Grimer Pokemon – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Grimer Pokemon – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys, and welcome to another Polymer Clay Tutorial. Today’s tutorial is all about Grimer, one of the rarest Pokemons in Pokemon Go actually. OK, before we start creating Grimer let’s have a quick look at Pokemon Go. This is a great 3D model for reference. We need two different kinds of purple for this figure. So, this will be the darker purple, I mixed with black and this will be the brighter purple, I’m mixing with the light grey. And this is the body of Grimer! Now I’m creating darker outline which we will place right under the figure. And just take a very tiny piece of dark purple, so that it isn’t too dominant. Grimer should look like as if it’s made out of a very liquid, slimy material. So, clay is so great for this figure, for creating. Just cut away the half of the body, so we can create another outline. with darker purple. And then place back the upper part of the body. I’m just enlarging this part. So, that’s a bit overlapping. It looks a bit like a cake. And from time to time, place some more details with darker purple on the figure. Just cutting away another slice of primer. Placing another outline. And the body is almost finished. So we can focus on the face right now. This will be the mouth, wide open. And for the inside, just take some black clay. Make a very thin slice of black. Place it inside. Just on the bottom side. Because this is the part you will see, when the figure is finished. And for the tongue, we need to mix our own colour. So, this is purple, blue and black. And you get this dirty looking blue. I call it night blue. Slightly night blue. OK, tongue is finished. Next part, just adding some more details, for the slimy texture look. After the head, we can start creating the eyes. So, I’m using my great eye tool, the dotting tool for that. Just make some dents and we will place some grey, or actually it’s the dark purple, right inside. And after that, the layer of white bright clay, and this is so beautiful on this figure, because the rest of the figure is really dark, so the eyes are popping out. And as you know, the eyes are the most important part of the figure, because this makes Grimer alive. The iris are just a tiny piece of black. OK, this will be the colour gradient for this slimy drip, coming out of the mouth. And it should go from black and purple. It’s just a tiny detail. You can just make it out of purple clay. This will also work. And the core of the body is finished. What we need are the legs.. yeah, the arms. And for this as a skeleton I use aluminum wire and I’m putting around some purple clay and making some darker details with the dark purple. You may compare that with your Pokemon Go or you can do the same as I did. This wasn’t my mobile phone at the beginning, that was my wife’s mobile phone, because I don’t have Grimer. Can you believe that? But I think actually it’s one of the rarest Pokemons you can ever catch. Just a nice detail on the arm. The other side as well. And after that, we’re just doing some more details. The figure is almost ready to go into the oven. This is so great. This is liquid transparent polymer clay I’m using and uncovering all the dark parts and I’m using a lot of this liquid. So, don’t be shy, just put a lot of this slimy material and create these tiny fantastic details and we are ready to go into the oven! Freshly baked Grimer! It was very easy to get it off the plate, so don’t be frightened about that. That it would stick too hard to the plate. It won’t. And look at this detail. There was a tiny bubble and.. It’s just amazing. I’m adding some more transparent polish for some details. For the eyes, for example and the mouth and these drips, so that they are very shiny and look very wet. This is our Grimer. We are finished. That’s it! I hope you had fun watching me creating Grimer. For me, I especially liked the part where I used the transparent liquid clay. It gives that slimy ugly look. If you don’t have this kind of clay, I will include the link in the descriptions or you can also take some transparent polish. This will also give it this shiny and slimy look we need for Grimer. OK, I guess that’s it. Thanks for watching. Leave me some comments down below and hope to see you next time. Bye!

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  1. I saw a bottle of that liquid fimo on the local craft store, and had no idea how it should be used or how it'll look. Well thanks to you now i do. And. Well. I have a lot of ideas where i could use it…..

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