Happiness Blooms Bag using 12×12 sheet of Designer Series Paper

Happiness Blooms Bag using 12×12 sheet of Designer Series Paper

good afternoon ladies this is Kara from
iStampin. com. Thank you for joining me I just have a couple of quick
announcements and then we’ll get started with the project if you joined me last
week and if you join me every week I pretty much announce this on a weekly
basis about the stamp and anonymous tutorials you get these for free when
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will actually qualify for one free celebration items so I think that’s a
great way to get tryout paper pumpkins see what you think about it and also get
a free celebration item alright so that’s all of my housekeeping and so
let’s get started with the project I do have to announce um that I normally have
at least the Facebook post up shortly after my lives end with all of the
details of the products I have to actually run right after this is over to
an open house so it will probably be later this evening before I get that
information we got noticed last week that my son’s
special needs private school is closing in May and now I’m scrambling to try to
find him a new school and one of the other private schools in our area is
doing an open house for all of us parents that this was unexpected and
really unfortunate and hopefully something positive will come about all
right let me show you this is the happiness blooms suite which you can
find in the aunt and a holiday holiday ah the occasions catalog on pages 24 and
25 so this is the happiness blooms designer series paper that I’m going to
show you and this is what I need help with so y’all are gonna tell me which
paper you prefer and then that’s what I’m gonna use to make the bag so I’ll
show you all of the designs and let’s see we’ll say I think there’s their six
so or twelve sheets so well we’ll figure it out okay all right so this is the
first choice right here and the colors in this collection or call me clover
clip so coral lovely lipstick night of Navy pineapple punch and whisper white
that’s the back side very very graphic so this is the one that I used so I’m
not gonna use that one again very very graphic like I was saying bold bright
patterns um this reminds me of Hannah Anderson if
y’all know that childrens well I guess there’s adult clothing as well um but
when I first saw this that was my first reaction I’m like this looks like Anna
Anderson Jillian had a couple of outfits from when she was a toddler and young
girl some pretty stripes and then this one this I used this pattern for my
thank-you cards for last month so you may be getting a card soon
with this print okay so which one do you all like do you like the navy blue and
small flowers the bright red this one this one right here this is the one you
like hi Carrie this is the one you like Diana this is the one I was gonna use
but I just wanted to get y’all’s input but since y’all are the ones that watch
me every week I wanted y’all to have some input the first one front side yes
okay if we get anybody else to comment so if I go with this one then
I’ll have to change up my my card stock which is it’s no big deal
okay I’m gonna go with this one this is one that I was thinking of doing anyway
before I thought about okay so I’m gonna change up my ink pads my ink colors so
let me go get the call me clover really quick so these are the inks that I’m
gonna be using call me clover Calypso coral and night of Navy you’re also
going to need um call me clover card stock and then whisper white card stock
you can just grab scrap pieces because we’re gonna be using the stitched square
framelit along with the scalloped framelits so I don’t know if you can see
that that’s stitched in the scallops and then we should be able to also stamp our
sentiment and be punching that out with the classic label pinch umm the stamp
set obviously is from gloom by bloom this is in the happiness blooms sweet I
got the happy birthday from amazing life this is also a stamp set that you can
find in the occasions catalog great happy birthday this bag actually you
know can be used for a variety of occasions I just went ahead and put
happy birthday just because that seems to be you know what I use bags for the
most part this can be in any occasion back and I do want to give credit I’m
yeah I’ll have to find her name I’m drawing a blank at the moment the UK
demonstrator that I’ve made a similar bag to this before but it’s been quite
some time but I just happened to come across it earlier this week and I
thought that would be darling and then I’m using the happiness blooms and
mammal dots and then the beautiful Calypso coral ribbon this is 3/8 of an
inch satin ribbon so this all these things except for the cardstock and the
framelits are all part of the happiness blooms sweet okay alright so what we’re
going to do to make the bag we’re gonna actually use a 12 by 12 piece of
designer series paper which is really really nice and you’re gonna need your
simply scored tool now when you’re making this no it’s not poodles actually
I’ve gotten a lot of a lot of bags from her to I’m sure you know I want to say
the bag that I made of hers back when I first started as a demonstrator was one
of her bags and this is very similar this is just taller hers was a little
bit shorter and wider so I’m sure Sam has probably created this so I could
give her credit to she comes up with some beautiful
I’m bags that’s amazing so hey Debbie hi Mary Anne okay so when you’re making
this bag especially if you have a pattern you know like this one will
really both of these sides it doesn’t really matter because the pattern is
pretty consistent from top to bottom if you rotated it well if you rotated it
this way then the flowers would be going from light left to right but so when
you’re creating your box or your bag he just want to be aware of the
pattern of the paper and if there is a true top and bottom you want to make
sure that the top is at the top of your scoring tool because this is going to be
the top of the box and we’re going to be actually scoring horizontally to be able
