Hands on Holography

Hands on Holography

We’ve all seen holograms,
and what makes it special is its three-dimensional
nature, which is much different
than a perspective change on a photograph. We call many things
holograms, but many are not. For example, many
3D projections, such as when they brought
back Michael Jackson, is just a optical
illusion where it’s a projection of that individual. This is something we
call Pepper’s ghost. I’m here offering an
IAP course here at MIT called Hands-On Holography. We cover geometrical optics. We cover the
electromagnetic spectrum. We generate our own optical
holograms as well as audio holograms, and we get
into computational holograms as well. A big takeaway from
this class is really understanding the wave
mechanics of light and the electromagnetic
spectrum. If we look at the two
words in a hologram, it means “whole writing.” And we take into
account a special nature of light, which we call phase,
and recorded it on a film plate using an interference pattern
to recreate an entire scene in its entirety. People think of anything that
appears three dimensional to be a hologram, but if it doesn’t
contain that phase nature, it is not a hologram. We have individuals ranging
from art majors to engineers. We’ve even had some MIT staff
themselves take this course. And we try to really give
a intuitive feel for what is going on with holograms
and interference patterns in general. I’m an optical engineer. I enjoy the wave
nature of light. What makes holography
really special is that we’re able
to extract that phase nature and that extra
information and make use of it.

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  1. "Hands on Holography" – I see great potential for this technology in industry, more specifically, the pornography industry. I'd like to volunteer to write the research grant application.

  2. You can tell they are underfunded. For a while now holograpy has been used only for art and has found no practical aplication which is a real shame. There are so many cool things that could be done with it.

  3. You can actually try this yourself. Find flash light with strobe light. Close your eyes. The electron waves will strike micro tubular structures in the eye. Your consciousness will collapse the light wave. You will see the information With your own eyes. Try it! Best wishes Graphite God
    Call me!

  4. Coming close to building with light like Terrence McKenna talked about in one of his lectures.. If only 10 percent is true of his memes and that of others he integrated in his words. He was way ahead of his time, way. Even to this day I'm marveled by his ideas and this was one of them. Building with light true nanotechnology, and having a menu in front of your eyes when you close them. And only thinking about the object makes it appear in thin air. Buildings made of light , can you imagine ?! Architecture and design, etc etc and imagining is the whole idea. Image.. Ning. And we all know where his radical memes came from right?

  5. 0:21 everything electronic is an optical illusion.

    When I see a car on my screen it's an illusion. Because the car isn't there. Same goes with what you guys are doing. The thing/scene is not there and it's not 3D. But it appears to be.

    That's probably the definition of an optical illusion.

    What you're doing is cool and great. I just disagree with that comment of yours. 😀 Good luck.

  6. Picard walks into a bar and sees the professor.

    Picard: Hey, wanna check out my new holodeck?
    Professor: Does it involve phase ?
    Picard: No but it can reproduce nearly anything in 3D! Simple objects are even replicated in real time!
    Professor: Then that's not a hologram. Don't bore me with your nonsense.

  7. Wake me up when we have holograms like star trek. So far you guys only able to make holograms in an object. Like a screen/display or glas as shown here.

  8. We have heard about how holography will be the next big thing for years now, but when will it actually happen?

  9. I think Holography is possible, if we somehow control the RGB laser lights or points on air/empty space.. or portal/instant cloud….just a thought 😁😜

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