Hendo Art Batwoman Cosplay (Nerdist Cosplay Builds)

Hendo Art Batwoman Cosplay (Nerdist Cosplay Builds)

(dramatic music) – What’s up guys? I’m Hendo, and today I’m cosplaying from the CW show Batwoman. I’ve been a fan of Kate Kane for years, and I’m so psyched to see the
CW make Batwoman live action. I’ll be making this costume
head to toe from scratch, so there’s no time to waste. Let’s get started. The suit has a ton of textures, and I was lucky enough to
find some stretchy fabrics that match pretty well. I’m gonna accentuate the bat and the belt with this bright red fabric. The cowl is pretty sleek, and I’m gonna make that out of craft foam. The cape is dark red on one
side and black on the other, so I’m gonna do the same, and we’ll round all of that out with her matching bracers and boots. Since the fabric is beautiful
and I don’t have a lot of it, I’m gonna make a mock-up
first and really nail down the design before I sew
it out of the real thing. (dramatic music) (sewing machine whirring)
(dramatic music) I’m marking out my pattern
with a lighter color first, then going over it with a black marker. Once I have my design set,
I’ll transfer it to paper, then cut it out of my fabrics. (sewing machine whirring)
(dramatic music) Kate’s belt is super sleek with just a few pouches on her left side. I’m gonna make mine out of foam, and then cover it in
this red pleather fabric. (dramatic music) The pouches are foam
wrapped in the same fabric and will attach with Velcro. (dramatic music) I’m making the buckle out of four glyphs so it slides right on.
(dramatic music) In the show, Batwoman’s
bracers go all the way around her wrists, but for
the sake of cosplay comfort and easy attachment, I’m just
gonna use elastic straps. (dramatic music) I’m hammering snaps into the top layer of my bracers and attaching them. (dramatic music) I’m gonna make the bat cowl
out of simple craft foam. I could use a mannequin
head to make the pattern, but my friends Mia and
Kaylin were nice enough to make a live cast of me. This is really gonna speed
up the fitting process. (dramatic music) I’m tracing my pattern really carefully to make sure that I have
all of my attachment points. (dramatic music) Now I’m using my rotary tool to sand down some of my seams. (dramatic music) I’m using foam clay to sculpt the eyebrows and make them a little bit more defined. (dramatic music) I’m gonna use leather
textile paint on the boots and acrylic paint for everything else. (dramatic music) Batwoman’s pouches do
have a little weathering, so I’ll add that with some silver paint. (dramatic music) Now all that’s left is for
me to paint the cowl black. (dramatic music) I’m gonna top-stitch some details for the chest, hips, and arms. (sewing machine whirring)
(dramatic music) I want the iconic red
bat symbol to really pop, so I’m cutting it out of this bright red stretch pleather and
top-stitching it to my suit. (dramatic music) I’m using face paint and sealing
it with black eye shadow. (dramatic music) (dramatic music) From Greg Berlanti and
the executive producers of “Arrow”, “Supergirl”,
and “Legends of Tomorrow” comes the incredible
new series, “Batwoman.” (dramatic music) Thank you so much for
watching, and remember, this fall, a new day
brings a new kind of hero, and she plays by her own rules. Be sure to check out
“Batwoman” Sundays this fall only on the CW.
(dramatic music) You can also find on my YouTube channel a tutorial and pattern for the cowl. Until next time, thanks for joining us on Nerdist Cosplay Builds. (logo chiming)
(bats squeaking)

73 thoughts on “Hendo Art Batwoman Cosplay (Nerdist Cosplay Builds)

  1. If she played bat woman and the show itself was about a badass woman instead of a show about female empowerment. Id totally watch it.

  2. I am always stunned at the sheer amount of talent, knowledge and skill you cosplayers have in making all "those wonderful toys" that Nickolas' Joker asks about. Now, I've made metal looking parts for some of the cosplayers around here (using real metal is a bad idea, especially for cosplay weapons) So I do use a lot of craft foam and airbrush for texture effects, but nothing on the level you use! You just rock!

  3. Hendo was fantastic. I have to say the comment section is filled with a lot of negative reviews for a show that's not even out yet.

  4. Why would you want to cosplay as a woman famous for saying "I'm not going to let a man take credit for a woman's work" right after said woman steals everything a man worked hard to build?

  5. Hendo is incredibly talented. However, I’ll never get over the red wig. That shit looks like the female gremlin from Gremlins 2. Hard pass, dawg…

  6. Step one. Have guy make and use it. Step 2. Steal it and say it’s yours. Step 3. Anyone that says your stealing and it isn’t yours is a homophobic cis white old man.

  7. This is absolutely badass. I had no idea the cowl was made up of so many tiny parts. The end result is so freaking awesome. With Halloween coming up , this video was perfect.

  8. "Comes the incredible new series bat woman." Yeah, no. More like "Welcome to a cliched take of a strong wahmenz take down all the menz on her own {while using all the stuff her cousin a man made and taking credit for basically everything he built up)."

    You can miss me with all that.

  9. Nothing against Hendo, but I wouldn't endorse such feminist woke bs. I hope the shop flops once people realize how bad it is.

  10. I must say, I rarely watch shit like this and I don’t know how I got here…. but this bar woman look better than the one on tv

  11. that was really fast. I have tons of technical questions. focus on the cosplay and less on editing and filming like Michael Bay.

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