Halloween Costumes Competition! How to Make Best DIY Halloween Costumes!

Halloween Costumes Competition! How to Make Best DIY Halloween Costumes!

Uuu, what’s this? I’m sketching my Halloween costume. Oh, so cool! Can I see it? Absolutely not! Why? It’s not like I am going to copy you. I make way better DIY costumes than you anyway! You wish this is such a lie! That’s not true. Alright, alright ladies! Why don’t we have a Halloween competition. You make costumes, I’ll give you a score and
we find out once and for all who the DIY Halloween queen is. I’m in! We know who’s going to win anyway. Sure, we know who’s going to win this thing. Let’s do this! How exciting! Let the Halloween games begin! Join our fun Halloween competition and learn
how to make awesome DIY costumes along the way! Let’s find out who will be the winner – Sara
or Katie! For the first round the theme is… food! I love food so I’m expecting a lot from you
girls. Make me proud! I love food too miss teacher, you’re going
to love my idea! Oh please… Alright, let’s get to work! To make a gorgeous DIY strawberry costume
from scratch, you’ll need a red dress or an over-sized t-shirt. Grab some green felt and cut out a rounded
piece that is smooth in the middle and has a zigzag shape on the outer edge. Stick it around the neckline. Time to decorate our costume with a ton of
strawberry seeds. Strawberry seeds are yellow and their shape
resembles to that of a raindrop but turned upside down. Let’s grab some yellow felt and cut out a
bunch of seeds. I decided to make quite big seeds so they
will be clearly visible on the costume from far away. Stick them allover your red dress or T-shirt
using fabric glue or a glue gun! I love what we’ve done so far but we’re not
completely finished yet! Let’s also create a little head piece, which
will make the costume even more cute and fun. From a piece of green felt cut a rounded zigzag
shape like this. Stick a smaller version on top to add more
dimension. For the strawberry stem roll a piece of felt
and stick it on the very top. All that’s left to do is sticking this creation
on a plastic headband and we are ready to transform into an adorable strawberry this
Halloween! My dress has these fun puffy sleeves which
definitely add to the look but a simple red T-shirt will work just as great! You guys, I am loving this costume so much! It looks so pretty and I love the bright colors. Another thing that I adore is that it’s so
inexpensive and easy to put together. All you need is a red t-shirt, felt, glue
and an old headband! No specific tools or expensive parts are needed
at all. It looks so well made and high quality – I
would choose this costume over a store bought one any day! Strawberries are one of my top favorite fruits
ever so I’m excited to become one and live my best strawberry life for a day! Another delicious food that everyone loves
is ice cream! Take any kind of white t-shirt or blouse,
which will represent a scoop of vanilla ice cream. We need to decorate it with a bunch of rainbow
sprinkles. To do that cut oval shapes from felt like
this. First sprinkle is orange but we need to do
the same with other colors like red, green, blue, yellow, pink and so on. Apply some hot glue or fabric glue at the
back of each of these babies and stick them on the shirt. Try placing sprinkles in different directions
as this will give your ice cream a super adorable and realistic vibe! Time for a quick happy dance but then we need
to get back to work as there’s still the back of the shirt waiting to be decked up with
these colorful cuties! To stick sprinkles on the shirt I recommend
using fabric glue since it is washable. That way you can use your costume for many
years to come! Yay our vanilla ice cream scoop with sprinkles
is ready, time to work on the cone! Grab a pair of tights in brown, beige or any
other earthy shade. We need to create the diagonal lines pattern
to represent the cone texture. So start by sticking masking tape diagonally
on the tights. We’ve covered the entire front of the tights,
so let’s start painting! Dip the brush in some fabric paint and color
the lines between masking tape pieces. Once all the lines are colored go ahead and
peel off the masking tape. For some reason I find this peeling super
satisfying! And look at those prefect lines – gorgeous! Time to repeat the step and draw the lines
in the opposite direction. Stick the masking tape in place. You can already see the cone pattern that
we’re going to achieve, it looks bomb already, I tell you that! Color the empty spaces with fabric paint. I’m using a yellow color, but a light brown
would work great here too! Alright the painting part is totally completed
and we’re ready for some pealing action! Uuu so cool! The tights are all done and they look exactly
like an ice cream cone! Let’s put them on together with the sprinkled
shirt and transform ourselves into the most adorable ice cream ever! The blouse I used is made from a mesh material
