Hand Embroidery for Beginners – Part 2 | 10 Basic Stitches | HandiWorks #52

Hand Embroidery for Beginners – Part 2 | 10 Basic Stitches | HandiWorks #52

Two ways to do the running stitch: First method is similar to hand sewing and can be completed by pushing the needle and floss in and over the fabric in one continuous motion Second method can be literally pushing the needle through the fabric and pulling it back up. Here I am showing you method one. Backstitch creates a solid line and is good for hand embroidering text or outlining a design. Similar to the backstitch, the split stitch creates a solid line with an added texture to it. This stitch is appropriate for text and outline as well, but it also works to fill designs and create variation from the running or backstitch. The stem stitch got its name from being the common stitch used for the stems of flowers or vines French Knots can be used to accent designs or create fun fillers for most designs. Chain stitch makes for a great outline stitch as well as a frame for a pattern or design. Another variation of a chain stitch is the feather stitch. This stitch looks great as a frame or border to an embroidered piece. Satin stitch creates a smooth appearance. I like to use this stitch to fill in hearts or the leaves of flowers. This is a version of the chain stitch often referred to as the “detached chain stitch” or “lazy daisy.” Imagine tossing the contents of a seed packet into the air and watching the seeds fall randomly on the ground. That same concept applies here.

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  1. Please let us use cotton or other natural fibers for our crafts! We need our planet & handcrafts are so valuable that spending a little more in a better product for us and the planet is mandatory.

  2. I have a question: you are lefthanded and stitch from left to right. Does that mean as a righthander I should start from the right and go to the left or should I do exactly as you do but just with my right hand?

  3. Omg thank you! I’m making a doll and needed to embroider the eyes and mouth and couldn’t figure out how! The stem stitch and satin stitch worked perfectly! Thank you!

  4. Great video. But the text over chain stich and feather stich makes it impossible to see what you're doing. :-/

  5. Excellent work… Loved it. I like the way you have explained. Keep it up. I also do embroidery and craft works. Thanks.

  6. I'm seriously struggling with my French knots. They keep going all the way through, and not bunch up. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

  7. Hello!
    Very helpful videos, but I was wondering:
    What if I need to use more thread than I have on my needle? I don't understand how it works, do I just add more after it is all used?

  8. May I ask… how many strands do you typically use for these stitches? I know it's usually per preference but I'd like to get a an idea of where to start.

  9. I’m new to this and am confused. Is the thread not tied together at the end when putting it on the needle? It looks like they’re separate but one strand has a know

  10. -Most easy stitch-running and Satin stitch
    -Most beautiful stitch-lazy daisy and feather stitch
    -Most hard stitch-split and stem
    NB:this channel best💓

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  13. This is the most entertaining video I have seen. I have recently learned cross stitch out of remembering learning embroidery when I was in elementary school, and watching this video, I can go OMG I get IT! I just GET IT!

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