so small businesses like
ours fuel that system.>>What we do is important,
it’s important to manufacturing, it’s important to other companies,
and we’re helping them be successful. We’ve finally just started to
make the turn from this burden. We’ve been through a challenging time,
we’ve made our way through it, and we’re excited about the future. We’ve put that behind us. We’re stronger because of it. We’re ready to get back to business. [MUSIC]

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