Hendo Art Borderlands 3 Cosplay Build: Prep for Pandora – Maya Costume

Hendo Art Borderlands 3 Cosplay Build: Prep for Pandora – Maya Costume

I’m handling today making Maya from
Borderlands 3 you guys probably already know that I’m a huge fan of Borderlands
I’ve already cosplay Maya from Borderlands 2 and she’s been up to a lot
since then she’s gone back to Athenas to learn more about sirens and to train her
new apprentice and she’s had a heck of a glow up since then she has long hair she
has a darker bodysuit and she has a badass coat it definitely need to
cosplay her so let’s get started orléans of course is known for the
cyclonic art style this game actually has way cooler textures let’s take a
closer look at some of the materials for the code I have this white honeycomb
fabric for the pants I have this gray hexagon fabric and for the bodysuit I
have this diamond black fabric with a really cool texture but before I cut any
of these materials I’m gonna make a mock-up now I’ve already experimented with some
of the patterning and created mock-up of the body suit and the pants now that has
a patterning all figured out now that the bodysuit is finished I can
move on to Maya’s epic new coat the outside will be this white honeycomb and
black suede and the inside is gonna be this bright yellow lining I’ve already
figured out the pattern so let’s cut some back I love the contrast for the outside of
the cove the white honeycomb and the black suede really pop and that top
stitching is real clean I feel like I’ve been painting and selling for an
eternity but it’s finally paying off all in to do is throw stitch down on it and
clean up some of the edges on the costume pieces then it’s on to my
favorite step which is painting Maya has some unique looking big so what we’re
gonna do is modify some shoes with some very unique materials and accomplish
that look next I’m gonna make my own slab she felt
along with her pumpkin charm I’m using some really durable materials and I have
this oversized now that the costume is all finished
it’s time for my absolute favorite part painting I’m going to hit the costume
with a little bit of coffee a little bit of dirt but mostly I’m going to use
paint to recreate by Borderlands art style since the buckle is made of
plastic I want to sand the surface first so that the paid steaks extra well I’m gonna make sure that I get some
shadows and highlights in each of the textures to bring each surface to light
now I’m gonna give these shoes and thick black outlines – sponges to swatch on this black paint
and make the bottom look like it’s been splattered replicating that Borderlands
3 art style on fabric is a special kind of tat in order to perfectly outline
those folds and creases and actually going to where the leotard in pants I’m painting a little bit of dimension
into this back emblem and I’m going in with those thick black
lines to give it that borderlands 3 art static thank you guys so much you can be sure
to check out our other videos where complete this cosplay look please had to
borderlands comm slash community to check out all of the borderlands 3
cosplay kites as well as get more information about the borderlands
cosplay tour steps our next stop is San Diego Comicon where we’re hosting a
Borderlands cosplay contest the winners can receive a Borderlands 3 collector’s
edition as well as other limited edition swag pre-order Borderlands 3 at WWF order
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76 thoughts on “Hendo Art Borderlands 3 Cosplay Build: Prep for Pandora – Maya Costume

  1. Poor googly eyes. When they were made they must have hoped for a fun life, being stuck on foto's and stuff, not to be covered up with leather. xD

  2. I forget, sometimes, what an incredible amount of work goes into cosplaying. These people are amazingly talented.

  3. These kinds of videos would be so much better if they were helpful to people actually making their own costumes.

    I'm not suggesting full step by step build guides but maybe in each video call out a technique or process that was useful and give some demonstration of it and some"pro tips".

    If the videos are just meant to show off the final product and say "buy the game", then just do that instead of packaging it as a show about making. As it stands, anyone watching to get information comes away with essentially:

    Step One: Make the Costume
    Step Two: Wear the Costume

  4. Thanks for having me, this was a rad build!!! If anyone has questions about the process, feel free to drop em here ✌

  5. Hey Nerdist! where did you get those reference pictures? I've searched everywhere and can't find them! Any way you could slide those over to a fellow cosplayer? <3

  6. Wow, so amazing! Its cosplay, its also art. This made me appreciate cos-players even more. NOw if only the people attending these conventions would be kind enough to use deodorant that would be great

  7. Hey if anyone is playing on PS4 and is planning on playing BL3 drop your PSN and I’ll add you, looking for just cool people to add on PSN

  8. Watching a woman sewing made me think of my mom. We were poor and she literally made – everything. Thank you.

  9. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. Brilliant! Love the textured lines and the iconic Borderlands graphic style touch you added by making thick paint edges 😉 Nicely done, and great job!

  11. Why arent these outfits produced and worn? Game industry have sometimes much cooler designs than fashion industry…

  12. Damn near perfect. I adore the textural different between the fabrics, I think that makes a serious impact on the overall look and feel.

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