Gummy Food vs. Real Food Challenge! *EATING GIANT GUMMY SPIDER* Worm Gross Real Food Candy

Gummy Food vs. Real Food Challenge! *EATING GIANT GUMMY SPIDER* Worm Gross Real Food Candy

– You would never eat a
real hairy spider, right? – Nope! – I’m asking if they, nevermind. Okay, well we thought we would never have to eat real worms! (tape rewinding) They’re alive, uh! – Oh (bleep)! – After the last video you guys had a ton more disgusting ideas for real foods versus gummy foods you would love to see us eat, and stick
around to the very end to find out which one of us
has to eat a real frog. Help! – Ugh. – Round one.
(bell dings) We have no idea what these items are because our dad’s the one who went through all of your guys’ comments,
picked out the foods, and today we don’t know which is which. We’re gonna eat them. Three, two, one, go! – Yo!
– Oh! – Oh my god! – Ah, it’s a spider! – Dude! – [Boy In White Shirt]
It’s a spider in a can! – I am so glad I didn’t get that. Mmm. – So this is called a zebra spider. It comes in a can like dog food. I aint no dog! (dog barking) – [Boys] Oh! – Ah! – Ugh! – They even have one of those little like keep fresh packets in there. Oh, look at that booty though (laughs). – [Boy In Gray Shirt] Bro, the fangs! – Ah! – [Boy In Gray Shirt] Look at the fangs! – [Boy In White Shirt]
I’m very upset right now, not because I have to eat
this, it’s missing legs. – Alright bro, you just gotta eat it. You just gotta chew it up and swallow it. – Dude, but it’s like
crunchy, I can’t chew it up! – Bro, you gotta do it. – No! – Bro, do it for them. – No, no, no, no, no, no dude! It’s so crunchy, ewww! – It’s so nasty. – Bro, licking it is worse. (screaming) Bro, I’m like waiting for this thing to just like pop out– (shouting) Oh no! (laughing) (evil slow motion laughing) Oh no, no, that is not okay. – I’m just gonna start with a leg first. Ah! (crunching) (shouting) (crunching) (shouting) – Okay, dude to make this better I’ll just do a leg too. – Okay. – Alright cool. No, not one of those,
I’m doing one of these. – Dude no, you can’t, oh my
god, you’re kidding me bro! This is not even the same at all. – Bro, it’s your turn, you gotta go and just chew it up just like I did. It’s no problem. Three–
– Three seconds. – Two, one. – Oh, you know what, first I’ve got a challenge for all of you. I want to see if you can
subscribe to this channel, turn on the channel
post notification thing, give this thing a thumbs
up in seven seconds. Can you do it? Here we go, seven. – [Boys] Six, five, four,
three, two, one, done. – If you can do that comment down below, Keyper Squad right now
and we’ll be responding to people who were able to do all three of those things in seven
seconds, but right now– – Quit stalling. You gotta eat it now. (shouting) – I don’t want to do it! – Three, two, one.
– Alright, here we go. (crunching)
(shouting) I can’t, I can’t!
– Bro! (screaming) Dude, it smells so bad! – There’s like weird eggs in it! – [Boy In Gray Shirt] What are those? – [Boy In White Shirt] There’s eggs! – What are those? (screaming) What are those? (moaning) What are those? They look like corn kernels.
(bell dings) – I am traumatized by
that tarantula right now. Traumatized, that was horrible. Like what were those little
yellow things inside of it bro? – I have no idea? – What were they?! But right now we are introducing what’s called switch it up, which basically means we can switch ’em. Like I’m super hyped but
that’s really all it is. – Switch it. – Switch it, ooh.
