Halloween Paper Craft Tips and Tricks with Lia Griffith

Halloween Paper Craft Tips and Tricks with Lia Griffith

Hi I’m Lia Griffith my team and I have
picked our favorite fall and halloween projects and we put them together for
you so they’re really easy to assemble and
i’m going to show you a few of my tips and tricks on how to make this easy so
you can decorate for fall and halloween in a snap The sleep garland is printed on these
gorgeous fall metallic colors and they’re already pre-cut and scored and
ready for you to assemble. One of my tips to folding scores is to use the edge of
my scissors place it right in the groove and press from behind and this keeps
this folds really crisp another trick when removing these little tiny pieces
from these intricate cuts as i’ll use a chopstick and gently press them out. I
found my favorite way to a symbol is by using a low temperature hot glue gun
because it drives fast but you can use glue dots or tacky glue. Check out the
rest of the Lia Griffith projects at joann.com or in their store and happy
haunting and spooky harvest.

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  1. The Joann store in Morganton, NC is so small that they don't have a whole lot in the way of papercrafting supplies or baking supplies. We need a bigger store!

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