Grunge Distress Oxide Texture & Fussy Colouring – Easy Art Journal Page

Grunge Distress Oxide Texture & Fussy Colouring – Easy Art Journal Page

Hi I’m Gerry from Gerry’s Craft Room
In this video I’m going make another art journal page for my mini album
I start with adding ink straight to my page and I add it like I would with a crayon not touching all parts making sort of stripes then I spray some water from the sides onto
the card I let it move a bit and then I’m going to
dry with a heat tool I also blot the excess water and then I do the same on the other two sides and here is the base for my page with lots
of texture and different colours all from one oxide ink I am going to use the crazy flowers and I am going to stamp on ultra smooth card
and I use a Tonic Studios glue stick to add the stamp to my acrylic block now I have used a regular glue stick before and does it make a difference yes it does this glue stick is less slippery when added on the stamp which makes the stamp stays in place right away it’s purple but it will dry clear when you use it on your paper projects and it’s inexpensive so that’s another great thing to know I am going to stamp a few flowers and leaves I am using the colour scheme from the Rubber
Dance Colour challenge if you want to see this months colour challenge
you can check my blog and I also added the main products I used
in the description box for you you can find the full list of supplies on
my blog the link is in the description box also if you are new here and you like what you see don’t forget to subscribe I cut the flowers out roughly
and then I fussy cut the flowers and leaves I made some colour charts for my Nuvo marker
pens this way you can see all the colours at one
glance and that makes it easier to pick the colours
you like to use I added a link on my blog to these colour
charts for you to download so you can check that out if you like I start with the woodland greens and I start with the light colour at the top I am no colouring expert I just think it’s fun and the alcohol markers make it so easy to get a pretty result I also colour outside the lines which I like for fussy cutting
so I can add a little edge around the stamp so it’s not white when I added all colours I go over them with the light colour again
to blend them together for the flowers I start with the oranges to
colour the heart and I use the three colours again from light
to dark and I come back with the light colour again
to blend for the flower I am going to fussy colour
I have no idea if this a term but it‘s a bit like fussy cutting I use the broad side of the marker and start with the lightest colour on the inside I keep a piece white like in the picture of the colour challenge
and then I add the next colour partly over the first also with the broad tip and the same for the darkest colour and then I blend them together again with
the lightest marker and there you have the fussy coloured flower I have all parts so on with the page I am going to stamp with forest moss again
and the postcard stamp it’s a nice size to hold so I do some random
free hand stamping I stamp and I turn the page to get the pattern
in all directions so now I have the background ready and I am
going to assemble I first lay out all the parts and divide them
on the page and then I add them with glue and tape and while you are here have you seen the community tab at the top
available on smart phone and desktop I will share new and fun things there
like behind the scenes polls and such So you can check that out if you like I printed some words to finish the page and
I add them with glue so here’s the finished page I hope you are inspired to start creating yourself I hope you liked the video don’t forget to like share and subscribe and make sure to keep on crafting

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  1. Thanks for this beautiful video. I enjoyed watching it! After my holidays I need this kind of inspiration to start with some own new projects. I love your creation!

  2. Hi lovelies, if you are interested in craft goodies for a great bargain, I am cleaning out the craft room, you can check out the packages I put together here:

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