– I don’t know why. – Oh pressure’s on, here we go. Three– – No, I think I made the
made the wrong choice. – Two, one. Yeah! – [Boy In Gray Shirt] No! – [Boy In White Shirt]
Dude, that’s a pig’s foot. – [Boy In Gray Shirt] No, why? – [Boy In White Shirt]
That’s a pig’s foot. – This cruel, cruel world. – Dude, pick it up. – No, I can’t. – It’s pickled! (squelching) (shouting) – I touched the bone of it. Dude, my heart is racing. Bro, this smells so bad. – Do you want to name the pig’s foot? – No way, that’s just too gross. – I think his name
should be Chris P. Bacon. – No, I can’t eat that
part, that part’s hard. – Dude, here’s what you
do, you take the bacon, put it in your mouth,
go (imitates chewing), and give it a chomp. – No way. – Yes way. – I’m gonna puke dude. – You’re looking way too fancy brother. This is a pig’s foot, you
gotta get manly with this bro. Look at this, you take the–
– If I’m gonna do that– (shouting and laughing) No, flip it the other
way, that was disgusting. – It’s squishy. Ugh, I got a little blood clot on my hand. (shouting) Hey Devan, just keep in mind you’re lucky because I’m sure the pig’s feet are the cleanest part of the entire animal. – This is so– (shouting) Okay, I’m just doing it. – Here we go. – Two, one. (moaning) Why is it so salty? – Because it’s pickled. – Why is it so salty? – Because it’s pickled. (screaming) – I just put a pig’s foot in my mouth. Ah! Dude, I need a (mumbles). – A what, you need an onion? Get him an onion, get him an onion. – No, no, I don’t need
that, it’s (mumbles). (shouting) – He’s gonna go wash out
his entire face so uh– – Dude, oh my god! (laughing) We’re onto the next round. (bell dings) This round I’m feeling a little bit spicy and I feel like you guys suggested a spicy item, not in heat temperature but in like excitement level. I’m gonna be dangerous right now and I’m gonna leave them exactly where they are and play them safe. – No, switching them is dangerous. – No, I’m gonna be dangerous
’cause you never know bro. – Alright bro, let’s go. We don’t know which one–
– Three, two, one. – [Devan] No! – Yeah, woo hoo! – I don’t even, oh my, is this alligator? – Dude, this looks amazing. – No. – It’s an a– It looks like a rat but it’s an alligator. – No is it, this is alligator? Dude, it looks like jerky. – [Boy In White Shirt]
Could I trade you actually? – [Devan] What? – I kinda want to try the all– – Let’s do it, let’s do it. Mmm. – It smells really good
(sniffing), like it actually it kinda smells like a fart. (fart) – Good, not good, what’s
the verdict, call it. Talk to me bro, what’s going on? – See, the thing is I just realized I’m eating a dinosaur right now, because alligators, they’ve
been around for a long time. – What? – (laughs) There is no science to back up anything I just said. – I just want to know how it tastes bro. – It tastes like chicken. – Alright, here we go,
combination of both. – Real alligator. (laughing) – Okay. – And gummy alligator. (laughing) What? – Devan, right now you
get a special privilege. You are able to introduce this next round. – Next up– – Just kidding! Alright guys, for this next
round we don’t know (laughing). – We don’t even know what to introduce. There is nothing to introduce. – Do you want to switch
them around or not? That was a little bit
too savage, I apologize. – Yes, yes. – You want to switch them? Alright, cool. This has worked out well
for you in the past. Alright, three, two, one. – But not really. Yes! This is the one I got last time! – What even are these? Ugh, the sardines! I hate sardines, I hate ’em! Like I really don’t like sardines at all. I’ve had them dumped on me, I’ve had them blended up in a smoothie. – This looks like a turd and fish. – I’ve had them shoved in my mouth. (shouting) – Fish smells so bad. – Ugh, these are horrible. These are full sar– Ugh, they’re not even gutted! Dad, you didn’t even gut ’em dude! (shouting) – Oh, it split down the middle. – Ooh, that is gonna be really bad. – Ugh. – These are literally just like, it’s just a full fish without the head. – It smells like cat food. (cat meowing) – Alright here we go. This one kind of looks like a fish. – Just eat it, it smells
