GUMMY FOOD vs REAL FOOD w/ Rebecca Zamolo, Matt Slays & Chad Wild Clay

GUMMY FOOD vs REAL FOOD w/ Rebecca Zamolo, Matt Slays & Chad Wild Clay

Hi, guys welcome back to my video today. We’re gonna have a very special video for you, because I have a ton of special guests this is when you guys pop up whooooooooooooooooo Just like sweating waiting. They were like actually under my desk the whole entire time We are going to do of gummy food versus real food challenge. Oh, yeah Let me introduce my guest first. This is a Rebecca. Matt slays. this guy We actually did a group challenge We did fruit slicing on chads channel and then Chad actually taught Rebecca how to slice food on her channel And we drank the sourest drink on Matts channel And so there’s like a whole marathon of the group that you guys need to see it I’m going to link it down and below so go check all of them Oh, and go subscribe of course yeah, okay, so how this works is that it’s Gonna be girl against the guys yeah We are going to have Matt and Rebecca close their eyes while they taste the gummy food So, there’s two rounds the first round they have to guess what it is if they get it correctly then we get two points Okay, okay. We got this i got this.I can guess any gummy. I’m good. Oh YEAH If she gets it incorrectly in correctly I gave her a one word hint clue And then if we get that correctly the guys will have to eat the real food it’s Gonna be disgusting Yeah All ready let’s do this All right item number one is up Go team girls Okay, so Its round its got a stem Yes like bigger than a strawberry Okay, whats it smell like Oh, oh, oh Hold on. I think I know now. I don’t think eat it eat it its, a pickle You want it. its smells like its a cross between a pickle and toothpaste. EWWWW You guys gonna have to eat really spicy pickle whaaaat I can’t handle spicy pickle, okay you ready Matt Whoa, Mr. Muscles here? Just rip that lid right off Yeah, felt good ohh its dripping. its all over my jeans its so gross ew, eat the whole thing eat the whole thing what? juice Matt you just killed it Round two matt must close his eyes and guess. What gummy. (ow) he is eating? Okay, matt. I have got a gummy for you. I need to unwrap it first there you go yeah, yeah Yeah, i dont think he can guess it (sorry guys) oh my gosh this gonna be tough (BRUH) ok i wont say any clues or anything What is this yeah alright, so you gotta take a bite? Alright, what does it taste like i Sure, hope you can guess theres lots of layers yes alot of different flavor theres a top and a bottom Not Pizza Not sushi Wow, it cam off like in a little slice the only thing I can think That it would be a hamburger HOW HOW HOW its a cheese burger Open your eyes open your eyes. There’s no cheese in there. Let’s try together alright. Let’s try it to The burger that does not it tastes nothing like a burger, are you guys excited to eat? no WHATS THAT RED THING (EWWWW) God you’re shaking. You know what’s in here what you do? No, it’s not bad. It’s bloody like oh I made this you made it wait you work a carls Jr made it I ordered it And then I added some stuff in it to make it gross EWWWWWWWWW EWWW there’s like a red Dots is it are the skittles ( YESS) (All of them screaming) cheers ahhh skittles ham Burger you may have just let karl Jr in a really hot new item that they could be selling is it good no no don’t like it. It’s so gross. I’m gonna on them sweet me Oh, no, you guys gotta eat the whole bit. Oh, hey. We got a point you know we get a point if they dont eat it No ( yes) do not try skittles with hamburger It’s so gross i feel so nauseous now We get bonus points to manage to finish it. Yeah, those are rules that. They made up yeah this is my video so no (laughter) Okay, I think rebecca is going to nail this no problem. Where is it here it is oh? can i choose an item out of there oh that be good Okay, choose an item out of what? eat that shes squeezing into a ball It smells sweet It had a hump on it. Uh-huh so it was white it, huh is it an egg? YEAHHH OH MY GOD OH MY GOD I THINK THATS THE ONLY EGG INN THE PIZZA . It’s because the white never always sleeps like so bland I saw the hump in the middle, and I was like ive seen a gummy egg That was a small gummy egg. Yeah, that’s the only one in the whole entire pizza. Oh my god. Oh yeah Oh my God, wait you have to eat a raw egg then ha ha no they get to eat a very good pizza ha ha ha noooo ohhhhhhhh What else in there therea broccoli and carrots and corn and ANCHOVIES! i can’t eat anchovies. We’re not oh ohhhhh Well, cheers it stink so bad. So gross. Don’t throw up all right or at someone else’s plate. Oh (laughter) ohhhh ITS so salty (SCREAMING) I’m trying to swallow it I got it like right here. like Super fishy and smoke em im holding it right here towards the camera its so cool ive never seen this one oh it broke up put it all back together you got to feel the whole thing together We feel yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, put it back together. What is that item feels like a banana (Laughter) you’re gonna burn you should just eat it hes so scared Well coming in with a little bit of kick now. Oh, I like that. That’s good. I don’t like Maybe that will help you guys oh little bit spicy oh its really spicy (Laughter) its so spicy oh what is it Matt the hot pepper yeah (CHEERING) Open your eyes open eyes. I can’t (Laughter) Wow, so I actually got the real version of the Habanero the middle one. Good Luck Rebecca All right, so I got the real habanero pepper so im just gonna eat like like I’m gonna get one bite. There’s no way I’m gonna eat the whole one Well, then I’m going to just do one like because she’s doing one bite I’m just doing one bite. Okay should we cheers (cheers) That’s so hot it hurts my tongue. It hurts my tongue it hurts my tongue holy crap give me the pizza I don’t think I can eat up no no NO NO WAY NO THANK YOU I was like this game VY im sorry (Laughter) we were supposed to win every thing. We are we were supposed to I didn’t think the boys were going to do this well, especially Hamburger all right guys since we tied we’re all hurting right now I think you guys should decide who won please leave in the comments if the girls won or the boys won We totally won we ate ghost pepper ate a whole Habanero pepper yeah, alright comment below girls won hashtag girls won #GIRLS Alright. Thank you so much for watching please go check out our collab with Rebecca on her channel doing Fruit VS Ninja Yeah, we learned how to slice stuff. Yeah this guy alright check out Matts channel for the sourest drink we tried in the world And then we all chopped some crazy fruit up on Chads Channel (Cheering) Walking dead all you walking dead fans me you got her We killed them all alright Go subscribe to our all channels. Thank you for watching and I’ll see you next time byeeeee

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