Handmade Card Organization

Handmade Card Organization

– [Voiceover] Welcome,
this is Jennifer McGuire. I have been getting a
lot of questions about what I do with my cards
after I’ve made them, so I thought I’d share a video showing the organization
of handmade cards, and also the organization of the mailing supplies that I have. I make a lot of cards for my job, and I send them all out to loved ones, so I like to have everything organized so I can send them out quickly and often. So in this video, I’m gonna start with organization of envelopes
and mailing supplies, and then I will talk
about the organization of the cards that I have made that are ready to be sent. I will have links to all the supplies that I talk about here in my
YouTube description below, but I really encourage
you to go over to my blog, I’ll have a link in my description, because there will be much
more information there. I thought it would be best to first start with envelope organization. I go through a lot of envelopes since I send so many
cards, and I just recently replenished my supply. I mostly use A2 envelopes. That is the size envelope you need for four and a quarter by
five and a half inch card. That’s what I send out the most, so that’s the most envelopes I have. These are all A2 envelopes in this drawer. I have some other specialty size envelopes in the drawer below which I’ll show you. Now in here I have three brands of envelopes that I’ve
found I like the best, and then some specialty envelopes. In here, I have a container that is the Interdesign split container that I use for my clear stamp storage. I’ve found it works great for envelopes. These envelopes fit in here nice and snug, but they fit perfectly, and I have different lines on each side here, and then I have additional envelopes in the back of the drawer behind it since this drawer is so deep. There are three brands in here, and each of these envelopes
are a little bit different, so I’m going to compare them each, and sorry that Foxy wanted
to make an appearance. You’ll see her throughout this video. Okay so all of these envelopes
are very high quality and again, they’re A2 envelopes. The first one I wanted to show you is the Gina K Designs. Thanks to my friend on Instagram, Richard, he told me about these envelopes. I didn’t know they existed,
and I really like them. This is what I’ve been
reaching for the most. I like the Gina K envelopes
because their square flap, so you have a straight line flap, so you can stamp a sentiment along it, or put a strip of washi tape
for a very quick accent. They come in beautiful colors. I have all the colors over on my blog so you can compare them. I went ahead and bought them all. I just had to have them,
and I’ve ordered more since, and they match the card
stocks that Gina K has. There are lots of them,
they come in packs of 10, so you can replenish
easily and the packages come labeled, so you know
what color you’re getting. Not all companies do this. I find that these are
high quality envelopes in good colors, for a
good price, and again, I like that the envelope flap is straight so I can put a strip of
washi tape across it. Now another brand of
envelopes that I’ve been using lately but not as often are
the Cards & Pockets envelopes. One of my blog readers told me about this, and it has this euro flap,
this deep V shape flap. They’re very high quality,
and they are available in a gazilion colors,
in many, many colors, and you can order one of each, or as many as you want of each. Unfortunately when you get them, they do not come with
the color labelled to it, so you have to try to
figure out what it is, and that’s kind of tricky. They are also very high
quality, a solid color, and I do particularly like the ones that have a metallic shiny finish to it, kind of a shimmery look. Some of the colors come that way, so be sure to check those out. I did order a bunch of these, and you can see them all
on the right-hand side of the container. So my Gina K are on the left, and the Cards & Pockets are on the right, and a few of the Cards & Pockets envelopes are in the back of this container, the silver and gold,
which I particularly like. I also have stuffed in here some Avery Elle Vellum envelopes. These are some specialty envelopes that I do like. These are fun because you can see through the envelope to the card, and you can mail them this way. They are a lot of fun, I
like to use these also. Okay, now the third brand of envelope that I’ve been using for the longest time, and I just think are so much fun are the Hero Arts envelopes. These have a white core. They’re available in beautiful colors, and they have that fun decorative flap that is completely different. I’ve been using those forever, and I will still continue
to use those also, but these are basically the
three brands I use the most. I also like memory box envelopes. They have a rounded flap, but I don’t have many of those and they’re kind of hard to find, so those are the basic
solid envelopes I use. I also mentioned the Vellum envelopes. I do also like to use wood envelopes, and craft envelopes, and
I’ll link to those below. The wood ones are kind of a paper wood that are fun to ship cards in, and then craft envelopes from Hero Arts. Okay, so there you have
envelope organization. Again I think this container is great. However, you could get a
smaller sized container if you need less envelopes. Be sure to go over to my blog to see a closer look at some
of the colors of envelopes. These are the metallic
ones from Cards & Pockets. I’ll have some pictures there. I went ahead and took one of each color, poked a hole in the corner
and made a ring of envelopes that are labeled, so I know
what I need to order more of. Okay, so now I wanted to talk a little bit about mailing organization. I have some of my mailing
supplies in the same top drawer. One thing that I use
often is mail padding. This comes in big rolls or big sheets, and I cut them down into a