plus the sleeves are so puffy and huge! It gives the ice cream scoop more rounded
shape, which works perfectly for this costume. That being said, you don’t need to buy specific
shirts to make this costume at all. Just use an over-sized white tee and it will
turn out stunning for sure! This DIY Halloween costume is so comfy to
wear. Sometimes costumes can be bulky, heavy and
just not comfortable at all! Here on the other hand you’re wearing tights
and over-sized shirt! This means you can eat as much Halloween candy
as you like without having the clothes restricting you! I love your costume miss teacher. Thank you! But look at you girls, you look adorable,
ah! Yay! What a beautiful strawberry costume Sara,
I really like it! Oh thank you miss teacher, I knew you’ll love
it! I really do, It’s a 9! Oh I think this perfect costume deserves a
10 but 9 is not that bad either I guess! Please, respect my opinion! Let’s talk about you Katie! I know you love ice cream miss teacher so
I am sure you love my ice cream costume more right! I do love ice cream and you did a pretty nice
costume so your score is… You get an 8! That’s so unfair! She literally just stuck a few seeds on a
red dress and gets a better score than me?! I worked so hard on this masterpiece, how
can you do that! Katie, enough! I love the color and the style of the strawberry
costume, it’s so feminine, I could see myself wearing it! For the second round the keyword is animal! Oh! Transform yourselves into beautiful animals. Let’s go, hurry up. What animal would you chose for your Halloween
costume? I’m picking a jelly fish! The most important part of it is an umbrella! I have this transparent one with baby pink
polka dots and I can’t wait to transform it into a pretty jelly fish. Open up your umbrella and let’s first work
on the eyes! I’ll make them out of white, black and some
blue felt. I want my jelly fish to have huge eyes so
we have to cut a big oval shape from a piece of white felt. Assemble the eyes by gluing a blue iris and
black pupil on the white oval! For another lovely detail you can place two
white dots on top. Now the eyes are catching the light and they
look even more gorgeous and cartoon-ish! Stick them on your umbrella with hot glue
and let’s proceed to work on the tentacles! Grab a wide ribbon, fold it in half and tie
around the rope like I’m doing here. Do this all along the rope until you have
lots of ribbon hanging from it. Each ribbon strip represents a tentacle of
our lovely jelly fish. To keep the color theme cohesive with the
umbrella I went predominantly for white and baby pink ribbon but also added some glittery
gold stripes for a bit of dimension. Since jelly fish are transparent a good idea
is to also include a few lace ribbon strips, which give a delicate and transparent touch! Honestly this ribbon piece would also work
great as a wall decoration! So when Halloween is over you can totally
hang it on the wall and have this epic ribbon waterfall as décor! Okay, enough blabbing, let’s get back to work! We need to glue the tentacles to our umbrella. This is where ribbon on the rope comes very
handy as we can just stick a bunch of tentacles on the umbrella with one go. You could also stick each strip directly to
the umbrella but that would be a bit more time consuming. On top of that using a rope gives you a more
neat result, which I love! Just make sure to use a good glue for this
as you don’t want to miss any tentacles while trick or treating! I find that for this kind of tasks hot glue
usually works best! OMG you guys! This must honestly be one of the best costumes
I have ever seen! It is so cool, unique and adorable at the
same time. I like how inexpensive and quick it was to
put together but it makes such a huge statement. You will definitely stand out from the crowd
with this costume, guaranteed! To go along with my color scheme I dressed
up all white: white lacey dress, tights and sneakers! Now I feel like a real jelly fish swimming
in the ocean! To make this costume even more mind-blowing
add some battery powered fairy lights for the tentacles here and there. As a glowing jelly fish you will definitely
be the star of the night when trick or treating on Halloween! Will Katie be able to beat this epic costume? Let’s see what she’s creating for this round! To make a parrot costume you’ll first need
lots of feather scarfs also called feather boas. You can get these pretty easily online or
in any bigger craft store. For the base of the costume you will need
an over-sized hoodie. Make sure that it is long enough so you can
wear it as a sweatshirt dress. The hoodie will be completely covered with
feathers so it can be old, have stains, weird prints, whatever. Just take an old hoodie from your father or
boyfriend and let’s get going with this DIY! We need to cover this baby entirely with feathers
and we’re starting with a sleeve. Apply a stripe of hot glue. Grab a feather boa in any color of choice,
I’m going for red. Place it on top of the glue and wait till
