Guess That ASMR Sound w/ Octopus, Raw Honeycomb, DIY Slime & Aloe Vera Challenge

Guess That ASMR Sound w/ Octopus, Raw Honeycomb, DIY Slime & Aloe Vera Challenge

(squeaky squishing) – What?! You challenged us to try
ASMR and we’ve turned it into a game called “Guess That Sound.” So right now, Devan,
there’s no way you are gonna to be able to guess this one, Devan. – I hear you loud and clear. – Three, two one. (crackly squishing) Oh, that sounds so bizarre. – [Devan] Oh, it’s Rice Krispies Treats, but you’re crunching them a little bit. – Nope. (wet squishing noises) – Wait, what? – Oh my gosh! – That sounded so cool! – That was one of the coolest sounds ever. (popping and crackling) – Ugh. My final guess is a squid. – Nope, it’s way sweeter than
that, Devan, pull it aside. – Okay.
– Honey! – What?
– It was a honeycomb! – Right, now we are on to the next one! Ugh! – Alright, that does
not sound like an ASMR calming, relaxing video, bro. – Ugh! – This is your first sound, Collins. – Okay! – You do. (tapping noise) (squishing) – Oh, I don’t like it. (popping) Ah, what? (airy squishing) What? I’m sorry, I mean, (quietly) what? I’m gonna go ground beef. – Interesting. You can pull back the curtain. – I’m kinda scared. – Ta-da!
– Ah! I thought you were gonna throw it at me. – It’s slime, bro.
– What? Dude, I thought I would’ve got that, like, right off the bat, dude, slime is so easy. How did I get that wrong? – I don’t know, but you got it wrong, so now on to the next round. – Oh my gosh. This is the craziest one yet, Devan. – Okay, are you safe? – Dude, I’m very safe right
now, but you might not be. – [Devan] What? – I don’t know. This is gonna be probably
more of an experience for me than it will be for you.
Alright, here we go. I just we just, aah. – I don’t hear anything. I hear you going aah. – That’s ’cause it hasn’t begun yet. Oh boy. Oh, it smells! Devan, Devan, take a listen. You ready? – Smells like salt, like the ocean. – [Collins] Take a listen. (slimy squishing and crackling) (Collins screaming) – Sorry.
– Ugh. – It’s a lot to handle. – That sounds really gross.
– Whew! (squishing) – Is it some sort of vegetable? – No, but it is a food. It is a food. – Ugh, dude, that sounds nasty. – I don’t know how much
longer I can do this one! Ready, here we go. Three, two, one. Take a guess. – Oh, you’re inside of a watermelon and like punching it, like. – You think I’m inside a watermelon? – Yes. – Do you want to try one more guess? – Yes. – Okay, go for it. One more guess, that’s it.
– Alright. It sounds like a loofah rubbing jell-o. – Alright, Devan. Pull back the curtain
on the count of three. Three, two, one. (both scream) – Here’s your first clue. (tapping and clunking) – It sounds like you’re knocking on wood. (squishing) – We’re going for it
all the way, you ready? Three, two, one. (squishing and squeaking) What? – Dude, it sounds like you’re
ripping something apart. – Oh my gosh, I’m like, so uncomfortable. Dude, you better just quit! Squash, a squash. – It’s not a squash, it’s a watermelon. – Dude. No points for me on this one. Alright Devan, you ready?
– I’m ready. – Oh man, this is gonna be interesting. (scraping and squeaking) This is the big leagues now, oh man. Here we go, three, two, one. But first, five second
subscribe challenge. We want to see if you can
subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel post
notifications in five seconds. Are you ready? Here we go. – Five, four, three, two, one, done. – If you can do that, comment down below Keyper Squad right now. (crunching) – Dude, I don’t even know. It could literally be
any fruit or vegetable. So it’s definitely
crunchy, say a jalapeno? – You are taking way too
long to get this, bro. We’re cutting this off. Here we go, the big reveal, you ready? Ta-da!
