Hello Bright Eyes! Meet the Burrowing Owl

Hello Bright Eyes! Meet the Burrowing Owl

(slow piano music) – [Narrator] This is Ruby, a burrowing owl. These long-legged owls are found throughout North and South America. Due to habitat loss, their population is declining. Burrowing owls are medium-sized birds reaching a height of 10 inches and weighing up to half a pound. Brown-colored feathers with white spots compliment its long legs and short tail. They nest underground in abandoned burrows of prairie dogs or ground squirrels. Because of their ground level nesting, they are more subject to predators than other owl species. They prefer open grasslands, but have been know to nest in peculiar places like golf courses
or airport fields. But as their habitat continues to shrink, their population has declined by a third in the last half century. This is the burrowing owl. (slow upbeat music)

70 thoughts on “Hello Bright Eyes! Meet the Burrowing Owl

  1. At my school there's a big feild that we sectioned off because a few family's of these owls live there. Super cool to learn some more about then

  2. They just look constantly shocked and offended I wonder who hurt them so bad that their ancestors passed down the genes to only show that emotion.

  3. Yo yo Great Big Story I just wanted to say I love you guys and you are one of the best channels on YouTube right now

  4. Domesticate them and they'll never go extinct; the species with the highest populations non-surprisingly are all the ones we humans use as food or keep as pets. What would be so bad about keeping these things as pets? Then at least they're not going extinct.

  5. I remember this guys from Venezuela's grasslands… Sadly with all the political circus i bet people should be hunting them to eat them, same for wild red foot torties.

  6. It would be really nice if you added subtitles on the screen in cm and grams while you describe how much inches the animal is

  7. So you're not going to show us a borrowing owl burrowing, just a clip of a stressed-out looking owl in a barren studio

  8. Unrelated to the video, but owls have been appearing more in commercials this year (Xyzal, TripAdvisor, WGU, America's Best Eyeglasses, etc.). Anybody notice the same thing?

  9. I see myself facing a problem
    HUMANS okok look we have done shit to earth now earth does shit to us
    We cause global warming so ice caps melt thus flooding us
    We put pollutant in air and water
    The animals in the sea take in the pollutants and WE EAT THEM
    i feel so sad

  10. Loving the Videos, however could you add metric units whenever you talk about size and weight please? It could just be a little overlay but it would help so much

  11. Owls are so interesting and intelligent, sad that their homes are being ruined or taken over.
    Question is what can WE do to help them?🙏🏻

  12. I'm just thinking about the owl's eye sensitivity with the lights everywhere. I don't know much about owls but the large pupils tell me it's vision is engineered to see well in darkness.

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