to flip the opposite side of the paper over hopefully that makes sense scrap piece of paper that tells me how
this is course so this is gonna be the top of the box the front of the box so
we’re gonna start so just imagine this is the top so we’re gonna start scoring
this way so the very first score mark you’re gonna make is three-and-a-half
five and a half nine and then at 11 all right and then you’re gonna rotate it
just one time so now we’re going sideways and we’re gonna score it at 2
and then 10 and 1/2 and that is all the scoring we’re gonna do accident’ just
get your bone folder and just fold on all of those four marks and because this
is a 3d project you really want to make sure that you give those squirrel marks
are really good burnish with your bone folder so even though the paper is thin
you still want to you still want to use those use your bone folder everybody
doing today I’ve got one more last Thursday that’s
that’s the day that we got the email about high school closing an hour later
we get a call from this thing John we live in st. Johns County here in Florida
from the sheriff’s office telling us that our daughter Julian was in a car
accident and oh my gosh to get a call from the sheriff’s office that was scary
I’ve never had that happen before Jill was just so shaken up to call Sochi the
sheriff’s office calling she’s fine her car she was in a four car
wreck the car that caused it all hit hit another car hit the car behind Jillian
and then hit her as well also unfortunately she was about five
thousand dollars worth of damage done to her new car
so anyway she’s a little shaken up but she’s she’s good good okay so you see
here that this very last score mark the one that’s an inch little over an inch
that I’m folding it backwards so this print is gonna be showing all right
so here we are at the at the bottom score lines and what we’re gonna do is
just make some easy cuts the vertical score marks right here we’re just gonna
go to that very first horizontal line and these are going to be the flaps that
creates the bottom of the box and so what I like to do is just kind of knotch
the inside so my week has been spent either trying to make appointments to
two or schools or deal with insurance companies so we’re dealing with our
insurance company which is wonderful we have USAA and then the the boy that
caused the accident he has Geico they’ve been great but it’s been a little hectic
okay and then I’m here on the right side you have this small rectangle and you
actually have a small rectangle up here at the top these two you’re just going
to cut away and what I like to do is kind of cut on an angle this just kind
of allows the bag too close together a little bit nicer with with less bulk okay and um for these kind of bags for
these kind of projects I mean you could use snail but honestly I like the Terran
tape and what I’m gonna do is on the ends this is gonna be where the the
paper folds over you can see that and I want to make sure that those are as
seamless as possible that close so I’m gonna put the Terran tape going this way
on the very ends okay and then what I can do is just and I’ll cut that in a
minute and then what I can do is just take a strip and just put it right down
the middle like so okay you just cut this off really quick my finger and then
what I like to do the tape on my fingernail there we go what I like to do
is like take my bone folder and just burnish at least one of the ends and
that makes getting the backing strip off a lot easier and I like to use the
little paper piercer to tool instrument from our take your pick this is actually
a really really simple box it comes together really quickly and you could
actually leave these flat if you wanted to make you know how you know I do with
these at a time you can actually lay them flat and then decorate them when
you’re ready to use them okay so what I’m doing is I just want to make sure
that I’m running it up straight all the way across okay that looks good
you don’t want it to be crooked because this is the top of your box and then
what I’d like to do is to fold it and go ahead and burnish it again just because
it’s thicker now and you just want it to have a nice crease as much as possible
okay so there we go with that now I’m just gonna work on this side flap this
is what’s going to close the box together so if you can imagine that so
what I’m gonna do here is just put some more tearing tape and I’m just gonna put
it here on the edge and then again burnish it if you all have any questions
feel free to go ahead and ask them I will check before the live is over
oh thanks Kathy yeah she’s good Julian’s good she’s a little it kind of scared
her she’s a little nervous about driving but she’s been driving to school since
Monday she took we let her stay home Friday she was pretty shaken up she know
she was embarrassed and she you know she didn’t want her friends to ask her what
happened because she felt like she would start crying and she didn’t wanna she
didn’t want to cry at school and of course Monday when she went back to
school three of her teachers saw her because it happened right outside of the
school I mean it was like crazy so of course they asked her and she was all
embarrassed so she’s a junior in high school
y’all I don’t think I’ve ever may have haven’t mentioned that so anyway so if
you wanted to lay if you wanted to make these in bulk and you know just have
them ready to go this you could actually just store them like this and then all
you would have to do is just go ahead and you know finish it off by just
taping the bottom and then putting the holes in so that’s a really neat way to
make these in advance and have them ready but what I’m going to do is I’m
gonna go ahead and put Taron tape on the bottom flaps and I’m
gonna put one here I’m gonna put tearing tape on two different places at the top
and the bottom of both of these flaps just so that it closes really seamlessly
and you don’t see any gaps okay thank you guys yeah she’s good okay
so again let me just burnish this and these long ones I’ll go ahead and trim