– What? – A cactus! Well, I took off all the spikes on it, so it was safe. And another point Devan does not get, so right now, we’re on to the next one. – I have to say, I don’t think you’re gonna get this at all, bro. This is gonna be really tough. Are you ready for this? – Oh dude, I’m totally ready. – Three, two, one. (slimy squishing) – Alright, what are your thoughts? – Oh, I don’t like it. I don’t like it at all. it makes me feel super uncomfortable. – Okay, how about this? (liquid pouring) – Oh my gosh, bro. Like, I’ve never felt more
uncomfortable from a sound. What is that?
– It sounds so weird. (slurping)
– It’s a food of some sort, because I can hear your mouth is full. You’re eating. Is it, like, noodles? – Yeah, you got it, yes! – Woo! Oh my gosh. – Yeah, the first sound was this. (squishing) Oh, it’s so gross.
– Oh my gosh. You ready, Devan?
– Yeah, I’m so ready. – Here we go. (scratchy scraping) (rustling noise) – Dude, it sounds like a
gerbil playing in the grass. – (laughs) Alright, well you know what, actually, I want to take it
to the next level right now. Here we go, got some of this. (scraping) – It sounds like a broom,
like the bottom of a broom. (water dripping) It’s a rainforest. – Whoa, oh no, no.
– What? – Is this part of the sounds? – It’s not a part of the sound, I promise. – Hey, what’s going on over there? – Nothing. – Did you spill something?
– No, dude. – Is it, like, foam or something? – Yes! Dude, it’s foam.
– It is, really? Yes! Oh, dude. – Watch, you take a block of it and I’ll take a block of it, ready? – Oh, it’s so satisfying.
– It feels so cool. Alright well, Devan somehow guessed it, but right now, guys,
we’re onto the next one. (shouting) – Three, two, one. (watery squishing) – What?
– Any guesses? – No guesses. Oh my gosh! I feel like this is a zombie movie and it sounds like brains. Ugh, it’s like (grunting). That’s my guess, keep going. (squishing) Yeah, I have no clue. I’m gonna say brains.
– Brains? – Brains is my final answer.
– Alright. Pull back the curtain. Hey, tomatoes! – For a second I thought
it was actually brains, because it was all red,
I was like, what is that? – Nope.
– Tomato? – Tomato, bro. – Alright, well I did not
get a point on that one. That sounds crazy. We’re onto the next one. Three, two, one. (scraping and ripping) Oh my gosh! I yelled right over the ASMR sounds because I got a little scared. Let me try this again. Prepare yourself for another
blast of ASMR soundiness. (ripping) – What? It sounds like beans are
falling, but it also sounds like something’s breaking at the same time. – I’m exhausted. (spaghetti cracking) (screaming) – [Devan] It’s something cracking! It’s something snapping. Maybe you’re cracking
noodles, is that what it is? – I have a lot of noodles.
– Yeah! – Alright, one more package. You should try to give it a good old twist and see how difficult it is. – Alright, I’m ready. – Unsheathe the noodles! (victorious shouting) – Three, two, one. – No, see, that’s the issue.
You just snapped it like that. You’re supposed to twist it. – It sounded awesome. – You didn’t get the full
noodle workout, Devan. Right now, it’s onto the next one. – Alright, Collins, it’s
time for the next one. You ready?
– Let’s do it. – Three, two, one. (popping, air releasing) (squeaking) – That sounded like
microphone feedback, what? – Alright, here we go, it continues. (metal scraping) This is the final thing. (liquid pouring) Oh dude, this stuff is crazy! (sloshing and clunking) This should give you a hint, Collins. This should give you a hint.
– Okay. (light scraping) What kind of hint is that? – Alright, you know what I’ll do? I’ll let you touch this one. Put your hand down, like underneath. Here you go.
– Okay. – And then, there it is. (shouting) – What is that? – What is it?
– It’s like a soup. – No, it’s not a soup, bro. Is that your final guess?
– Chicken soup. – It is a rattlesnake!
– What? – Yeah, dude. It’s actually a rattlesnake.
