HALLOWEEN CARD! Pumpkins with Distress Oxide Ink

HALLOWEEN CARD! Pumpkins with Distress Oxide Ink

– [Kristina] Hi, everyone,
Kristina Warner here. Welcome to another video
for simonsaysstamp.com. Today I’m going to be using
the Jack O’ Lanterns stencil, as well as a die, and you’ll
see that in a little bit. But I really wanted to create
kind of a stack of pumpkins with these jack o’ lantern faces on them, and I thought it’d be really
fun to do this stenciling on black card stock. This is some Licorice Twist
card stock from Bazzill. And I’m going to use
a few different colors of Distress Oxide inks. I’m starting out with Carved Pumpkin. I’ve taped off a portion of the faces that are a little bit close
to this pumpkin shape, just so I don’t accidentally
stencil something that I don’t mean to. So I’m gonna be moving bits of tape around as I do all this stenciling. I’m now using Wilted Violet. And I’m going to bring that purple in on the other side of the pumpkin. I’m going to have kind of
more colorful pumpkins, but I wanna make sure I do
have quite a bit of orange so that they do look like pumpkins. And I’m just gonna move these two larger pumpkin shapes around, and I’m gonna rotate them
and turn them a little bit so that I have a bunch of different pumpkin shapes to work with. So the color palette that I’m using which has the Carved
Pumpkin, Wilted Violet, and now Peacock Feathers, I thought these colors would
look really, really cool, almost like the colors you see in oil. When it hits the light, you see kinda that iridescent,
psychedelic color mix. And I thought that would
look really, really cool, especially on top of
this black card stock. I’m using some Picket Fence
Studios Blender Brushes today. These are the Life
Changing Blender Brushes. I’m using three smaller ones for the colors I’m using on the pumpkins. And then when I do the faces, I will eventually use one
of the smallest brushes which I had someone ask
in a comment awhile back, “Why would you ever need
such small blending brushes?” Well, turns out this is one of those times when you need a small blending brush so that you can get all of
those details on those faces and you don’t run the risk of stenciling one of the faces
next to the one you’re using. So I’m bringing in more of these colors. Another reason why I
wanted to use Distress ink in particular is because
Distress Oxide ink works well on dark surfaces, so that’s why it’s able to go on top of this black card stock. So here I am with that very, very small Picket Fence Studios Life
Changing Blender Brush, and it’s the perfect size
to just go over that face. It’s kind of the size, maybe a little bit smaller
than an electric toothbrush, those round electric toothbrush heads. It’s just a little bit smaller than that. And it’s the perfect size to go over all of these little faces. For the faces, I’m using some
VersaFine Onyx Black ink. And I considered using
some Black Soot ink, but I didn’t think it would
be as stark black as I wanted, so that’s why I’m using the
VersaMark, VersaFine ink. And so I added all of those faces. And then I went back through
using one of the small brushes, and I added some Twisted
Citron Distress Oxide ink for all of the stems on the pumpkins. I definitely think you
could leave these stems off if you wanted to, but I decided to add
them at the last minute. I then took the Boo die set from Simon that just came out last month, and I ran it through
my die cutting machine to cut some vellum and white. I trimmed down my pumpkin piece. I took 1/4 of, let’s see,
1/8 of an inch off each edge, so it ended up being four
inches wide by 5 1/4 tall. And I put that on a white card base. The card base is made out of some Neenah Classic Crest Solar
White 110-pound card stock. And I scored that at 5 1/2 inches to create a top-folding card. Put some Tombow Xtreme Adhesive on the back of my pumpkin pattern and then adhered that directly
onto the front of the card. So the letters that I cut out earlier, I did two layers of vellum for the wide, very bold letters. And then I did four layers of white for the dainty, very thin-lined letters. And I just adhere those together using some Gina K Designs Connect Glue. To finish off this card, I added some small white details using a number 10 bold Gelly Roll pen. I just added sort of some
little sparkle type images and some dots just to fill in those areas and make it look a
little bit more magical. And that finishes the card for today. Hope you guys enjoyed. You can pick up the
Jack O’ Lantern stencil, as well as the Boo die set
over at simonsaysstamp.com. Thanks so much for watching today. And if you enjoyed this Halloween video, make sure you give this video a thumbs up so I know you liked it. Onscreen, I’ve got three
more Halloween cards for you to check out. I don’t do a lot of Halloween cards, so some of these are from previous years, but I hope you enjoy them anyhow. Thanks so much for watching. I’ll catch you guys in another
card video very, very soon.

39 thoughts on “HALLOWEEN CARD! Pumpkins with Distress Oxide Ink

  1. Kristina, is there a product you can put on the designs that you make out of distress oxide to seal them? Often I make backgrounds and store a few up, then when I go to work on them, I find touching the surface, I still get ink on my hands or leave finger prints on the design.

  2. I love this card and the idea of using Distress Inks or perhaps Pigment Inks on dark cardstock. For those of us that do not have the Life Changing brushes, what do you suggest we try, besides ink blenders or daubers to use as a substitute for Life Changing brushes, especially when trying a technique like you did here with the smallest brush? I’m thinking stencil pouncing brushes would be too stiff. I often think about trying a small, rounded paint brush, but I have the feeling it would collapse, even if I trimmed it down? Hope you have some ideas? TFS! 🌺 Ali K.

  3. Oh my I love the unexpected pumpkin colors sooo amazing! I’ve been afraid to use my blender brushes with distress oxide , are the brushes hard to clean ? TFS

  4. Great card! I have yet to try my blending brushes with oxide inks. Thank you for showing that. I’m going to give it a go.

  5. I LOVE the colors you used on the pumpkins, Kristina! And using them on the black makes them show nicely, but not scream at you. Thanks for sharing, & have a wonderful day! 🙂

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