it sets. Keep adding more feather strips until the
entire sleeve is covered. I’m making a colorful parrot so my feather
colors are ranging from red to orange, yellow, green and blue. As you can see I’ve left the strips a bit
longer on top. This way we’re able to fold the excess feathers
down and cover the back of the sleeve as well! Oh my gosh I am now getting the feeling of
how this costume will look at the end and I can already tell it will be spectacular! Both sleeves, and the hood are finished so
let’s quickly deck up the front part with feathers as well! A stripe of glue, a stripe of feathers, a
stripe of glue, a stripe of feathers and so on until your sweatshirt looks like a giant
ball of fluff! Have you ever seen a cooler shirt?! Me neither! This is so colorful, fluffy and just out of
this world! However we still have some work to do! We’re missing the eyes and a beak. For the eyes grab a styrofoam ball and acrylic
paint. I first gave the ball a coat of white just
to have an even texture all around. Proceed with painting a large blue circle
to represent the iris of the eyes. You can also chose a different color like
green, brown, yellow, etc. The important thing is to finish up your eyes
with a smaller black circle, which represents a pupil! Okay eyes are done, moving on to the beak. I got this styrofoam heart at a craft store,
and it will work perfectly. Let’s color it up with orange acrylics. When the paint dries you can stick it on the
hood, together with the pair of eyes. Giving a face to this costume totally brings
it to a whole new level. I feel like all of a sudden our parrot got
a personality! It’s like he’s come to life! The last cool detail that makes this costume
so unbelievably epic is using orange rubber gloves for the feet. Simply put them on top of your shoes like
this. How legit and funny does this look! Don’t forget about the orange tights and what
can we say other than fly baby fly! This DIY costume is just out of this world
or even out of this galaxy! Not going to lie, it’s probably the most time
consuming of all but man is it worth the effort! You can also switch up the colors of feathers
to create other birds. Go for all yellow costume and transform yourself
into a fluffy newborn chicken. Make a white costume with a touch of red on
the hood for a grown up chicken. Or go all out with rainbow colors and create
a fun parrot like this one! I am so excited to see how the teacher rates
both this and the jelly fish costume as they are both phenomenal if you ask me! Let’s find out together! My girls! Look at you! You exceeded all my expectations. These Halloween costumes are absolutely stunning! Thank you miss teacher! What to say, I am lost for words. You make me so incredibly proud. Ah excuse me. I’m just, I am getting a bit emotional here. Oh! Both of your costumes are so unique, creative
and extremely well executed so you both get a 10! Bravo, bravo! Yes! Really! Alright! Woohoo! Enough, let’s get serious again! Sara is still in the lead for one point, but
all can change in this final round. Halloween is known for everything creepy,
spooky and scary. So the theme for our final round is just that
– spooky! Time is ticking, so don’t waste it. Yup, let’s do it! Alright we’ve made quite a few cute Halloween
costumes so now it’s time to get a bit more spooky! Let’s transform ourselves into a bat! You will need a black umbrella for bat’s wings! These inexpensive foldable ones work great. Start disassembling your umbrella. You may need to unscrew the top plastic lid,
cut some wires with pliers, take off the central stick and so on. Different umbrellas can be put together a
bit differently. So just take a close look at the mechanism
of yours and try to work out how to disassemble it. Next take your scissors and cut two identical
pieces that are a bit smaller than a half circle. There we go our bat wings are ready! Take a black sweatshirt, sweater, jacket – basically
any old black top that you don’t need anymore. Make sure that your shirt has long sleeves,
that’s absolutely needed for this costume! Glue the umbrella wings on the shirt. The best is to use hot glue and apply a stripe
all the way from the bottom of the shirt to the edge of the sleeves. Stick the wings on both sides of the shirt
and you’re ready to fly like a spooky little black bat! It turned out so freaking cool but one little
detail is still missing – the bat ears! Let’s make them from scratch! Cut two curved oval pieces like these from
black felt. Glue them on a black plastic headband by folding
the felt up. You can get plastic headbands for very inexpensive
in any craft, beauty or other store. I’ve had mine for years and never used it
so today was the prefect time to give it a new life. Make sure to put on some black pants or tights
plus a pair of black shoes and you will totally look like a real bat! This is such a fun and creative costume and
again so inexpensive to put together. I haven’t even spent a dollar to make it – literally
