Halloween Dragon! NEW Tim Holtz STAMPtember stamps & stencil

Halloween Dragon! NEW Tim Holtz STAMPtember stamps & stencil

– [Kristina] Hi everyone,
Kristina Werner here, welcome to another video
for SimonSaysStamp.com. Today I’m going to be working with the Stamptember stamp and
stencil from Tim Holtz. This is a set with these cling stamps, very Halloween themed, with a star swirl stencil. I’m not sure what the
name of this stencil is, but I do know they come packaged together, and I’m going to be using
them both on today’s card. Starting out by stamping the dragon image in some Intense black ink from Simon, stamping onto some Neenah
Classic Crest Solar White 80-pound card stock. This is a Copic-friendly card stock. It works really great
with alcohol markers. And since I’m going to be
coloring the dragon with Copic’s, I decided to use that paper and also some copic-friendly ink. I wanted a really dark stamping. So, I did end up stamping the image twice. Now, you’ll want to note that when you stamp the images twice, sometimes the ink can stay wet a little bit longer than you might think. So, eventually I will use a heat tool to speed along the drying process so that I can color this image right away. While I have the stamp and my
MISTI stamp positioning tool, I masked off just a little
bit of that dragon image, so I could ink up the
words and the words only, in VersaMark ink. I then prepped some black
card stock and stamped that greeting down onto the black card stock. Sprinkled on some
Alabaster Embossing Powder from Brutus Monroe and then
I hit that with a heat tool, until is was smooth and melted. This is going to give
me a greeting that I can pop up off the top surface of my card. So I did, like I mentioned,
I hit this with the heat tool to speed along the drying process, just to make sure I wouldn’t have any smearing or smudging of the ink when I started coloring with Copic’s. I’m going to be doing some very
simple Copic coloring today. Mostly just two color schemes. I’ve got a purple and a green, and I thought I’d be kind
of cool to have this dragon be purple down on the bottom of his body and sort of morph into
a green for his head. I thought it just looked
a little bit funny, a little bit comical, this picture, or this
image of this dragon is, I think it’s kind of funny. Generally not a style of
image that I work with. I like things that are
a little more clean, but for a creepy crawly,
funny Halloween image, I thought that this would be really fun. So, after I colored this
with my Copic markers, I took the entire image and
did some ink blending onto it. So, I put down a Brutus Monroe, it’s a slick mat, its a
craft surface you can use for your ink blending and crafting. And I’m taking some distress oxide inks and blending them onto my picture here. So, this is Black Soot, and I kind of went around all the edges and then I grabbed Wilted Violet, and I’m going to bring in
just a little bit of purple in some areas, just give it
a little bit of hint of color in some of the areas. I also decided to bring in a green color I’m using Mowed Lawn. I thought this green would compliment the green on the dragon. I just wanna have little hints
of color around these edges. I don’t want it to be
completely just black or gray. So, after I had all my blending on here, with the black, the purple and the green, I then grabbed my stencil and I taped down my project to that work
surface so it wouldn’t move, and then I taped down the stencil as well. For that first ink blending,
I used a somewhat larger blender brush, from Picket Fence Studios. I’ve now switched to a smaller one so that I can pick and chose exactly which stars I add the ink to. Because I want to skip over the dragon, I didn’t wanna blend over the dragon. So, I did initial blending
with just the swirl design from the stencil, then I lifted it up and
I realize that I wanted even more stars all over this. I thought it would really
go along with the greeting, that says spark your own magic. Lots and lots of stars. So, I moved the swirl design around, and kind of filled in some gaps, including the area in the center, in between the dragon’s
head and it’s body. So, I blended in some
more ink from the edges, just to darken up those corners, make it a little bit more dramatic. And then I decided that all that ink blending and all the stars were kind of hiding
the dragon a little bit so then I took some White Gouache which is a white opaque paint. It’s a little bit like water
color, but it is opaque, and I painted that around the dragon. I set that aside to dry
for a moment while I trimmed out my greeting. I just used a ruler and craft knife to cut this greeting out so
that it was just perfect. But I really wasn’t worried about it being absolutely perfect, because this entire card’s
a little bit quirky, and so it’s okay if the
greeting is not quite straight. And then decided to add an
even thicker white border, around the dragon, so
that it really stand out. At this point I decided that if I was to make this card again, I would’ve just done the background separately from the dragon, and then trimmed out the
dragon with some scissors and popped it up on some
dimensional adhesive. I think that would’ve been an even more effective way to make this card, but at this point, I’d already
blended around the dragon, and it was too late to start over. So, I put some adhesive
on the back of that “spark your own magic” greeting, and then put that directly onto my piece here that I’ve
been painting and coloring. I created my card base out
of some Neenah Classic Crest Solar White 110 pound card stock, squared that at five and a half inches, and I added some polka dots
onto the dragon’s belly, just for a little bit of whimsy. And then, I adhered it onto the card base. I used some Tombow Xtreme
Adhesive on the front of the card, and then pressed my inked and colored piece right over the top. This is almost done, but I decided it needed
a few more details. So, I decided to add a
very thin lined border around the outer edge, with a number 10 Gelly
Roll pen and a ruler. I just cross hatched those
corners, let them overlap. I also grabbed a Clear Wink
of Stella Glitter Brush pen, and added this shimmer
over the entire dragon. I didn’t go over his teeth or
his eyes, just the eyelids, and I added quite a bit of
shimmer over this entire surface. I kind of went for the magical
vibe I’ve got going here. So, that’s the card for today, Hope you guys enjoyed
this Halloween type card. Just a reminder that this Tim Holtz limited edition stamp set and stencil is available for a limited time and once it’s sold out, it’s sold out. It’s not coming back, so if
you wanna grab the stamp set, now is the time to do it. I kind of anticipate this
might sell out rather quickly. Thanks so much for watching today. On screen, I’ve got three more Halloween cards
for you to check out. These are from last year. I haven’t really done any
Halloween cards this year yet, this might in fact be the first. So, check out those card videos if you’re looking for some
Halloween inspiration. Thank you so much for watching. If you loved this video,
give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe. I’ll be back with another
video very, very soon.

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  1. Aren't you brave with white sleeves…My sleeves would match the card when I was done…along with my face and my desk!

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