Guest Laurie Willison – Cardmaking With Press ‘N Seal

Guest Laurie Willison – Cardmaking With Press ‘N Seal

(happy instrumental music) (splash and ding) – [Voiceover] Welcome back, it’s Jennifer. I’m really excited to have
Laurie Willison as a guest once again on my YouTube channel. Laurie is one of my favorite card markers and she had such a clever
idea that I asked her if she would do a video
that I could share here. She created this beautiful card using Press’n Seal, which is
actually a kitchen product. It’s a different type of Saran wrap that actually sticks and seals. She used Press’n Seal to perfectly place all
these little flower die cuts on the front of her card. The fun thing about
this is that my husband is the inventor of Press’n Seal. He created it at Proctor and Gamble, so I thought it was really
fun to share this here with you today. – [Voiceover] Hey there, it’s Laurie. I am here today to show you another use for this fantastic stuff. Oops, it’s upside down, Press’n Seal. I have piles of die cuts and the die cuts are from My
Favorite Things Fall Florals. The reason I do this is
because, as you know, I’m a pretty clean and simple stamper. I love to just make easy, one-layer cards so die cutting is sometimes hard for me. If I don’t get it perfect I
just throw it in the trash and start all over. So, by cutting out lots of little flowers I have a better chance
of actually using them. So, I’m going to stamp a bunch off camera and then I’ll come back to
show you what I’m gonna do with the Press’n Seal. Okay, so now I’m back and I have all of these die cuts stamped and all of the flowers
and everything coordinate. So I know that I can
just pick from this pile, add them to my card front, and everything will match. So I have two things
that I’m gonna do first. I love to score my card fronts. If you follow my vlog you know that I do this quite often. I’m gonna use my little Scor-Buddy and press this up against the left side and then I’m just gonna score
quickly on every half inch until I get to the bottom (scratching noises) and once I get to the bottom
I’m gonna stop at one inch. This leaves a little space
here for a sentiment. So I’m gonna place my card
down here on the Misti and I’m gonna use get well soon from Delicate Pretty Poppies
from My Favorite Things. I’m gonna place this quill
grid right down in the corner and I’m gonna line my die up so it’s nice and even. And I know one inch, that
scored line is right about here and I want that to be centered so that’ll go perfectly right there. Alright, I’m gonna pick that up. (shuffling and clicking) I’m gonna ink this up. (patting and clicks) and I’m gonna stamp that down. (clicks) So the next thing I’m gonna
do is arrange these flowers. I already have these pulled out just because I kind of have
an idea of what I wanna do but layering these flowers
now on this scored card base, this just gives us a nice
clean and simple background. I’m gonna go ahead and add these in (paper shuffling) and just play with ’em until I can come up
with a good arrangement. I’m using these little stems
for just some extra greenery kind of to pop out of
this little arrangement. So that’s basically how I
want my arrangement to look. Now, you know at this point normally you either take a picture of this so you can recreate it or
you just try to get lucky and hope that you can get it
back just like you had it. You wanna arrange it the second time just like you have the first time. So I am gonna take a piece of Press’n Seal (plastic shuffling) sticky side down, right
up on top of the card and press straight down. Just rub around a little bit so you can get all of
those flowers and stems stuck straight on to the Press’n Seal. And then you’re gonna just
pull that up off of the card. If anything’s not movin’
you can just press down (plastic peeling) And then you have your whole arrangement perfectly on to the piece of Press’n Seal. Okay, so what I’m gonna
do is take some glue just Tombow MONO liquid glue and I’m gonna go ahead and
add little dots of glue to everything that I can see here and even some to the bottom. If you don’t get that very
bottom layer of flowers don’t worry about that. I’ll show you how to do
that in the next step. So the nice thing about
this is you can center this, position it exactly where you want it anywhere on the card front. I’m gonna bring it down from
where I originally had it and kind of put it right
around my sentiment in the center of the card and then press down. (plastic shuffling) You wanna leave the Peel’n
Stick on for just a little bit so you can give that
glue a chance to stick. And you wanna go back and
just gently peel it up off of the card base. (plastic peeling) You can press those flowers down if you think they’re startin’ to come up. Now that top layer of flowers, if it comes up again that’s fine just lift that up. Actually, I’m gonna take
that yellow one as well. Lift that right up with
the Press’n Seal again, and you can do one of two things. I’m gonna put glue on
these bottom two flowers. I’m gonna leave that top one ’cause I’m gonna put some foam tape in. But this time you can just go
back in and center those again right where you had ’em, press ’em down (plastic peeling) and this little flower right here I’m gonna put a little block of foam tape. And then those will stick right down. I’m gonna put a little block of foam tape on the back of this flower
and then just center that just so we have one pop with
a little bit of dimension. So that basically makes
a lot of rearranging in one simple step with one piece of Press’n Seal. I swear I love this stuff. So to finish this card off I’m gonna add a few little rhinestones. I think we’re gonna go with that. So, that is it. Just a really easy way to
glue down your arrangement and another fun way to use Press’n Seal. Some really fun stuff to
have in your craft room. So, I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s video. If you have questions definitely
just send me an email. Thank you so much for stoppin’ in. – [Voiceover] Isn’t
that card just gorgeous? I think that’s such a creative
way to use Press’n Seal. I can’t wait to try it also as a tool for many other techniques
in my craft room. So thank you so much Laurie for sharing this with us today. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. Now Laurie’s got a lot
of great clean and simple yet really clever cards over on her blog, which I will link to so
be sure to check that out. In my YouTube description I have links for the products she used but you can go over to
my blog on the top left to find much more information. In the middle are three
things worth checking out. The first is another video
that Laurie did as a guest. The middle one is Laurie’s
blog, so you can head there. And the last one is a card that I did using small flower die cuts. Hope these are inspirational to you and thank you so much
Laurie for joining us and we’ll see you soon.

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  1. Great Idea…and pretty card..Press and Seal is amazingly great stuff. I gave up using plastic wrap long ago too frustrating. Give your husband a HUGE thanks from everyone who knows the struggle.

  2. After reading the comments I realized that the kit Laurie used also had die cuts. Wouldn't it be much faster to ink stamps then die cut them? I always have stamped then die cut, things went much quicker. Love the idea about the "Press and Stick". Kudos to you and your husband for that patent. Now that I'll be getting a roll.for the craft room, let's see what else I can use it for.

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