had everything at home already. It’s a perfect DIY costume if you want to
recycle an old broken umbrella. Next time your umbrella gets damaged on a
windy rainy day, don’t throw it away. Save it to recycle on Halloween instead! I also love the idea with the DIY ears! In the same way you can make any other animal
ears like cat, bunny, bear you name it! Not going to lie – I’m already getting excited
for next year’s DIY Halloween costumes! Katies spooky costume is a bit different as
it focuses on makeup – Come along an learn how to easily transform yourself into a doll! Apply foundation allover your face and make
sure to cover the lips too! To make huge doll eyes grab a white jumbo
pencil, eyeliner or even eyeshadow and color the area under your eyes in a half oval shape. Load a thin brush with dark gray or black
eyeshadow and outline the oval shape we’ve created earlier. Feel free to use a pencil eyeliner if you
don’t have a brush like this. Let’s give our new lower lashline some depth
and a more realistic feel. Load a brush with brown eyeshadow and smudge
the black outline, bringing it down a little bit. Keep the upper edge sharp for the best result. Cool our doll eyes are coming together super
nicely! Oh yes, it’s time for some huge perky lashes! You can use liquid eyeliner, pencil eyeliner,
eyeshadow, whatever works best for you! Just make sure the lashes are black, long
and voluminous! The eyes are pretty much done and they turned
out awesome! Let’s continue with the rest of the face! Apply a ton of pinky blush on your cheeks! You can really exaggerate and go to town with
blusher! Next up: freckles! Use a brown eyeliner or a small brush and
brown eyeshadow to draw freckles on your cheeks and nose. Grab a red lipliner and outline the shape
of the lips. Focus on creating a heart shaped lip by only
defining the center while leaving the corners covered with foundation. Color the lips with lipliner before applying
the lipstick. This way your lipstick will last longer and
won’t smear as much! You can use any kind of pinky, rosy or red
shade. Alright makeup is all done, so let’s move
to the hair! Make two braids or pig tails and secure in
place with red ribbon tied in huge bow! Check out your closet and find the most doll-esque
outfit you can. An example is a puffy A line skirt or a dress,
girly lace top, white stockings and any girly shoes! This is such a cool idea for a last minute
DIY costume. You don’t have to waste any money and you
can literally put it together in under 10 minutes! All you need is some basic makeup which I’m
sure you already have and an improvised outfit. If you’re one of those people that don’t have
time to stress about Halloween costumes days in advance, this one is right up your street. Easy, gorgeous and also very comfy to wear. Especially if you skip the heals! Alright it’s finally time to unveil the winner
of this entire competition! Who will it be: Sara, Katie or…. let’s take
a look! Uuu, interesting costumes! I like it! We all know I love makeup so I like how you
used makeup to create you pretty yet spooky costume, Katie. Really? Thank you! Your score is… a 9! Well done! Sara I love how you used an umbrella for your
costume. Very creative! Thank you! However your costume is not spooky at all. What?! Come on… Bats are creepy! They are spooky, look.. boo! Haha, you really scared me there… Haha, not! Plus we already had the animal category. You could have been more creative. Your score is… it’s an 8! Yeah but who’s the winner now? Let’s calculate the winner right now. Alright let’s sum it up. Hello. Hello. Who is she? My name is Maya and I’m a new student. Well nice to meet you Maya. Welcome to our class. Thank you! What’s that thing on your head? This is my Halloween costume. I’m representing Sims, you know – the video
game. Oh Sims! This is my favorite game of all time. This is such an amazing costume. You look incredible Maya! You need to participate in our Halloween costumes
competition. You know Sara and Katie they made some Halloween
costumes but this! This is just extraordinary! Can you hear it? Some costumes, she said some costumes! Not a 5, not a 10. Your costume is pure and straight… 100! We have a winner! Bravo Maya, bravo! Oh really?! Thank you so much, it’s such an honor! What?! That’s crazy! Do you know how much time it took us to make
these costumes? Yes! And now she comes in the class, sticks a stupid
balloon into her hair and wins everything?! Yes! What?! So unfair! Silence! Ladies, you did great, but Maya’s costume
is so effortless and refreshing. It’s time to except the defeat as a true sportsman
and congratulate Maya for her well deserved win. Bravo Maya, bravo! Ahh… Thank you so much! Why! We can have a rematch next year! Good luck! Oh wow what a twist, right?! Who do you think made the best DIY costumes
this year? Sara, Katie or Maya? Let me know your favorite costume in the comments
bellow! Wishing you all a happy and spooky Halloween! Mwah, bye!

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