– No way. – I was, like, rattling the can around. You can kind of see the rattle in there. You definitely lost that one, bro. – Alright, Devan, you ready? – I am so ready.
– So here we go. So I’m actually gonna use a– (metal tinging) – What is that? – Alright, here we go, you ready? Hold on, I need to move something else. Alright, here we go. (metal tinging and scraping) – It sounds like a saw on wood! – A saw on wood?
– Yeah. Did I get it?
– Nope. Pull back the curtain, Devan. – What? – It’s a lemon on a cheese grater. – It sounds like a saw, bro. – Alright, right now
we’re onto the next one. I’m gonna enjoy some zesty lemons. – Alright, Collins. I am fairly confident you
are not going to guess this. One hundred percent. (slurping) Oh dude, it’s my turn. Three, two, one. (crackling) – It’s a food wrapper. – Nope, gotta guess again. – What? (honking) What? A toy duck?
– Nope. (squeaking) – What on earth, dude? What is this? Is it a goose or a geese? – Nope, it’s not. It’s a gnome! (laughing) I knew there was no way you
were gonna get it, dude. – Alright well, Devan, I guess you get the point on that one. Alright, Devan, so here’s
the next ingredient. This thing is going to be super
duper, duper, duper weird. – Okay. – Oh, I need to adjust my
microphone for this thing. (watery crinkling) – It’s got some plastic bits. (Collins sneezes) That was a sneeze. – It’s a walrus flying under the water. I have no clue.
– Well you were very close, because it’s actually cottage
cheese with a thingy thingy! I don’t know what this thing’s called, but it’s like a spinny,
spinny cookie thing. That’s delicious. – And I clearly didn’t–
– You don’t get a point, bro. – I know, I know. Alright, onto the next round. Alright, Collins, are you ready for this? – You’ve already started it, yes. (pained groaning) See, what
if I say I’m not ready? – Well then, we just, we wait. (crickets chirping) – Okay, I’m ready.
– Alright, here we go. The first sound. (crackling and popping) – It sounds like saran
wrapping, like stretched. I’m so stumped right now. – Here’s your last chance. Are you ready?
– Yes. – Three, two–
– No, I’m not ready. Okay, now I’m ready. – Alright, three, two, one. (cracking) – What? That last sound came out of nowhere. You eating a carrot covered in saran wrap? – Oh, wait, that’s a good idea. Alright. (chomping) – Oh, celery!
– What? No! Dude, the chew gave it away. Otherwise, I would’ve not gotten that. – I should not have done that. Oh, it sounds so cool! (loud cracking) – I didn’t do it as cool as you did. – Nope. – And I, like, broke all of them. Wow, it smells like celery right now. Alright, well right now
we’re onto the next one. Alright Devan, you ready?
– I’m so ready, bro. – Alright, here we go. Give me one second.
– Okay, one? What are you doing over there?
– Nothing. – Ready?
– I’m ready. (rustling and thumping) – What are you hitting, bro? It literally sounds like a horse, bro. – Really? – Yeah, it sounds like
a horse going nom, nom. – You might be right.
– Is it hay? It is actually hay? – Yes, it’s hay.
– It is. – You’re scaring me, bro. Just take the stuff off. – This is me, bro! The new and improved Collins. Alright, well I think you
get the point right now. – I can’t believe I got this right. It’s so random. – Now we’re onto the next one. – Alright, Collins. You got your headphones on? – Oh dude, I so have my headphones on. – Oh snap, here we go. Here’s your first sound,
you ready for this. Are you ready? Are you a pitbull or are
you Collins right now? – I’m both. I’m Collins. (snarling) – Alright, three, two, one. (rattling) – It sounds like either marbles or a thousand tiny little
ants with club shoes on. – Club shoes, what are those? – They’re shoes that
have like, I don’t know. – Maybe a party’s going on?
– Yeah. Oh man, what is that? It sounds, like, super familiar. Like from my childhood or something. You know what, I think I got it. Oh, what is it? It’s duck tape with sand. Sandy duck tape! – You’re out of time. It was this thing dude.
