Hand Embroidery Designs:  Kutch Work Kairi Motif with Tracing

Hand Embroidery Designs: Kutch Work Kairi Motif with Tracing

Welcome to Raj Creations, In this video I am going to show you this beautiful kutch work kairi motif see the tracing you can download it and can trace it on your fabric before starting this tutorial, let me show you some details about this motif this is fly stitch on the outer line of kairi this is square pattern and a single cluster of square pattern the inner grid is made up of straight stitches this part is continuous square pattern and from here on wards single straight borders part one has been shown on the side edges where square is not fitted you can use individual or joint clusters of kutch work to fill the pattern lets get started i am starting it from the top follow the instructions , the direction of this border so that you don’t went wrong this is step one of this border as you can see I am gradually increasing the length of stitches to give this kairi a proper shape gradually increase the stitch length while proceeding further from here onward I am starting continuous square pattern this is part one of this stitch moving thread beneath the thread, this way this way you have to complete till the center end(bottom ) of the motif from the other top edge we will start the right hand side of this motif for the center small square pattern that is shown in the thumbnail pic you can refer to the first video( sindhi embroidery/Kutch work Square pattern) of my channel this way we will proceed till the center end of the bottom carefully observe the thread movement and the direction of thread if you want you can initially trace this border also it will be easy for you to do the embroidery tracing is available in A4 paper size(actual size ) you can take a printout and trace it one fabric this will be easy for you to stitch this border here onward I am turning this and starting the second step of this border this is only for demonstration purpose you have to do this border all around this is to show you how to do this border as you can see a single square has been made in the same way after doing this step continuous squares will be visible you can also make this border on the sleeves , neckline, side slits and sarees etc. this also looks beautiful on back side of jacket you can also replace this border with borders part II if you have learned that border you can also make all around the outer edge of kairi from here onward we are proceeding towards the small border kindly observe the thread movement if outline is wrong you won’t be able to fill the border properly now starting the third step of filling part the direction from where you have started this filling part is also important follow this exactly so that you don’t get wrong if you start filling from the other edge on any other direction you won’t be able to fill the pattern, as thread direction will be change you will not be able to do this so follow step by step and direction by direction if you are starting from top to bottom you have to start filling from top to bottom you can’t fill from bottom to top else you will get confused and unable to fill the pattern this is very important now starting the continuous square pattern filling part 3 this is very much equivalent to borders part II you can easily do it if your outline part is right you won’t get any difficulty in filling in the same manner we have to fill till the end from there we will take a turn and start filling the final part for the upper edges of kairi how to make upper edges you can refer to my previous video of kutch work grid pattern in that video I have given detailed instruction on how to make corners and curves you can refer to that video also as you can see this filling part is covering half of the border in the next step we will do cover the other half If you have not subscribe to my channel please subscribe to my channel so that you won’t miss any upcoming videos of mine if you like my videos please share it on your social platforms slightly forwarding this video but you will be able to understand the instructions you can use this kairi motif on your kurti blouse or back of jacket when this motif is made with multi colors it looks very beautiful on black color fabric it gives colorful look to the fabric turning the stitch proceeding towards the forth part if you have made any border earlier you will find very easy to fill this this is final part of filling in the final filling part thread has to move one step up and one step down one up and one down rule has to be followed while doing the last part of filling we have to do this till the end of the border that’s why the starting point and the end point both are the same the sequence of the steps and direction of step are very important if you understand this you will never go wrong as you can see while doing this border looks beautiful now starting the inner grid take straight stitches making the single cluster of kutch work this is very basic step see how to do this at the center intersection point we have to make this single cluster and then do the filling part do this on the straight lines in the same way cover the whole grid see how to fill this for the horizontal lines do the plain straight stitch and when thread reaches near the cluster move the thread beneath the fabric and complete the whole line now the outer shape of the kairi is made with fly stitch this is very easy to make simple stitch start from the center bottom part and do till the upper end I hope you will find this video helpful, thanks for watching Thank you

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