Harry Potter Craft The Elder Wand DIY: (For Harry Potter Fans)  – A GeekyMcFangirl Tutorial

Harry Potter Craft The Elder Wand DIY: (For Harry Potter Fans) – A GeekyMcFangirl Tutorial

Hi guys, I’m Amy. Welcome to my channel
And thanks for joining me for a Harry Potter inspired craft
There’s lots of Harry Potter Wand tutorials out there, but this one’s kind of special. Today I’m going to show you how to make
The Elder Wand You can find links for all the materials you
will need for this project in the description below the video
both on YouTube and at CraftyMcFangirl.com You will need
something to bake your project on I recommend a silicone mat and baking tray A long chopstick or dowel rod polymer clay of any color clay tools brown paint white paint mod podge hard coat a paint brush and a fine tipped black marker Start with an image of the Elder Wand to work
from I am working on a silicone mat on top of a
baking tray. This way I can move my project right into
the oven with out having to transfer it. I am using a long chopstick for this project. If you don’t have a long chopstick, you
can put two shorter sticks together. You can also use a dowel rod or whatever you
have at home that I the right size. Do not use plastic. Whatever you use as the base of your want
will have to survive being baked in the oven. Because we are going to paint the wand, you
can use any color of polymer clay you want. I had some left over yellow clay from another
craft. Condition and soften your clay and separate
it into 8 sections of varying sizes Form 6 bulbs on the chopstick from small to
large, using your picture reference to get the general size, shape and spacing correct. Then use a 7th piece of clay to connect the
two bulbs on the end. The next step is to use your clay tools to
make indentations in the clay. Use the back of a paint brush or any tools
you have on hand to push small irregular circles into the clay. The final step before baking is to use the
8th piece of clay to create the end piece of the wand. Form a round triangle shape with a slightly
concave top Then attach the piece to a paintbrush handle
– this will create a space for the chopstick to attach, and make it easier to add the pattern. Use a clay tool to make 6 or 7 vertical indentations
in the end cap. Then carefully remove it and apply it to the
wand. Connect the clay to the wand using a smoothing
tool. And your wand is ready to bake Once your wand is baked and completely cooled
it’s time to paint the entire thing with dark brown paint. I used Burnt Umber. It may take two or three coats of paint to
get opaque coverage, depending on the color of the polymer clay you used. Once your wand painted and completely dry,
it’s time to add the white portion. Paint a white band between the 4th and 5th
nodes of the wand.. Let the white paint dry completely before
continuing When the white paint is dry, it’s time to
add the magical markings. You can find a diagram of the markings online
for reference. Working slowly and carefully freehand the
pattern with a fine tipped black marker. Once the pattern is done the final step it
to add a coat of Mod Podge hard coat to the entire wand. When the mod podge is completely dry, your
elder wand is done. Now you have what is t is said to be the most
powerful wand that has ever existed. Thanks so much for crafting with me today. If you enjoyed this project and you want to
see what comes next, don’t forget to subscribe to the channel. And if you’re interested in Harry Potter
inspired jewelry, check out my other website, geekymcfangirl.com I have lots of Harry Potter inspired designs
to choose from. Thanks and I’ll see you next time.

31 thoughts on “Harry Potter Craft The Elder Wand DIY: (For Harry Potter Fans) – A GeekyMcFangirl Tutorial

  1. Most I of my friends don’t like Harry Potter but I don’t care because I absolutely love Harry Potter!!! 💜💜

  2. I do not have the materials to do a diy elder wand so my only resort is the 30$ one at walmart

    Edit: there are some elder wands on ebay but i do not trust ebay

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