bunch of little pieces like this and keep them in my drawer. This is a little bit of padding that you can put on top of your card anywhere you have embellishments and then slide it in the envelope. That will help to protect
your card in the mail, but you do want to put on extra postage. I also have these little Post-it notepads that are fun to put inside cards. What you do is you write
your message on this, and it encourages the
recipient to take this off, and then they can pass that handmade card onto somebody else, so it kind
of continues the kindness. Those are really handy. Now I have many return address stamps, but I keep my favorite,
the one that I use the most here in this drawer along with an ink pad so I can quickly stamp
this onto envelopes. I also like to use stickers
which I’ll show you in a moment. I do love the personalized
stamps from bossy Joscie. I can’t recommend them enough. They are wonderful high quality. In here I also have gift cards that I can add to any cards if I need to, and I have lots of washi tape. This is the only washi tape I have. I never use them on my cards, I actually only use them to
seal my envelopes closed, and I really like the glitter tapes a lot. I think that’s a great way to kind of add a little bit of interest to your envelope. These are older but I will link to some that I do use often. This three compartment container
that I have in this drawer is an older model, but I’ll link to the newer model also, but any kind of little
compartments would work to hold all these mailing accessories. I do also use padded envelopes, but I have those stored
in a different place, so if I have an extra special card, I like to use those padded envelopes. Now a key thing that I keep
in this drawer is this pouch. In this pouch I have my
return address stickers, various stickers that I
like to put on my envelopes to decorate them, postage
for the US and international, and this is super handy. So this pouch lays right
on top of my envelopes, so when I open the drawer,
this is actually what I see, so I have everything in here. There’s no digging around
in other places for postage. I have a lot on hand, so
I can pick some postage that matches the envelopes. I’m kind of crazy like that, but it’s nice to have
this right here on top, so that I can quickly
pull together some cards, stamp them, address them
and get them in the mail. I really like to send a
lot of handmade cards. I hope this little mailing drawer inspires you to kind of
get your supplies ready so you can send all
your handmade cards out. Okay, so now let’s talk about
the handmade cards themselves. I like to keep a bunch on hand so I have them ready whenever needed. This is in the drawer right below it. I have my handmade cards organized. Again, I have one of those
interdesign containers, the same one for my envelopes,
but I use it for this. These cards fit in here nice and snug, but I do find that it works just fine. I do have my cards in sleeves, so in each sleeve, I have a
card, and a matching envelope ready to go. Sometimes those envelopes
I stamp to match it, sometimes I already stamped
my return address on it, so it’s ready to go,
but I have each of them in a sleeve so I can be
sure they’re protected. I cut apart some plastic folders
that I found on clearance, and I rounded the corners and put a label with the occasion on it, so I could divide these up into categories, however you could use
maybe recycled chip board or laminated card stock if you wanted to to create these little dividers. This system has been an
absolute game changer for me. I always have cards ready
with the matching envelope. I can easily find
whatever occasion I need. I can’t recommend this system enough. You could use a different
type of container, but I do find that this
one fits them nicely. So this is what I do when
I’ve completed a card, I go to the drawer above and I pick an envelope that matches. Sometimes I stamp the envelope to match, sometimes I don’t. I go ahead and I put them
together into a clear sleeve, and I will link to the ones that I like. I remove the release paper and
fold the flap over tightly, and there it is, the card
is completely protected and it is matched up with
its matching envelope, so I can take this and put it right into the category of occasion in my container. This has really saved me a lot of time. Now sometimes I will stamp the envelope to match, and this is a great way to make sure that the card and the envelope don’t get separated. I used to not keep my cards
and envelopes in sleeves. Instead I just kind of
tucked the card into the flap of the envelope to keep them together, but I was finding that sometimes I would stuff a card in and mess with the embellishments or whatever, so I find that the clear sleeves really help me to kind of keep everything safe. In this drawer I also have some of the other envelopes that I use, some larger envelopes and some like 4 Bar card envelopes
over here on the right. I also have some fun colored
envelopes in odd sizes that I found on clearance at Target. Always be sure to check
out clearance racks. Sometimes they have some
stationery you don’t want, but the envelopes are excellent. Here I have the clear sleeves
for my cards in the back, so I can quickly grab them. There you have it, a closer look at my envelope mailing and
handmade card organization. I hope you found some tips
that might be helpful to you. I think it’s really important
to have everything ready so you can send some handmade love out to some friends and family. Now, I do have links below
in my YouTube description, but so much more
information over on my blog, so be sure to check that out. Also, I have two other videos that might be interesting to you. The first one there shows
my stamp storage system using the same kind of containers, and the second video there shows some other organization
that I find helpful for craft supplies. Be sure to hit subscribe
if you haven’t already, and you want to see more videos. Thanks for watching. I hope you have a great day
and I’ll see you again soon.

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