really gross, just eat it. – I mean people eat it. It’s sold at a food store. Two, one. – How slimy is it on
a scale of one to ten. – Gotta get that pun in. – I was like about to throw up and, that was in my tooth. Alright. – Dude. – Let’s go to another one. (moaning) And that’s why you never let an 800 pound gorilla give you a bowl cut. Alright, so next round (laughing) I think we’re gonna switch ’em. Sorry, that beginning was so stupid. Three, two, one. – Hey, yo, it’s just a burger. – Oh! – That looks awesome! – [Boy In White Shirt] It
looks like a crabby patty! – [Devan] It really does. – Can I pull it apart? – Bro! – So I say we do this. We’re gonna make a burger
commercial ourselves. You turn that way, I’ll turn this way and we can do our sexy
like bite into the burger. Three, two, hit the music, one. (slow jazz music) (record scratching) (laughing) My mouth is– What happened to you? – I don’t know. I don’t know. That was not supposed to happen. (slow jazz music) – That was good. My mouth is stuck. (laughing) (choking)
(bell dings) Whatever you guys suggested
for this one smells nasty! – Ugh. – After this round one
of us is going to be eating a real frog, but
first, time to find out what is underneath here, and I gotta say, it smells pretty nasty. Devan, your turn, do you want
to switch ’em or keep ’em? – Well it smells
incredibly nasty on my side so I think I’m gonna switch ’em. – Oh no! Well I guess we’re gonna go this way. You ready, three, please, two, one. – Yeah! Yes, bro, yes! – [Boy In White Shirt]
They’re chicken feet. – [Devan] Oh. – They’re like walking in a
line, like little chicken feet. These are like chicken in a can. This does not sound good so
I’m gonna be very civilized. – Oh, I feel bad for you. – Did they like strip it? Ugh. This is like whatever weird
meat that is, that’s not cool. – Bon appetit. – Yeah bro, I ain’t eating a sausage fam. And like out of a can, that’s just weird. I’m gonna opt for the chicken feet meat. – Okay, I guess Devan reffed, eww, eww. – Ah, it melts in your
mouth but not in a good way. – That smells so gross. – Can I get food poisoning
from chicken feet? – You might be able to. Dude, let’s just move on. The worst is that your breath
is gonna smell like it now. Oh no, no you guys, no, next round. – Okay you guys, let’s
go to the next round. – No, no, no! (bell dings) – Here it is, the finale. One of us is going to
be eating a real frog! – And now it is your turn. Do you want to switch it? – Definitely want to switch it. – Alright. – No, I’m not switching it. I hope this pays off. – The whole house smells right now. – Three, two, one. No! – Yes! – I should have switched it! – Yes! I got the bad one last
time, this is only right. – I’m crazy. Like I knew he was about to switch it and I was like no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no, no. I’m not feeling good anymore. This is–
– Oh! – Bro, these frogs are thick bro! Bro, this is actually super sad. Like this one looks like
it was hopping away bro. Like it was like mid-spring. It was like ka-boing. – No, that’s just not right dude. – Yeah, it’s not right. Alright guys, I’m about to
eat some frog legs right now. These are some real genuine frog legs prepared in whatever, just
a crazy amount of garlic, but first, if you want to be featured in the next video comment down below. What are some super sour
candies we should eat? The Keyper of the week is Bre. If you want to be Keyper of the week check the description down
below to find out how. Here we go, three, I can’t just go (laughs), I can’t, I can’t. By the way, I’ve never
seen a frog this big. – Yeah, that is a– – Imagine this as like a full frog bro. Three, two, one, and a half, or a quarter. – You just gotta go. – I don’t want to do it. – Oh, I can see the spine! I’m sorry, I should not have said that. Just eat it dude. Oh! Oh! – Dude, this is actually really good! – What? – Dude, this is delicious! – What? – This is delish. Wow, this is actually bomb. – It smells so bad, how can it be so good? – I don’t know but it tastes delicious. Alright guys, we’ll see
you again very soon. Bye. – Round one. (metal slamming on glass) (laughing) – [Man] Are you freaking kidding me? Oh my god. Can one really be that crazy?

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