– Oh, I knew it! Imprints of your face,
be like it’s my nose. – Alright you didn’t
get a point on this one, so we’re on to the next round. – Take a listen, here we go. (squishing) – Dude, it sounds like a comb, but like a squishing rubber comb. – Is that your guess? A squishy rubber comb? – Yeah dude, I don’t know
what else it could be. Oh, it kind of sounds
like soggy mashed potatoes or something. – Pull the curtain back. – Oh, you’re not pulling it back? – No, you pull it back. – Hello.
– You covered it. So I was kind of right, it is made of some sort of plastic-y,
rubber material. – Alright, Collins, you
got your headphones on? – Uh-huh. – This is the next item,
you ready for this? – Oh, I’m so ready.
– Three, two, one. (scraping) – No way, what is this?
– Any guesses yet? – It sounds like you’re
peeling something almost. – You’re kind of close.
– I am? – I mean, it’s not totally wrong, yeah. – Wait, is that like a cracking? – Yeah, that’s a cracking. This is your last chance,
you ready for this? – Oh, I’m ready. – Three, two, one.
– Whoa! Oh dude, I got it, I got it. – What?
– A pencil? – Oh you got it, dude! – Oh my gosh, I recognized
the sound of it. – You got it. – Finally, another point. Alright, right now
we’re onto the next one. This next one, Devan. You think you’ll be able to get it? – I’m ready.
– Alright, here we go. – I’m Batman.
– I’m not. (crinkling) – Oh, is that, like, cat food? (meowing) That’s a really bad impression, bro. – That’s a horrible cat impression. Cat ASMR. (squeaking) – What was that?
– It’s like what cats do. Like (grunting). Right? Take a listen to this, Devan. – I don’t know, little rubber beads? – That would be a nope! Yeah!
– What? I can’t believe that
that sounds like that. Dude. It sounds like something’s popping. – For sure. – That doesn’t sound
like it’d be this thing. – No points for you again. But right now, we’re onto the next one. – I’m not even mad. (whispering) Hey, Collins. Are you ready? – Uh-huh. – This is the first sound. (scraping and squeaking) – Is it, like, a balloon? It’s like the top of a can being twisted, like a plastic can? – You got it wrong. – It’s a Starbucks cup, bro!
– What? – No way, that’s crazy. – I would not have expected that at all. Oh wait, I wanna hear what it sounds like when you open it up, you ready for this? Three, two, one. – Whoa, dude, what was that? This is all about the calm. The relaxing elements of ASMR. (unintelligible shouting) – Was that a toy megaphone? Oh it is, I got it right! – This is how our final challenge works. We’re going to hear an ASMR sound and then we have to use
the items in front of us to figure out which item made that sound. Whoever gets it first,
they win this final round. So play the new sound. Wait, three second like challenge. We want to see if you can like this video in three seconds, are you ready? Here we go, three, two, one, done. (metallic ringing) – Wait, what? – How are we gonna get this? Alright, here we go. Three, two, one, go. – It’s this thing. Hello, hello. (accordion and horn noises) – It’s like ASMR overload right now. (horn honking and air blowing) – I think I got it. (metal ringing) Are your ears ringing like mine are? – My ears are okay. Alright, let’s keep going bro. Holy cow. – Oh no.
– Yes! – What, no, no, no!
– This has gotta be it. – No, maybe it’s this thing. – Here we go, three, two, one. (metal clinging) – Oh, wait a second. I think it’s mine, bro. – No, it’s gotta be mine. – Okay, the only way to decide is we have to go back and listen to the sounds one more time. Play it one more time. (metallic ringing) – Darn it.
– Yes! It was totally mine! – Really? – I have won the challenge, yes! Oh, and we’ve got merch! And just imagine how
cool you’re gonna look wearing the Keyper Squad merch. So click the top link in
the description right now to get your merch before it all sells out. (both screaming) It’s an octopus, Devan! – Devan out, bro! – Alright, well Devan
did not get this one.

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