Hatch Embroidery 2 – Multi-hooping large designs

Hatch Embroidery 2 – Multi-hooping large designs

Use the Hatch ‘Multi-Hooping’ feature to split large designs into multiple hoopings. Stitch them together to form the entire design. Each hooping is saved as a single machine file. Here we take the French linen kitchen towel project and stitch it out in two hoopings. Take your printed worksheet to visualize the design on the tea towel. Mark the center of the whole design. Here we place it 10cm from the base of the tea towel. Now mark the center of the first hooping. Here it is offset 7cm from the design center. Take the sticky backing we need to stabilize the stitchout. Place it into the hoop rim with the backside facing up. Press the hoop center into position making sure the backing is smooth and even. Use a sharp implement to peel the paper away from the backing. Be careful not to penetrate the backing. Tear off the excess as close to the hoop rim as possible. Use the positioning template to locate the center of the first hooping. Place it directly over the center of the first hooping. Pressing firmly, ease the fabric into the hooping. Smooth the fabric onto the backing. We need to avoid potential registration problems. To prevent the fabric being bunching up, flip the hoop by 180 degrees. At the same time, flip the design on the machine by 180 degrees. Now start the machine. At the end of the first hooping, two registration marks are stitched out. Peel off the stitch-out only. Save time & cost by cutting another smaller piece to cover the hole. Now we will stitch out a second set of registration marks on the backing itself. Make sure you set a reserve STOP on the machine to give you a chance to position the fabric. Now start the machine. Remove the hoop and use a pin to align the first set of marks. Push it through the center of the registration mark to align it with the one in the second hooping. Do the same for the second set. Again use a pin or your eye. Fold the fabric back to see where the crosses meet. Smooth the fabric onto the backing. Again use the pin to check the registration marks. Now place the hoop back on the machine. Start the machine for the second stitchout. Once complete, again remove the stitchout from the backing. Peel away any excess. Use an unpicker to remove the registration marks. And there you have it – a perfectly aligned and centered two-hoop stitchout.

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  1. hi please share a secret for perfect continuous outline with no jumps with detail lines inside design as well – non stop outside line

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