this off you could just roll the excess up but it’s just as easy to trim off and
I’ll go ahead and take off the backing strips on both of them and then that
will be easier for me to put it together this little bag holds quite a bit you
could put um you could put a nice little gift in here and the great thing is is
like I was saying at the beginning is that you could make hold on let’s see
here I want to find it back okay so here’s the back so okay perfect
so we want once you see I’m where the seam is that’s gonna be the back side so
this flap you want it going towards the back so that the seam doesn’t show on
the front of the bag hopefully I just I described that well
and you think you can understand exactly what I’m saying there all right so
that’s what it looks like we’re gonna give it a little pinch and you can like
kind of fold it in a little bit but before I before I close the bag I want
to go ahead and do my stamping because I want to attach that on to the front I
found that when I had already tied the ribbon and
or punched the holes and tied the ribbon that this didn’t stay on as well so
let’s go ahead and do the the front of this um I want a little contrast what
other colors does it say this comes in let’s see I’m a stamp off once yeah okay
that’s I’m gonna do see the slider color that’s like a lighter of clip so coral
so that’s what I’m going to do I’m gonna stamp off once so we can get that
lighter color for the pet for the flower I think that will be pretty so I’m going
to use this image right here and then I’m using this little image for the
middle and I will do that in call me clover so let’s see here so I’ve got my
piece of card stock whisper white card stock I’m gonna get a scrap piece of
paper quick okay so I’m gonna ink up this end clip Sakura Lima stamp off once
and now I’m gonna stamp this right there so you can see that pretty color so
that’s gonna be really nice and then let’s go ahead and stamp the center and
call me clover so right here just like that and then I’m gonna grab my Big Shot
right down here and then I think I can cut this at the same time okay okay so this is what it looks like once
we die cut it then here’s the cute little scallop square okay why do you
have to stay down okay all right so when this one is cut out it’s one in five
eighths and then this is one in three quarters so 1 and 3/4 wide and this is
one in five eighths so that’s just gonna go right on top of there and I’m just
gonna use dimensionals to put that on here
and then I’m going to use tear and tape on the back of the scallop square just
so to ensure that it doesn’t go anywhere okay this is just gonna go like so and
then I’m gonna use one of the happiness blooms in the humble dock I used it the
largest one and I’m just gonna put that in the center of the flower just kind of
gives it a little bit of a little bit of bling and then I will use two pieces of
tear and tape just put it here hi Valentina okay and
one right here alright so let’s bring our bag back in
and I just put it here in the center if you wanted to you could put it on an
angle like that that’s really nice – that’s the nice thing about the squares
is you can do diagonal see here okay oh and the other thing to do is stick your
hand all the way down and kind of get make a fist to get that bottom really
good and tight alright so that’s what it looks like now what I’m going to do is
pinch and I am using the tool I am using a tool we no longer carry but hopefully
y’all have something like this it’s the crocodile’s so I’m just gonna punch two
holes I like it because it punches through multiple layers at once and then
I’m gonna feed the Calypso coral ribbon through and to do that you want to start
in the back I guess it really doesn’t matter cuz you’re gonna feed it through
both sides I just always start in the back I’m led
this ribbon it’s so so pretty just make sure that your ribbon is straight and
not twisted and let’s see if I can do a pretty bow on camera so I think I said
it was 3/8 inch wide ha ha ha okay y’all just have to imagine let’s try this
again let’s do it this way
I don’t usually tie my bows like this but let’s see if this makes a difference
oh look at that there you go not sure why but it worked okay so let
me trim the ends make them nice clean cuts okay and then the last thing we’re
gonna do is go ahead and stamp the sentiment so we’ve just got our piece of
scrap paper right here and I’m gonna use happy birthday like I said this is
coming from the amazing live stamp set so this is also in the occasions catalog
inking this up with night of Navy classic label punch and just Center that
in there so you could use this for any occasion this this stamp set and bag and
then we’re just gonna put a little bit of snail right here in the center and
then just attach it down below and there you have it that is the box so what do
y’all think isn’t that just so bright and cheerful I just love it this it’s
been a little gloomy the last few days here in Florida so this is just so
bright and cheerful I love it alright so again that was using the
bloom by bloom stamp set along with the paper from the happiness bloom stamp
suite excuse me let me just show you one more time I think that’s on 24 and 25
there is a little punch pack that you can get you can save 10% if you get the
stamp set along with that 50 blooms punch pack that it’s adorable but I just
love this paper and just had fun making this bag so I hope y’all liked the
project thank you guys I’m so glad you liked it and I will have the information
up later this evening because I have got to run to an open house and and then
I’ll have the blog post up tomorrow for would you guys are the best I love I
love creating projects and having y’all join me every week thank you again
alright well y’all have a great day and I’ll see you next week for another i
Stampin live bye

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  1. Love this bag, especially the size. Don't like this DSP but there is so many other pretty papers to be used for this project. TFS.

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